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The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, which is a broad-based campaign, was established to generate awareness about Venezuela within the labour and trade union movement and among young people. Our main task is to promote the social gains of the Bolivarian Revolution and mobilise public opinion against imperialist aggression towards Venezuela.

The basic aims of the Campaign are to:

  • Give full support to the Venezuelan Revolution, which has repeatedly proved its democratic credentials, in its struggle to liberate the oppressed of Venezuela.
  • Defend the Revolution against the attacks of imperialism and its local agents, the Venezuelan oligarchy.
  • To counteract the media distortions and lies about Venezuela and mobilise the maximum support for the above aims.

Hands Off Venezuela organises public events, film shows, speaking tours, delegations to Venezuela of trade unionists and youth, provides news and information about the latest events and promotes solidarity and links both in Britain and internationally within Venezuela.

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To get your trade union or other organisation affiliated, here are the recommended affiliation fees:

National trade union: £500

Regional bodies: £250

Branches / trades councils: £50

Others: £25

These are the affiliation fees for individuals:

Waged: £7.50

Unwaged: £5.00 (suggested)

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Contact address:

Hands Off Venezuela, Unit 22233, PO Box 6945, London W1A 6US

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