Letters from Iran

We have recieved these two letters from supporters of Hands Off Venezuela in Iran. They express their support for the constitutional amendment and their outrage at the counter-revolutionary violence directed against the workers of the Mitsubishi plant. Dear brothers and sisters in the Hands off Venezuela Campaign,

We were overjoyed to hear the news about the victory in the constitutional amendments referendum proposed by president Hugo Chavez. We believe that the Venezuelans’ vote for the amendments is a great democratic step for the Bolivarian revolution. We are sure that this will not be the last good news in 2009 for the Venezuelan ongoing revolution and fighting imperialism.

  • Long live Venezuelan revolution!
  • Long live president Hugo Chavez!

Saeb and Negar, supporters of HoV from Iran

Tehran, Iran, 17 February 2009

Dear brothers and sisters in Hands off Venezuela Campaign,

We are writing to express our outrage about the killing of two workers in the occupied Mitsubishi factory. We believe that the activities of the HoV Campaign is the most powerful instrument to expose the vicious counter-revolution of the Venezuelan oligarchy on an international scale and foil the media silence about these criminal acts. Unfortunately we don’t have HoV here, in Iran, so w can only express our outrage via emails to HoV and demand punishment of those responsible for the attacks on workers. These assaults, conducted and organized by the counter-revolution, are to be condemned and need the decisive reaction of President Hugo Chavez.

  • Long Live workers’ movement of Venezuela
  • Long Live Venezuelan revolution
Saeb and Negar, HoV supporters from Iran

Tehran, Iran, 13 February 2009

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