Solidarity with Sanitarios Maracay

 Sanitarios Maracay is a ceramics factory in Venezuela currently occupied by its workforce. The factory is being run under workers control through a system of general assemblies and committees. The workers took over the factory in November 2006, when the owner, a known coup-plotter, abandoned it. They want the factory nationalised and run under workers' control.

This occupation is only one of several taking place in Venezuela at this time. President Chávez has declared himself in favour of nationalisation and introduced experiences of workers control, as shown by the expropriation of Venepal (a paper factory) and CNV (a valve factory) in 2005, but the process is difficult and bureaucratic and can take time. In the meantime the workers of Sanitarios Maracay need practical help to maintain the occupation.

This is an extremely inspiring struggle, part of the push of ordinary working people taking their futures into their own hands, the true significance of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Hands Off Venezuela has linked up with the workers at Sanitarios Maracay to provide solidarity and practical help for their struggle. We are writing to ask if we could come to one of your meetings to raise the issue. We have some very inspiring (very short!) videos shot by members of a recent delegation of Hands off Venezuela who visited the factory in December, which would be worth showing.

Useful support for the occupation includes: donations, messages of solidarity, arranging meetings to show the video and discuss the situation, petition signatures (online petition)

If you would like a member of Hands off Venezuela to come to your meeting to make a short presentation about the dispute, please contact us. Alternatively we have attached a model resolution and if you do not have time for a speaker, perhaps you would present this resolution to a meeting.

For further information, please see the Hands off Venezuela website. ( www.handsoffvenezuela.org). To arrange a speaker, in Britain, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or ring Julian Sharpe - 07714125419. For other countries, use the Contact Us form.

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