HoV Constitution

Constitution of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

Name: Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

Objectives: The objectives of the campaign are to:

  1. Give full support to the Venezuelan Revolution, which has repeatedly proved its democratic credentials, in its struggle to liberate the oppressed of Venezuela.
  2. Defend the Revolution against the attacks of imperialism and its local agents, the Venezuelan oligarchy.
  3. Support the new trade union confederation, the UNT, as the legitimate voice of the workers' movement.
  4. To counteract the media distortions and lies about Venezuela and mobilise the maximum support for the above aims.

Membership: HOV is a broad-based, grass roots solidarity campaign operating in over 30 countries. In Britain, membership will be open to all who accept the objectives of the campaign and who pay the annual subscription or affiliation fee.

Structure: The HOV is made up of individual members, groups and affiliated organisations, which will be represented at the annual conference (AGM). The campaign will encourage the setting up of HOV groups locally. The annual conference will elect a steering committee to oversee the development of the campaign. The steering committee will elect officers to run the day to day work of HOV, who will report back regularly to the committee. Voting at conference will take place on the basis of one member one vote. HOV groups and affiliated organisations will be eligible to send motions to the AGM.

Conference will have the power to amend the Constitution by majority vote. Special conferences may be called at the discretion of the national steering committee or at the request of the majority of the membership.

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