Resolutions passed at the Hands Off Venezuela national conference 2006

The 2nd National Conference of Hands Off Venezuela met in London on November 4, 2006 and passed resolutions in defence of the Bolivarian Revolution in the run up to the presidential elections, in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Oaxaca, on John McDonnell's leadership bid and on the need for joint work with other Latin American solidarity campaigns. 

Venezuelan presidential elections and the need to step up solidarity work 

The presidential elections in Venezuela in December will mark an important turning point for the Bolivarian Revolution. What is at stake is not only who will be the next president of Venezuela, but the future of the revolutionary process itself. The Bolivarian Revolution has already delivered massive social gains for the Venezuelan people, particularly in the field of education (including the eradication of illiteracy), the provision of health care to the poor, and the beginning of land reform. This has strengthened mass support for the Bolivarian revolution.  

These policies have aroused the rage of the US administration, and their Venezuelan allies in the local oligarchy, which see them as a threat. Venezuela has not only defied the policies that Washington is imposing on the whole of the continent, but has then also resisted and defeated two attempted coups. This has inspired and encouraged the masses of the whole of the continent in their struggle against imperialist domination, poverty and exploitation. 

The Venezuelan opposition (which really responds to the interests of Washington), has been defeated on a number of occasions. In the short term they cannot organize a military coup against the Bolivarian Revolution. But that does not make them less dangerous. As proven on December 2005 when they withdraw from the National Assembly elections, they do not believe they can defeat Chavez and the Revolution through peaceful parliamentary means.  

Their candidate in the December 3rd presidential elections, Zulia governor, Manuel Rosales, participated in the coup of April 11th 2002 and signed the infamous Carmona decree which disbanded all democratic institutions in the country. One of his first actions after being chosen as the joint opposition candidate was to pay a visit to Miami. It is unlikely that he can win a clean race against Chavez. The opposition will probably withdraw and try to make the elections appear as illegitimate. This will go hand in hand with a campaign in the media internationally to give credence to this allegation. This campaign has already started and includes all sorts of outrageous accusations (from Venezuela's lack of cooperation with the war on drugs, to the alleged links between the Venezuelan government and Islamic terrorism, etc) 

The US has already announced the creation of a new CIA Mission dealing with Cuba and Venezuela. Knowing the CIA's past record in relation to Cuba we can realize the dangers this implies. Hugo Chávez has already denounced publicly the possibility of attempts on his life. 

For all these reasons, it is now more important than ever to step up the activities of the movement in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution. We pledge ourselves to counter the campaign of media lies and misinformation, to disseminate truthful information about the achievements of the Bolivarian movement and to defend the revolution against internal and external threat. 


Latin American Solidarity  

Conference rocognises that the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela is happening within a wider struggle for peace and socialism in the region; that progressive social movements across Latin America face the same enemies, namely imperialism, the multinational corporations and local oligarchies; and that solidarity at a local, national, regional and international level is crucial to defending democracy and promoting vital unity.  

Therefore, it pledges to support the progressive social movements in Latin America and, where appropriate, their elected governments; attempt to work with all other solidarity organisations in Britain that are taking the initiative in this matter; and help coordinate joint activities with these groups to build the widest possible base to counter the attacks on the popular democratic will of the Latin American people.  

Pro-Bolivarian Labour Leader  

Conference condemns the anti-Venezuelan position of the British government under Tony Blair; notes that things are unlikely to get better in this respect with Gordon Brown as his successor; and therefore urges members of Hands Off Venezuela to promote the candidature for Labour leader of John McDonnell MP, who has openly and consistently expressed his support for President Chávez and the Bolivarian revolution.

Visit John McDonnell's campaign website


Solidarity with Oaxaca


 APPO website

Conference expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the people of Mexico and particularly of Oaxaca for their rights, against electoral fraud and repression.

Hands Off Venezuela will liaise with other solidarity organisations and activists to organise a protest action in London on November 20th, the day in which a call has been made in Mexico for a national stoppage.


  • we condemn the repression of the people of Oaxaca by the PFP (Federal Police) sent by the government of Mexico and demand their withdrawal
  • we demand the release of all political prisoners and for all charges against them to be dropped
  • we express solidarity with the demand of the people of Oaxaca: governor Ruiz must go
  • we call for urgent actions of solidarity in London before November 20th 

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