In the industrial city Gresik, on October 18th 2009, around twenty people gathered to watch and discuss the documentary No Volveran. This documentary tells a story about the Venezuelan Revolution and the struggle of the Sanitarios Maracay workers to occupy their factory and run it under workers’ control. The enthusiasm of those present was evident. This could be seen in the discussion following the screening. During the discussion, the attendee tried to draw a connection from what has been done by the trade unions in Venezuela.

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On 29th September in Toronto, Hands Off Venezuela and the Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” organized a film screening of the recent documentary produced by Vive TV about FRETECO. This latest documentary explores the revolutionary movement of occupied factories and workers’ control in Venezuela.

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honduras_picket_sept_09-thumb.jpgOn Monday, 5 October, Latin America solidarity organisations protested outside the Honduran embassy against the coup in Honduras and in solidarity with the Resistance movement against it. For two hours, the 40 people present shouted slogans against the coup-plotters and in favour of reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president. A letter was also handed over to the embassy, demanding the reinstatement of Zelaya, the re-establishment of democratic rights and the punishment of the coup plotters.

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A good-humoured crowd of dozens of people from many Latin American countries and British solidarity and left wing activists gathered on Friday, September 18, outside the US embassy in London to say "Hasta la vista Baby!". The event had been called by the Movimiento Ecuador Reino Unido to celebrate the end of the US military presence in that country, as a result of president Correa not renewing the permit for the Manta base.

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The BiH-Venezuelan Solidarity Association was established at the time of the coup in Honduras supported by imperialist powers, when the USA is negotiating with Colombia on the takeover of military bases. We are determined to campaign in defence of the Bolivarian revolution against the attacks of the imperialist powers in order to defend the democratic government of Hugo Chavez and to fight for the truth.

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