20 May 2005

 The basic principles of the Campaign are:

  • solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
  • opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela
  • building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela

If you agree with these basic ideas get involved!


17 May 2005
09 March 2005

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14 January 2005
19 December 2002

The situation in Venezuela is reaching a critical point. The reactionary forces, backed by conservative big business and the US embassy, are mobilising all their forces to overthrow the legally elected government of Hugo Chavez by extra-parliamentary means.

The mass media have put in circulation the lie that this is a "general strike" supported by the workers of Venezuela against an unpopular government. There is absolutely no truth in this. In reality what we are seeing is a campaign of organised sabotage designed to destabilise the country and prepare the way for a right wing coup d'etat.

The bosses have organised what amounts to a lock-out with the support of certain right wing trade union leaders. This is already the fourth time this year that they have attempted to destabilise the country by these means. It is similar to the lorry drivers' "strike" that the CIA organised to bring down the legally elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile. These machinations led to the bloody dictatorship of Pinochet. Now the same people want to repeat the experience in Venezuela.


The last time they moved in this way (last April) it led to a coup in which reactionary businessmen linked up with right wing army officers to arrest the President. They talked a lot about "democracy" but immediately came out in their true colours, with plans to suspend the Constitution and introduce a dictatorship of the rich.

The role of the USA in all this was quite clear. This great"democracy" - as always - refused to condemn the coup. The CIA has played, and is playing, an active role in this conspiracy, as it has in everyother coup in Latin America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and so on.

The attempted coup last April was defeated by a spontaneous mass movement of millions of workers, unemployed, peasants, soldiers and poor people. Now once more the masses are confronting the counterrevolutionary forces in the streetsof Venezuela.

If the people of Venezuela were allowed to fight the counterrevolution on their own, they would easily defeat it. This was shown last April. But behind the counterrevolution stands the might of the USA and its allies in Latin America. These are intervening shamelessly in the internal affairs of Venezuela, encouraging and financing the counterrevolutionary forces.

The revolutionary process opened by the election of Hugo Chavez has aroused the workers, peasants and poor people of Venezuela and given them new hope for a better future. The government has carried through a series of progressive reforms to improve the conditions of the masses.

The people now understand that Venezuela is an immensely rich country with huge reserves of oil, but that the wealth of the nation is being plundered by foreign imperialists and a handful of wealthy local oligarchs who serve the interests of imperialism. They want to carry the revolution forward and put an end to this scandalous exploitation once and for all. This is the only"crime" of the people of Venezuela, for which the imperialists are determined to make them pay.

If the Venezuelan revolution goes down to defeat, it will be a severe blow against the cause of millions of poor people throughout Latin America who are fighting for their rights.


The aim of the counterrevolutionary "strike" is to strangle the economy, paralysing the vital oil industry and the movement of essential supplies. They have already succeeded in causing food and petrol shortages. The intention is to cause such chaos that it will bring about a split in the tops of the armed forces and a coup by right wing army officers - as in Chile.

Not satisfied with seizing the oil of Iraq, the USA also wants to get its hands on Venezuelan oil. There is constant pressure from Washington and its corrupt allies in the region to force a "regime change".

This shameless and insolent bullying must cease! Let the international labour movement take a firm stand against imperialism!

The people of Venezuela must not feel alone in their hour of need. Let the world working class raise its voice in their support!

We appeal to you to raise this matter urgently in your trade union and LabourParty branch. Send messages of support to Venezuela and protest to the US embassy about its continued interference in the internal political affairs of Venezuela. Send letters to the press and to the British government, demanding that it does not support US aggression against Venezuela.

The youth must add its voice to the protest. Every youth and student organisation must mobilise to denounce the aggression against the Venezuelan revolution.



December 19, 2002

Anyone who wishes to add their signature to this appeal can do so by writing to Jorge Martin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[We include model resolutions and letters of protest (see below), which should be sent immediately. Send emails to the relevant quarters. Phone up and demand answers. Contact your local member of parliament and demand to know where he or she stands on this issue. Better still organise pickets outside the US embassy to make them aware that we know what is going on.]


