Hands Off Venezuela at the European Social Forum

Hands Off Venezuela is co-organizing two events at the European Social Forum in Malmo this week. 

The following events are organized by Hands Off Venezuela at the European Social Forum in Malmo this week.

Documentary No Volveran – the Venezuelan revolution right now

Wednesday 17th of September kl 16:00

No Volveran is showed as part of the cultural program at the ESF

The film is presented by Will Roche, one of the directors.

The film is screened at 16:00 Cinema Spegeln, Stortorget 29, Malmö Sweden

After the film there will be a discussion

Co-organisers of several Latinamerican events
See www.esf2008.org

In addition Hands off Venezuela has been part of a Latinamerican Network and is co-organising a list of seminars about Latin America on Colombia, Alba, trade relations between Europe and Latin America and the media coverage of news in the region.

Stall in Jesusparken

WBokbord i Jesusparken; BOKBORD: (Hela veckan – Onsdag till Lördag)

We are also going to have a Hands Off Venezuela stall in Jesusparken, the same place as the other Latin America organizations.


To get in touch with Hands Off Venezuela at ESF send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Martin Lööf 073-7040457.

Update 17/09/08:

Another event has been organised. See here for further details: Fight coup attempts in Venezuela and Bolivia!

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