We have recieved these two letters from supporters of Hands Off Venezuela in Iran. They express their support for the constitutional amendment and their outrage at the counter-revolutionary violence directed against the workers of the Mitsubishi plant.

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Supporters of the Venezuelan revolution gathered in front of the Venezuelan consulate in Montreal on Sunday 15th of February at 11:00 am, in a demonstration called by Hands Off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec. This was a cross-Canada event, as activists from Hands Off Venezuela Toronto, and the Mohawk community also traveled to increase the spirit of solidarity. All were united in solidarity with the revolution and the yes vote in the referendum abolishing term limits.

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Around 40 peopled gathered together at Bolivar Hall London last night to attend a meeting, organised by Hands Off Venezuela and the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, to celebrate and discuss the recent constitutional victory in Bolivia, and the ten-year anniversary of the Venezuelan revolution.

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A meeting was held in the headquarters of the biggest Polish trade-union confederation to discuss the situation in Venezuela. At the end of the meeting a letter of protest against the repression of the Mitsubishi workers was handed to the delegation from Venezuela which included a member of the Venezuelan National Assembly. Polish workers expressed their solidarity with Venezuelan workers and urged the Venezuelan delegation to raise the issue of the repressed workers to President Chavez.

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Two meetings of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign in Ireland are taking place in Dublin on February 10 and Cork on February 11.

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