On 6 August, hundreds of peasants and their supporters marched in Caracas on the first anniversary of the Marcha Campesina Admirable (the Admirable Peasant March). They were demanding the fulfilment of the agreements they reached with the government at the time, an end to contract killings of land reform activists and in defence of Chavez’s land redistribution programme.

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On Saturday, February 16, over 100 students representing Marxist Societies at over 30 universities across Britain met in London for the Marxist Student Federation national conference. One of the points of the agenda was the current ongoing Trump coup in Venezuela.

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Nearly 100 people packed the #HandsOffVenezuela meeting in London on 30 January, and heard Venezuelan ambassador Rocío Manero, Alan Woods (International Marxist Tendency), Steve Hedley (Assistant General Secretary of the RMT) and Jorge Martín (Hands Off Venezuela) discuss the ongoing imperialist coup in Venezuela, the UK’s role in it, and what can be done to fight it. The meeting also heard a message from John McDonnell MP, rejecting Trump's attempt to manufacture regime change, and declaring solidarity with the people of Venezuela. Over 1,000 people followed the livestream of the meeting from all over the world.

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Left-wing Labour MP, Chris Williamson, has tabled an early day motion against the ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, which condemns imperialist meddling in the country. We agree with the general content of this motion, which we republish below, and call on all supporters to contact their MPs and urge them to sign and support this motion in parliament.

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