This appeal has been signed by the following members of Parliament, trade union leaders, shopstewards and activists and also left wing party activists from the following countries:

Members of Parliament:
Manzoor Ahmed, Member of Parliament for the Kasur II Constituency, Pakistan
Panagiotis Lafazanis, Member of the Greek Parliament for the Synaspismos party
Tony Benn, ex-Member of the British Parliament for the Labour Party
John McDonnell, Member of Parliament (Labour) for Hayes& Harlington, Britain
Ulla Jelpke, editor of left wing daily "JungeWelt", former Member of Parliament (PDS)

As the list has now become very long we have created a separate file, Signatures to "Hands off Venezuela!,
where you can find all the signatures as they are updated


Model letters

To Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela,
C/O The Venezuelan embassy,

This [trade union/ Labour Party/ student union etc.] strongly condemns the attempt by right wing forces to destabilise Venezuela and overthrow the democratically elected government of Hugo Chavez.

We express our fraternal solidarity with the workers, peasants and unemployed people who are fighting for their elementary rights to jobs, bread and land, and for a fundamental change in society.

We condemn the actions of the United States and other states to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela and urge the international labour movement to mobilise its forces to stop this monstrous aggression.

Brothers and sisters of the Venezuelan working people, you are not alone!



To the Ambassador,
The US embassy,
CC to President George W Bush

Dear Sir,

This [trade union/ Labour Party/ student union etc.] strongly condemns the attempt by right wing forces to destabilize Venezuela and overthrow the democratically elected government of Hugo Chavez.

We are firmly convinced that this movement is being actively supported by your government, which has systematically backed, organised and financed everyright wing coup and conspiracy against progressive governments in the western hemisphere, while supporting every brutal right wing dictatorship.

You pretend to stand for democracy while trampling democracy underfoot everywhere. You pretend to stand for self-determination and national independence while staging acts of unprovoked aggression against sovereign states which do not agree to accept the dictates of Washington.

Do not imagine that your actions in Venezuela will pass unnoticed. You will not be allowed to enter like a thief in the night to plunder the oil of that country as you plan to do in Iraq. You will stand condemned in the eyes of the world.

We condemn the actions of the United States and other states to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Rest assured that the international labour movement will mobilise all its forces to stop this monstrous aggression.

06 December 2004

The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign was established in December 2002. At that time the Venezuelan reactionary opposition had launched another attempt to overthrow the government of Hugo Chávez and put an end to the Bolivarian revolution. A group of reactionary military officers had gathered in the Altamira Square, in the rich and middle class areas of the East of Caracas and made an appeal for "disobedience". At the same time, on December 3rd, the opposition had called for an "indefinite national strike". In fact this was nothing else but a bosses’ lock out (see Venezuela: Opposition "strike" or bosses lock out?). The highly paid managers and directors of the state owned company PDVSA simultaneously organised the sabotage of the industry with the aim of paralysing the country.

All this was accompanied by a campaign in the Venezuelan and international media of lies and misinformation. The idea was being broadcast that in Venezuela there was an authoritarian "regime" which had become increasingly unpopular and was being opposed by a general strike and a mass movement on the part of a “democratic” opposition.

For this reason, Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, made an appeal to defend the Bolivarian revolution, to oppose US intervention in Venezuela and to ensure that truthful information about what was really happening in Venezuela would reach the trade union and labour movement outside (see HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! An appeal to the international Labour Movement)

The appeal was quickly picked up by Jeremy Dear (general secretary of the British National Union of Journalists) and a number of other important trade union leaders in Britain. The campaign rapidly spread to other countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa (see the signatures page). Now the campaign has supporters in more than 30 countries around the world.

We have tirelessly organised solidarity activities with Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution through public meetings, video screenings, raising the issue within the trade union movement in different countries, organising speaking tours, moving motions in Parliaments, and sending solidarity delegations to Venezuela.

The work of the Campaign has been recognised by president Chávez himself (Chavez backs Hands off Venezuela campaign), and Hands Off Venezuela representatives featured prominently in the 2nd World Gathering in Solidarity with the Revolution in April 2004.

The basic principles of the Campaign are:

  • solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
  • opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela
  • building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela

If you agree with these basic ideas get involved!

