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Mérida, September 28th 2011 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – On Monday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the expropriation of the company Consolidada de Ferrys (Conferry), following its record of bad service and high prices, and the need for more reliable transportation to Margarita Island.

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By James Petras, Venezuelanalysis.com

Two incumbent presidents are running for re-election in 2012, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Barack Obama in the United States.  What makes these two electoral contests significant is that they represent contrasting responses to the global economic crises:

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By Frente Francisco de Miranda Youth Organisation

The counter-revolution, with its inability to win via electoral means, has a plan, with international backing, to generate violence, destabilisation and intervention before the 2012 elections. Such is shown by the attacks of the right wing’s spokespersons and their media that ranged from calling for Chavez’s resignation, to making attacks against the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), to attacking the National Electoral Commission.

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Escudo de VenezuelaOfficial statement of the Venezuelan Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs rejecting US sanctions imposed on Venezuela

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Escudo de VenezuelaOfficial statement of the Venezuelan Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs rejecting US sanctions imposed on Venezuela:

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This week, Venezuelans commemorated the 9-year anniversary of the failed coup d’etat that briefly ousted President Chavez from power and dissolved the nation’s democracy, installing a US-backed dictatorship. In an extraordinary turn of events, a popular uprising crushed the coup just hours later.

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  • Imperialist intervention continues in Venezuela
  • Media watch: opposition media compare Chavez to Hitler, yet again

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Mérida, March 28th 2011 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – In addition to nearly half of the annual budget being dedicated to social spending, the Venezuelan government, taking advantage of extra income from other sources such as high petroleum earnings, has assigned a further  Bs 12.6 billion ($US 2.9 billion) to national development in the last week.

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The Hands Off Venezuela campaign condemns the recent smear campaign against Venezuela by Conservative politicians, especially William Hague, and certain media outlets in the UK, consisting of spreading false information that Colonel Gaddafi had fled from Libya to Venezuela. The cynical purpose of this lie was to label President Chavez “guilty by association” with Gaddafi.

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