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Lies, slanders and half-truths. This is what the mass media generally publish about Venezuela. We aim to draw attention to these articles, reply to their distortions and mobilise the pressure of public opinion through letter-writing campaigns, etc. Please let us know if you find an article or report on Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution that you think is inaccurate and we should reply to (Contact Us)

The world's media is again repeating the mantra about alleged "attacks on freedom of expression" in Venezuela. The truth however is that opposition media dominates the airwaves and newspaper stands. One particularly vicious example is TalCual. It stops at nothing to slander and vilify the Bolivarian government. This time, they called in a Paraguayan rat to help. Literally.


On Thursday January 24, Spanish newspaper El País published a front page headline screaming "the secret of Chavez's health" acompanied by a picture of a man, eyes closed, lying in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of his mouth.


Once again there has been a remarkably well coordinated campaign of disinformation regarding the Venezuelan presidential elections on Sunday October 7.


As it happens every so often, the Venezuelan right wing media and their international counterparts are once again raising a hue and cry over alleged threats to freedom of the media and freedom of expression in Venezuela.


Stephen Sackur provides a misleading and one-sided picture of Venezuela after a brief visit there, during which he interviewed President Hugo Chávez ([VIDEO] BBC HardTalk interview with Chavez, 18 June) . I am the co-writer of Oliver Stone's forthcoming documentary on Chávez, South Of The Border, and was present throughout the interview.


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