See also the HoV Consitution

29 November 2004

Britain | Canada |Chad |Colombia |Dominican Republic | Indonesia
|Ireland |Korea |Pakistan |Russia | Scotland | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | United States | Venezuela


  • Cdes,

    As you may all be aware the situation inVenezuala is becoming more critical with US-backed provocations againstthe Chavez government getting worse. There is a real danger of anothercoup attempt against the Government. The Venezualans are working withthe Cubans to imrove rural health care, have fought off attempts tosabotage the oil industry and set up new independent trade unions, withelements of workers democracy.

    The NUJ passed a resolution at its annual conference backing the tradeunion/working class movement and social reforms. As a result I andothers (including John MCDonnell MP) signed up to a Hands off Venezualastatement.

    What I\'m being asked to do now is co-ordinate a message of support fromtrade union leaders to be sent to new trade unions there:

    "Wewelcome the process being undertaken by the Venezualan people to tacklepoverty, improve health care, encourage industrial democracy andprotect state industries against privatisation.We welcome moves to usethe revenues of the state oil industry to invest in social welfareprogrammes especially amongst the rural poor.

    We condemnthose multinationals and their supporters inside and outside Venezualawho seek to sabotage the reforms being carried out and provoke violenceagainst the workers and especially those attempts by US-fundedorganisations to destabilise the country."

    Jeremy Dear

  • Resolution passed by Transport and General Workers Union, branch 1/888 RTC (road haulage)
    We note the importance of the fight now being put up by workers inVenezuela against the forces of reaction who are seeking tode-stabilise the country.

    We resolve to support the "Hands off Venezuela" Campaign and send thisto Regional and National committees of our Union in order to raisesupport for Venezuela in other branches, Regional and Nationalcommittees in our union.

    Rachael Webb, Secretary, 1/888 Branch T&G

  • "Hugo Chavez, The Communist Party of Britain - Wolverhampton Branch, Salutes you and
    the people of Venezuela."

    Andy Goodall, Wolverhampton Branch Secretary, Communist Party of Britain (CPB)

  • Assomeone who has spent his academic career studying Venezuela I know theextent to which it is actually today\'s Opposition in Venezuela, when inpower, which was responsible for the position in which the country nowfinds itself. This situation did not arise overnight but was a resultof 40 years of incompetence, malevolence, exclusion, violence andcorruption under so-called democratic governments installed andsponsored by the United States. The oil wealth was squandered by thepuntofijista politicians on buying their continued stay in powerinstead of creating a fairer, healthier, more equitable society. I findit amazing that these same people can suddenly claim they want to dothis now after failing to do so for 40 years when they had the chance.What is even more amazing, and quite laughable if it were not soserious, is that the international media and press, and politicians inBritain, actually \'believe\' them.

    Venezuelan history hasbeen misrepresented for many years, not least by the academic communityparticularly in the United States. It is time to put the recordstraight. We must insist on accurate and full reporting of events inVenezuela. After all, what Venezuela is facing today Britain will facein the future.

    Dr. Michael Derham, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies, Northumbria

  • Nice work HoV, you\'re doing some great work in protecting theBolivarian movement. Some day the labour movement in Venezuela willtriumph over the imperialists; until that day we must continue tooppose the capitalist intervention.

    Andy Shaw

  • I have visited Venezuela, and helped some rural communities . Ifeel that the biggest problems in the country are as a result of thehuge inequalities, which so profoundly affect rural communities.The Indian communities, and Creoles struggle to eke an existance, whilethe rich few get richer.

    Penny Green

  • Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan government have the support of both the people of there country and me.

    Christopher Newlove

  • "I hope that one day all American imperialism will be kickedout of South America and countries like Venezuela can continue theirdreams." - Andrew Byrne, North West England

  • Hi, I\'m from the United Kingdom. It is about time the dirty shadowof America and its imperialistic foreign policy was removed from SouthAmerica once and for all! Long live the Revolution!

    Stephen Smith

  • I support the cause of the Venezuelan people which has been so widely misinterpreted and underreported here in the UK.

    Jennifer Haston

  • I\'m concerned that voilent tactics used by Chavez\'s opposition areundermining the democratic process in Venezuela. Chavez has treated hisopposition fairly and guaranteed their human and civil rights after thecoup of 2002. Now it is time for the opposition to act with the samedignity and stop trying to elicit a referendum against the governementwith fraudulant signatures.

