NATFHE supports Venezuela and Bolivia

Further to the report on the NATFHE Conference we publish the resolutions on Venezuela and Bolivia.

Further to the report on the NATFHE Conference we publish the resolutions on Venezuela and Bolivia approved at the conference.

Composite Resolution on Venezuela passed at NATFHE’s Annual Conference at Blackpool on May 29th 2006

“Conference congratulates NATFHE for:

  1. its work on Venezuela which with other unions has led to the seven-million strong TUC recognising and supporting the social and political advances initiated by the Bolivarian Government.
  2. facilitating the Hands off Venezuela campaign conference in December 2005

Recognising increased US interference and economic sabotage in Venezuela, Conference reaffirms its support for the HoV campaign and other similar organisations and calls upon UCU to:

  1. raise the issue of Venezuela in their local branches
  2. invite speakers from the HoV campaign and other similar organisations
  3. initiate work on Venezuela with other unions at a local and regional level.

Conference condemns the attacks on the Venezuelan government by Tony Blair on February 8th and calles upon the Labour leadership to publicly acknowledge the far-reaching social reforms of the Bolivarian Revolution, especially the state use of income from natural resources to fund reforms benefitting millions of ordinary Venezuelans.”

Motion on Bolivia passed at the NATFHE Annual Conference At Blackpool on Monday May 29th 2006.

Bolivian Gas Industry.

“We salute the decision of the Bolivian Government to listen to the demands of the people and to nationalise the gas industry. Further we recognise that this will increase the hostility of western imperialism to Bolivia and call upon the UCU to support the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign.

Conference believes these measures create the possibility of raising the living standards of the mass of impoverished workers and peasants.

Conference believes however that a fully planned utilisation of Bolivia’s resources for the benefit of its people can best be achieved by the nationalisation of the mines, the land and the financial system under the best possible system of democratic control.”

London and West Midlands



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