Photo by presidencia_de_la_republica_del_ecuador"This morning military personal kidnapped Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. According to one witness, 200 soldiers arrived at the president's house at 6am this morning, 4 shots were fired and later they left in vehicles towards the air base. The soldiers also took over the government television station, Channel 8, and took it off air. Zelaya is currently speaking live on Telsur TV, from Costa Rica."

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Photo by rbreve.Caracas, Venezuela -  The text message that beeped on my cell phone this morning read "Alert, Zelaya has been kidnapped, coup d'etat underway in Honduras, spread the word." It's a rude awakening for a Sunday morning, especially for the millions of Hondurans that were preparing to exercise their sacred right to vote today for the first time on a consultative referendum concerning the future convening of a constitutional assembly to reform the constitution.

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simon_bolivar_small.jpg24 June 2009 is the 226th anniversary of the birth of Simón Bolívar, the Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. We offer here a short biography of this great man whose ideals of sovereignty, freedom and Latin American integration are still vital today for the well being of the region.

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The Bolivia Solidarity Campaign urges all its supporters to say NO to international fascist terrorism whose intention is to spit Bolivia apart! Please sign the petition.

They are using their violent methods to destroy and balkanize Bolivia, one of the poorest countries of the Western hemisphere (yet, incredibly rich in natural resources).


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At the close of the Summit of the America's in April, leaders of the ALBA nations, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras released the following statement condemning all futile attempts to solve the world financial crisis without tackling its real causes and attempted to open debate about the real issues. Read the full communique here.

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