    Vicki West

  • To the US government - stop trying to replace Chavez, the people want him as their leader...
    To the people of Venezuela - There are many throughout the world whosee your struggle for independance as one that many more will have tofight as the US tramples over the world - keep up the fight!

    Patrick Newman

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  • I wish you the best and can only hope that your courage andintegrity are sufficient to help you through these troubled times. Yourgovernment and its plans are of course democratic in the true sense ofthe term and the oligarchy is in consequence your enemy. They wish tosee the creation and conservation of \'great\' families and fortuneswhereas you wish to see the creation of a meritocracy where everycitizen has a right to live. They wish to see power and wealthconcentrate into the hands of a congenital elite and their managerialclass whereas you wish to see public resources, public lands and publicairways benefit those who rightfully own them, the public. The UnitedStates obviously does not wish your example of democracy to succeedbecause A) you have oil and B) you set an extremely bad example fortheir public. Of the two you would think the fact that you have oil isthe greater of your sins but American actions in Haiti, Guatemala,Honduras, El Salvador and Cuba shows that the second is what trulymakes you dangerous in their eyes.

    I do not envy youyour position but I do admire your enterprise. We in Canada havemanaged by the smallest of margins to maintain our sovereignty but onlyjust so. The corporatization of our common resources is continuing atan accelerating rate and the next federal election may well see uselect a government that is in full sympathy with the aims of theAmerican elite and willing to cause a fiscal train wreck here in Canadato achieve their ends. So we too will need \'suerte\' to avoid fallingthat final essential bit more than we already have into the clutches ofthe Empire.

    I close by sending you my best wishes. As I am but a humble man workingman, living in an apartment, never having bought a television, stereoor car, I truly cannot afford to send you monetary aid. But I can letyou know that there are Canadians who know of your struggles and arehopeful of seeing succeed one of the first experiments with realdemocracy since Athenian times.


  • Pleaseknow that we of the New Democratic Youth of Alberta (NDYA—roughlyequivalent to Britain’s Labour Party) would like to hereby endorse thecampaign and plan on bringing the problems faced by the Venezuelanworking class and its Bolivarian Revolution to the knowledge of allworking class Canadians.

    We would like to let you all know thatwe stand in solidarity with your campaign, but more importantly, withthe workers of Venezuela as they continue through this truly historicprocess towards a better Venezuela, and, in turn, a better world- aworld without exploitation on part of capitalist bosses and theirpolitical thugs. A socialist world.

    The NDYA Executive on behalf the New Democratic Youth of Alberta.

    Workers of the world, unite!
    ¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!

  • The U.S. imperial apparatus is mobilized and in full swing todestroy the Venezuelan Bolivarian revolution and impose neoliberalhegemony once more over what it so arrogantly condescends to call itsbackyard: the whole of Latin America. Thus, those living in the U.S.\\\'sfront yard, Canada, must mobilize to help in whatever way possibletheir comrades in Venezuela and across the continent. Canadians mustnow mobilize to fight the colonization of everyday life. As Marx said:"Shame is a revolutionary sentiment."

    Daniel Rooke

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  • Non au droit de la force brutale et sauvage des USA sur ledroit international et contre la volonté d\'indépendance des peuples quirefusent de se soumettre à leurs ordres impérialistes et capitalistes.Solidarité avec la révolution vénézuelienne dirigée par le PrésidentHugo Chavez, démocratiquement élu par son peuple pour défendre sespropres intérêts.

    Dr LEY- NGARDIGAL Djimadoum, Secrétaire Général de l\'ACTUS (Action du Tchad pour l\'Unité et le Socialisme)

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  • A todos nuestros amigos y compañeros de lucha en todo el mundonuestro saludo fraternal, con un logo y frase de Simon Bolivar queojala ayude a reflexionar a todos aquellos que permanecen indiferentesante el drama de la humanidad y de nuestros pueblos.- Es necesarioVencer.-Venceremos


