21 April 2017

This issue of the HOV Newsletter is dedicated in full to the struggle against the latest attempt by US imperialism and the Venezuelan oligarchy to remove the Bolivarian government by force. Share and print out widely. 

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10 April 2014

The April 2014 issue of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter is now available. It contains an extracted version of Nicolas Maduro Op-Ed article in the New York Times, dealing with the real nature of the opposition protests, an article on the burning down of the Ministry of Housing by opposition protestors and a summary of some of the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution. Spread widely!

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13 February 2014

The February 2014 issue of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter is out. It deals with the renewed attempts of the violent Venezuelan opposition to force the removal of the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro and put an end to the Bolivarian Revolution. You can download the PDF File here

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28 May 2013

The May 2013 edition of the Hands Off Venezuela Newsletter is out, with articles on the legacy of Hugo Chávez, the presidential elections and the struggle against the opposition's attempted coup, workers control at GOTCHA and a report of the HOV Conference 2013. 

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15 June 2012

HOV newsletterWe are pleased to announce the June 2012 edition of the Hands Off Venezuela Newsletter, which is devoted entirely to the October 7 presidential elections.

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08 September 2010

A new edition of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter has been produced about the forthcoming National Assembly elections.

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20 January 2010

newsletterjan2010smallThe January edition of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter is now available for download. To receive all future editions make sure you join or renew your Hands Off Venezuela membership. This can be done online, by post or at any local meeting.

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19 May 2005
The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign (London) is organising an auction to support a delegation to the 16th World Festival of Students and Youth, in August in Caracas, Venezuela. We are seeking items for an auction at the end of June. Download this announcement as a PDF file and distribute it!

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27 April 2005
On the eve of Condoleeza Rice's tour of Latin America, an extremely provocative article appeared yesterday in The New York Times. It is clear that Washington's campaign of lies and slanders is preparing the terrain for more direct action against the Venezuelan Revolution. Now is the time to stop them! Read the article and download it as a PDF file.

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