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Supporters of Hands off Venezuela and "Der Funke" have stepped up their activites in solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution in the last few days.

In Nürnberg, we had a stall at a left wing book fair last weekend and collected signatures for the Venepal workers there. A discussion meeting was held on Saturday night to inform about the background of recent events in Venezuela and tell the audience about the need to support workers´ struggles as a driving force in the process. In his introduction, Hans-Gerd Öfinger outlined the development of the new militant union federation UNT and appealed to trade unionists present to build direct links with the UNT on all levels and fight for the recognition of the UNT as the sole legitimate representation of the Venezuelan labour movement.

He also stressed the need to support the occupation of the Venepal factory and the call for nationalisation under workers´ control. A successful struggle of the Venepal workers could be a breakthrough for the whole labour movement and the overall revolutionary process. Anybody who wishes to carry out solidarity work with the revolution should recognise the importance of the organised labour movement in this context.

Trade unionists present agreed to raise the question of the UNT in their local organisations, putting pressure upon the German union apparatus to fully support this new militant union.

A few days later, the petition for the Venepal workers was signed at a meeting of the media and paper workers´ section in ver.di (Germany´s biggest union) in the Hessen region. The signatures include shop stewards from paper and packageing factories as well as full time union employees.

Last Tuesday, comrades in Frankfurt organised a successful HOV solidarity meeting at the local university of applied sciences. 38 students came along to watch the legendary documentary film on the 2002 coup and a slide show by an HOV activist who had recently visited Venezuela. The Venepal petition was signed and 20 Euros were collected for the Venepal funds.

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