    Agustin Contreras

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Dominican Republic

  • Estimados Camaradas de la "Campaña Hands Off de Venezuela"
    Reciban un cordial y combativo saludo socialista revolucionario porparte de todo el Movimiento Juventud Rebelde. Les escribimos parafelicitar y solidarizarnos con la iniciativa vuestra. Poniendo enpractica el incondicional espiritu intercacionalista queremossaludarles y expresarles nuestro modesto y un tanto lejano apoyo yreconocimiento. Desde las calles de la Ciudad de Santo Domingo; SantoDomingo de Guzman. abril 2004

    Movimiento Juventud Rebelde (www.juventud-rebelde.tk)

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  • Salute to you President Hugo Chavez!
    May Venezuela dignity be under Venezuelan people!
    Vietnam can do so can Venezuela!
    May Peace and Strength be upon You all!

    Sutan Djohansyah

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  • The struggle in Venezuela demands the attention of anyone seriously opposed to the scurge of imperialism.
    Robert Doyle
  • Never give up. This revolution is not only venezuela\'s struggle but anyone who believes in true freedom and social justice!!!
    Gareth Richmond

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  • I fully support the democratically elected government ofHugo Chavez and the efforts that are being made in Venezuela to createa more just and equitable society. The U.S. government has no right tointerfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela.
    James Cunningham

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  • We Declare Our Soulful Comitment To The Struggle Of AllVenezuelians Who Are Facing The Brutal, Hypocritical Policies Of US-LedExploitation Of Local And International Monopolies. We Are In FullSolidarity Who Are Fighting To Save The Revolutionary Mood And MovementIn Venzuela.

    Students of Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan<
    People’s Students Federation Bz Universityy Multan
    Students at Government College Multan
    Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
    Unemployed Youth Movement Multan

  • "We are with you in your fight against imperialism" - Hina Zain, Youth for International Socialism, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Move forward till victory" - Yasir Irshad, Youth For International Socialism, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We shall fight we shall win" - Abid, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Your fight is ours" - Ilyas Amin, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Long live revolution!!!!!" - Rang Elahi, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Keep this struggle up!!!" - Sumera, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We are with you in your struggle..." - Sadaf Zehra, Pakistan Trade union Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Move forward till victory" - Shahida Jabeen, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We shall fight we shall win..." - Abubakr Shabir, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore

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  • A los obreros y obreras de Venezuela


    En esta hora cuándo las uñas rapaces del imperialismo norteamericanocon colaboración de la reacción interior se alargan a la repúblicabolivariana para privatizar la riquezas petroleras del país y sumergiren miseria aún más profunda a las obreros y campesinos de Venezuela,nosotros, los marxistas rusos, expresamos solidaridad con la lucha dela clase obrera de Venezuela contra las fuerzas de reacción.

    Como muestra la experencia exitosa de la revolución rusa del 1917, espossible derrotar los planes de los imperialistas sólo formandoconsejos (Soviets) obreros, la milicia obrera, nacionalizando laindustria y pasandola bajo el control obrero.
    La revolución feliz en Venezuela y la fundación del estado obrero seráun faro para los obreros y los pobres de América Latina y todo el mundo.

    ¡Proletarios de todos los países, unidos!

    Rabochaya Demokratia

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  • Keep up the struggle for freedom from those hypocritical elitistprofiteers! May your people continue to fight for their basic rights toautomony and freedom from tyranny. The American administration and theVenezuelan oligarchs have no right and no basis for denying you allthis. Beware the temptation to slide into a Marxian state system which,like Russian sovietism will in the end tyrannise its own people underthe illusion of solidarity and and the power of the state. Base yourstruggle on freedom but also encourage personal responsibility andaction from the people, for it is their duty and their right to be ableto govern themselves but in a community and indeed a society whichencourages this, that exists to protect it.


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South Africa

  • Dear Comrades, We are proud of Venezuela and Pres.Hugo Chavez.Fraternal greetings from South Africa. Keep strong, be vigilant,prepare and put trust in the Great Spirit. Our thoughts and prayers arewith President Chavez and Venezuela in this time of trial andtribulation against the American Administration and the internalenemies of Venezuela.


    Lawrence Puren

  • Insupport of the universal quest for truth, justice, equality and realparticipatory democracy based on rational-critical-informed thought.

    Clive Kronenberg

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  • Hola,

    Me llamo Marina Labrador Díaz y vivo en un pueblito de la provincia de Tarragona.

