Jorge Martin continued his North American tour with a public meeting on May 17 at the Central Labor Union Council in Minneapolis, MN. Some 70 people turned up for the event, with several trade unionists in attendance. 

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The Latin America House in London screened No Volverán: The Venezuelan Revolution Now! last night at it's Cine Club. Sixteen people were present including the film makers (both Hands Off Venezuela members) who were there for the discussion afterwards.

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Jorge Martin continued his North American tour with a stop in Oakland, CA on May 12. Roughly 25 people attended a meeting organised by the Venezuelan solidarity Network and San Francisco Hands off Venezuela. Martin spoke for more than an hour on the current state of the revolutionary processes of Venezuela.

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On May 9th-10th, Hands Off Venezuela held a two-day Western Canada Conference in Vancouver, BC. About 70 different people attended the sessions over the 2 days.

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Between May 6th and May 10th HOV held events in Portland Oregon, Olympia Washington and Victoria BC, before finishing up with the Western Canada HOV conference in Vancouver. It was a very successful tour which defended the Venezuelan revolution as well as laying the base for the formation of a number of HOV groups around the Pacific Northwest.

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