Venezuelan Revolution at UEA

Ronny Pante continued his speaking tour of UK universities at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on 26th October

Ronny Pante continued his speaking tour of UK universities at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on 26th October, continuing to prove that youth in Britain feel solidarity and excitement towards the revolutionary movement in Venezuela. The mood at the meeting was eager, with a great deal of questions on how we can make our own desire for a transition from capitalism to socialism concrete. 

Ronny Pante meeting Norwich Ronny spoke to around 25 students, giving an extensive insiders perspective on the background to and history of the revolutionary reawakening taking place since the 1989 Caracazo. Based on the nature and extent of the subsequent questions from students, it would seem that many in the audience felt the insider's description gave revolution a tangible spirit, which will hopefully lead to a growing movement at this university. After the talk and lengthy period of questioning, several students stayed behind to chat, sign up to Hands off Venezuela and buy pamphlets and books from Ronny. However, unfortunately the informal chat could not last long as Ronny had to rush off to catch a train back to London. 

Hopefully this should not be a problem, as we have many more events planned at the university to encourage and express the enthusiasm that has been shown. In a week's time we have a showing of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, and then Diana Raby is speaking on her new book followed by a showing of The Old Man and Jesus. Before the election on 3rd December, Ronny Pante meeting Norwichwe plan to have a campaign to really raise awareness of the dynamic, living reality of the situation in Venezuela and to bring students in to actively organising in support and solidarity of the campaign. We are also running a broad based campaign against the government's ‘suggestion' that lecturers spy on Muslim pupils, which has the potential to show that socialism means actively changing the world. If all goes well, we will end the year having passed Student Union Council resolutions against the government's attack on civil liberties and in support and affiliation to Hands off Venezuela

Ronny's visit has highlighted that student politics can and is helping change the world for the better.

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