    Quiero decir que me solidarizo por completo con su causa, que ya estábien de injerencias yanquis en los lugares en que pueden obtenerbeneficios, que ya está bien de ser los "salvadores del mundo", quedejen a los gobiernos democráticos vivir en paz, que olviden de una vezsu prepotencia y que miren hacia dentro de sus fronteras y hagan eltrabajo que tienen que hacer en su casa, que no es poco...

    Un saludo


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  • Venezuela is going for true socialism, and a socialism that willchange the world. Socialism isn\'t only the answer to poverty and humanrights - it\'s the answer for the environmental crisis, space travel,reasearch and science. A friend once said that if socialism had beenimplemented 500 years ago, we would today be ready to colonize thesolar system - not to exploit and consume, but to explore andunderstand.
    Socialism isn\'t an ideology, it\'s the human spirit. The work ofsocialism has given workers in other countried the right to take a dayoff, their bosses can\'t fire them because they didn\'t like them, socialsecurity - everything!
    I am a Christian and I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. EvenJesus said that society should be one of mind, love and humanity, notoppression, greed and power. God isn\'t on the side of America or therich fat capitalists, He is on the side of people that want to live inpeace, people who truly seek what has been long lost: Utopia.
    But everything has a beginning, and I see one in Venezuela. What we, the people, do today will reflect in all eternity!

    JC Denton

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United States

  • I wholeheartedly support Chavez and the majority of Venezuelans intheir stand for independence and freedome of choice. I oppose theinterference from the US and the WTO with world affairs, as their brandof democracy based on multinationals taking control of world resourcesis destroying our planet.

    Good luck!

    David Bruce, Atlanta Friends Meeting

  • May the Success of this Revolution be an example to all of the Americas


  • For far too long, Imperialists have done whatever they can in orderto prevent democratic processes from happening. Democracy to theImperialists is only democracy for the Bourgeoisie. Any real democracythreatens these selfish interests of theirs. We must support measuresthat are truly democratic, not ones that are for the benefit ofimperialists, of whom make life a living hell for many people. May therevolution triumph over all reaction.

    Zach McCall

  • USA Keep Your Hands Off Venezuela. You\'ve already dessimated Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti in just 3 years!

    Patty Diana

  • I am deeply ashamed of my country and the profound hypocrisy of itspolicy toward Venezuela. We claim to want to spread democracy aroundthe world, but never fail to subvert those governments who refuse to doour bidding. The US role in the attempted overthrow of the Chavezgovernment should never be forgotten, or forgiven. I proudly add myname and voice to this appeal to halt my country\'s imperialistambitions, and remain hopeful that the will of the people will prevail.

    Charles Patterson

  • I am a citizen of the United States of America, not the ImperialStates of America. Any interference from the government of my countryin Venezuela will be deemed by myself and millions of others asEmpire-building by the USA. Fortunately the USA is heavily Hispanic, sothere will be little to no support for such an endeavor.

    Gina Gilbert

  • Let us all stand with our comrades in Venezuela and defend their revolution and their president!!!

    James M Hardwick

  • George W. Bush should recognize many, many Americans favor treatingthe Venezuelan people with respect, honoring their elected choice oftheir President.
    Our country needs to realize a cleaner, more dignified image after thebloodshed and suffering caused in Latin America already by ourextremists\' and war profiteers\' interventions.
    Any move to manipulate or seize control of Venezuelan affairs will be repudiated by Americans of conscience.

    Judi Lynn

  • We must believe that the Bolivarian movement is capable of beingsustained. Act now, before imperialist interferance increases, to senda message that comrades the world over will unite to resist imperialistintervention in Venezuela.

    Jared Ficklin

  • Hands off Venezuela! I extend my solidarity to the workers andfarmers of Venezuela. You have the power to take the power. Viva larevolucion!

    Joseph Kapsner

  • Venezuela under President Chavez is showing the world what a true democracy can – and should – be.

    Jerome A. Carpenter

  • Dear Friends:
    President Hugo Chavez is my President also. Ilove him very much. I also want you all to know that I will neversupport what the U.S. wants to do to Venezuela!
    I am a member of the Socialist Party U.S.A. We will not tolerate anyimperialist aggression carried out against Venezuela by the U.S.

