On June 28th, the democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was taken by the Army, put on a plane and sent to Costa Rica. The military coup, organised with the knowledge of the US embassy and the support of the local oligarchy, installed Roberto Micheletti in power. 

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eva_golingerEva Golinger, journalist, attorney and author of 'The Chavez Code', recently wrote an opinion piece in a popular daily newspaper in favour of Venezuelan relations with the genocidal government of Sri Lanka which has caused much shock and unease. As a strong defender of the Venezuelan revolution many people rightly respect Golinger's work, and for this reason we give space to some of the responses in a wish to open up debate.

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As part of their visit to Britain in May 2010 to attend the Hands Off Venezuela conference, Venezuelan revolutionaries Katy Jaimes and Elias Chacón also spoke at fringe meetings at the conferences of the Public Commercial and Services Union in Brighton and the Communication Workers Union in Bournemouth.

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Resolutions passed at the Hands Off Venezuela conference 2010, Britain

Some 50 activists participated in a very intense day of discussions during the Conference of Hands off Venezuela in London, on May 22. The main guests of the Conference were Katy Jaimes and Elías Chacón, active in the Socialist United Party (PSUV) and the PSUV youth as well as the movement of occupied factories, who had travelled from Venezuela to report on the current situation of the Bolivarian revolution.

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