Today (12 September 2008), the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign whole-heartedly condemned the discovered attempted coup plot in Venezuela. Read this statement of John McDonnell MP and Jeremy Dear, Joint Presidents of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign.

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We have received this solidarity message with the Bolivian people from HOV Finland (also in Spanish). The Finnish supporters of Hands Off Venezuela also started their own webblog.

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Join us for a picket of the US embassy and public meeting on Wednesday, September 17, in London to defend the Bolivian and Venezuelan revolutions!

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We have met yesterday, September 10th, 2008, in the Bolívar Hall in London, for the screening of The Battle of Chile - The Coup d'État, a documentary on the US-backed terrorism in Chile in 1973. The meeting voted in favour of sending a message of internationalist solidarity to Gerardo, Antionio, Ramón, Fernando and René, for the 10th anniversary of their arrest.

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Attempted coups in Bolivia and Venezuela, urgent solidarity action needed

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