On Wednesday April 3rd, over 80 people crammed into a classroom at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) to hear about the revolutionary legacy of Hugo Chávez and the prospects for the revolution moving forward. The outpouring of grief from millions — not just from Venezuelans but from workers all over the world — has demonstrated what Chávez and his ideas meant to the oppressed sectors around the planet.

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On March 29, thousands gathered in the centre of Tunis in an homage to Hugo Chávez organised by the Popular Front as part of the World Social Forum. 

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On Saturday, March 23, Hands Off Venezuela hosted a panel discussion in memory of Hugo Chavez and in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution. 50 supporters of Hands Off Venezuela gathered at 4200 Cedar Ave. for a lively discussion about Chavez' legacy and the past, present, and future of the Venezuelan Revolution. This followed a spontaneous solidarity rally of 40 people, held in the rain and cold of Minneapolis two weeks ago, the weekend after Chavez's death.

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On March 8, around 50 people gathered in Vienna to commemorate the late Hugo Chávez Frías, president of Venezuela.

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This Saturday 16, march 2013, the German capital became a centre of the international solidarity with the Latin American emancipation processes specially with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

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