This is a report from the Vencouver Picket on Saturday, including photographs and videos.

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This is the Canadian Labour Congress's letter to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressing 'deep concern regarding the current attack on democracy in Bolivia and other areas of Latin America'.

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A recent screening of Part Two of The Battle of Chile (The Coup d’État) in Bolivar Hall in London highlighted the events that led to the September 11, 1973 coup that removed Allende from power. That experience is full of lessons for today’s revolutions in Bolivia and Venezuela, and beyond.

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Solidarity activists across Canada are taking action against US-backed attempted coups in Bolivia and Venezuela. Join the actions in your nearest city.

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In response to coup plotting in both Bolivia and Venezuela, the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, together with several other Latin American solidarity organisations, organised a picket outside the US Embassy in London followed by a highly successful public meeting, where all speakers and participants condemned the manoeuvres of US imperialism and pledged themselves to keep up the solidarity activity.

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