    Down with U.S. Imperialism and aggression!
    Yankee, go home! U.S. hands off Venezuela!

    Revolutionary Greetings,

    Brandon Harris

  • The United States must maintain non-aggressive, diplomaticrelations with Venezuela if it is to consider itself a true proponentof Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty.

    Dan Green

  • I send a message of solidarity from progressive librarians and information workers in the US.

    Mark C Rosenzweig

  • Let Chavez, and the people of Venezuela do what must be done to bring the world a little more peace and equality.

    Ryan Ellis

  • Democracy is a true ideal, not just a tool for the corporations. Best of luck.

    J.D. Northrup

  • It\'s about time that Bush and the Republi-Nazi\'s realize that Socialism is the future, not the past.Hands off the independence of Venezuela! Let them choose their own future, government and direction!

    Stephanie Donald

  • As an American, I am completely ashamed of my illegal, fascistgovernment that continues to work towards anti-democratic goals ofcorporate wealth and imperialistic war-mongering. We must supportChavez and his programs for Venezuela. I wish he was our President.Viva Chavez!

    Kenneth C Jae

  • I think we can all be inspired by the spirit of the Venezuelanmasses. Their victory over the many obstacles they are faced with fromthe imperialistic world is a call to workers of all countries to devotetheir lives to the revolution.

    Kristin M. A. Parrotta

  • The U.S. needs to stop interferring with Venezuela. Just because weneed your oil and you aren\'t blindly following everything the Bushadministration wants, does not mean the U.S. has the right to interferewith another country!

    Barbara Henderson

  • Stay true to your values of human rights for all members ofVenezuelan society, economic justice for all and a Venezuelan model ofgrassroots democracy for and from the citizens of Venezuela.

    We in America have faltered in our move toward democracy; our leadershave failed to advance democratic ideals, replacing them instead withthe personal ethos of greed and self-interest. The democratic torchmust now be carried by other nations small and large. The U.S.government cannot be trusted.

    Venezuela, strengthen your resolve to create your society as YOU wouldlike it to be.Please understand that there are many of us yankees who support you inyour quest for self-determination free of the influence of Washington,DC.

    This U.S. citizen of the state of Oregon says:Viva Venezuela Libré!

    Ross Randrup

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  • Soy venezolana, periodista en comunicación social y como taldefiendo mi patria a costa de lo que sea, por supuesto siguiendo elejemplo de nuestro libertador Simón Bolívar y otros héroes de estanación incluyendo al actual presidente de Venezuela, comandante HugoChávez Frías, lider indiscutible de este proceso de cambio queafortunadamente vivimos los venezolanos. En tal sentido manifiesto miprotesta ante el mundo por la intromisión del imperialista delincuenteGeorge W. Busch en nuestra soberanía y nuestra política. Fuera deVenezuela Busch. Ocupate de tu país y deja de asesinar a la humanidadporque el más justo está arriba y observa tus crímenes y atrocidadescontra seres inocentes. Fuera, fuera, fuera

  • Me solidarizo completamente, respecto a que los Estados Unidos,Colombia y cualquier otro país, deben sacar sus manos fuera deVenezuela, puers haremos respetar nuestros derechos. Saludo afectuoso yrevolucionario.

    Freddy Soriano Chávez, Caracas, Venezuela

  • I believe in the Revolution develops by Hugo Chávez Frías becauseit has a social sense, this Revolution tries to distribute theVenezuelan’s richness in between all of us. Wealth, health, happinessand good will for women and men on the Earth, they are my betterdesires.

    Pedro Palm, Maracay, Estado Aragua, República Bolivariana de Venezuela
  • Me solidarizo completamente, respecto a que los Estados Unidos,Colombia y cualquier otro país, deben sacar sus manos fuera deVenezuela, puers haremos respetar nuestros derechos. Saludo afectuoso yrevolucionario.

    Freddy Soriano Chávez, Caracas, Venezuela

  • Jose Francisco Guevara Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela,Universidad Del Zulia, HAND OFF VENEZUELA NOW, we are not asking totake your hand off Venezuela, we are demanding that you take your hands off Venezuela!!!

    Francisco Betancourt

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