Activists around the world mobilise for Venezuelan election

On September 17th and 18th activists around the world will be mobilsing in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela as part of International Days of Action ahead of National Assembly elections a week later.

A solidarity rally will be taking place in London opposite the Houses of Parliament on Saturday 18th at 3pm and actions will be taking place in at least another 18 countries around the world, from Greece, Canada and the United States to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina.

This will be the 15th electoral process in Venezuela since 1998, every one of which has been verified as free and fair by international and impartial observers, and a recent study showed how election adverts for opposition candidates has dominated Venezuelan TV during initial days of campaigning with 75.4% of the total adverts shown in support of them. Despite this, the international media will try and paint a picture so remote from the truth it's hard to call it journalism.

The Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK writes with more detail in the latest edition of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter how the credentials of real democracy Venezuela are clear to see. However, due to the opposition candidates in Venezuela making a big mistake during the last National Assembly elections in 2005 by boycotting them completely, it should be expected that opposition candidates gain more seats than last time just be staying in the race.

Now is the time to make our voices heard loud and relayed back to the people of Venezuela. Hands Off Venezuela calls on all supporters around the world of the peaceful and democratic revolution in Venezuela to join in the actions planned and to be aware that a significant gain for the U.S funded opposition groups would only harm the revolution. It is within this context that international solidarity at this point is so important.

For a full list of all the actions planned around the world see the Hands Off Venezuela in Venezuela website here: http://www.manosfueradevenezuela.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=906&Itemid=1) 




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