Mexican students and youth in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution

On Friday August 13 a forum on education was held with the participation of members from CLEP-CEDEP, the Movement of Non Accepted of Students, Youth of Izquierda Social, Flor y Canto, the Marxist Tendency "Militante" and teachers of the CNTE. The comrades of the CLEP-CEDEP and the Marxist Tendency "Militante", which participate in the international campaign Hands Off Venezuela proposed that the forum adopt a resolution in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution, explaining that the threats of aggression from Colombia and the new electoral battle that will be waged on 26 September and its importance to advance the revolutionary process.After reading the resolution as is presented below it was unanimously approved to clearly state the solidarity of the Mexican youth with the Venezuelan people and their revolution. 


Mexican students and youth in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution 

The Venezuelan revolution has brought many improvements to the masses allowing education to working families, improving living standards, providing access to public health care, expropriating enterprises and making them work for the good of the majority. This will not be forgotten by the imperialists and the oligarchs of the various countries of the Americas. 

Recently there have been new threats to the revolution that seek to justify military intervention of the U.S. indirectly through their allies in Colombia. We reject any aggression against the Venezuelan people and their revolution. 

We express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and call in the coming legislative elections, which will take place this September 26th, for an overwhelming vote for "chavista" candidates representing the interests of workers and for furthering progress in deepening therevolution to end once and for all the capitalist system and move towards socialism. 

Hands Off Venezuela-Mexico 
Movement of Non Accepted of Students
Marxist Tendency "Militante" - IMT

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