Milan, Italy: HOV supporters celebrate Chavez’s victory

The opposition supporters cancelled their planned rally and instead it was HOV-Italy that was outside the Venezuelan Consulate in Milan, celebrating Chavez's victory.

Yesterday afternoon we organised a rally in front of the Venezuelan consulate in Milan, Italy. We responded to the HOV international appeal and we were ready for every situation, including a provocation by Rosales and his supporters.

We are aware of the fact that in Italy the majority of the Venezuelan voters are opposition supporters. They had organised a lobby in front of the consulate for the same morning, and even had a T-shirt made with the slogan "No al fraude". But Rosales' defeat was so clear that they didn't dare to show up and they cancelled their lobby.

We made a proposal to the opposition supporters that they sell us their t-shirts at a discounted price, so we could send them to Mexico... but so far we have not received any reply.

We turned the rally into a celebration of Chavez's victory. We produced a leaflet, available at http://www.marxismo.net/amlat/Elezionidicembre.pdf and we were pleased to see that a good number of people passing by were aware of the Venezuelan elections and they sympathised with Chavez. The consulate is in an upper class area of Milan...

We met the Consul who was very happy to see us. "Finally someone who supports our president," she said, and she promised to work with HOV-Italy.

Today there is going to be another event organised by ourselves and by the Bolivarian circles in front of the Embassy in Rome.

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