We've received a message of solidarity from the Young Nkrumaist Movement (Convention People's Party Youth Wing in the UK) of Ghana. The message explains how the struggle of the people of Venezuela is an inspiration to the youth of the party that led the struggle against imperialism in Ghana.

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bolivarhall1.jpgAround 60 people gathered at Bolivar Hall in London to watch films and listen to speakers on the subject of factory occupations in Venezuela, and recent factory occupations in Britain.

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We make an appeal to the Venezuelan people, the international working class and all those who support the struggle of the workers for their emancipation to send messages to president Chavez asking for the expropriation of Acerven under workers' control, not to leave Inveval at the mercy of the capitalist market, an end to the bureaucratic sabotage, the expropriation of Gotcha, INAF, MDS and Vivex to and a full inquiry into the killing of Argenis Vazquez. (also in Spanish)

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leaflet_hov_occupy_freteco_screening1_leaflet_small.jpgPUBLIC MEETING
WED 13th MAY 7pm
Hands Off Venezuela Presents
Documentary screenings & discussion about the factory occupation movement in Venezuela and in Britain!


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We are making an appeal to all the factories recovered by the workers and to the social organizations in struggle to participate in the "Second Latin American Meeting of Worker-Recovered Factories". Join our efforts and to meet in Caracas, Venezuela on June 25, 26 and 27, 2009! (Appeal also in Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish)

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