Hands off Venezuela Campaign kicks off in Fife, Scotland

On Friday 28th October a successful meeting of ten people was held in Newburgh, Fife, to discuss the Bolivarian revolution and the formation of a local committee in solidarity with our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. A video screening of the documentary “the revolution will not be televised” took place to give a detailed background of the 2001 coup against president Chavez, and a general overview of the current political climate in Venezuela.

Afterwards, Pablo Shanchez from the Hands off Venezuela Campaign gave a short lead off, briefly filling in the gaps between the events of
2001 to the present day. In this period we have witnessed another electoral victory for Chavez, the nationalisation of many factories under workers control, and also the regrouping of the opposition as they prepare a new wave of attacks to defeat the revolution.

An interesting discussion then took place where many questions were asked and comrades shared their thoughts and opinions of the future of the Bolivarian revolution and it’s relevance to those of us fighting for the socialist transformation of society in Scotland and elsewhere.

It was agreed that we would meet again in November for a screening of the film “Venezuela Bolivariano” and to discuss the next stages of building the campaign in Fife and the surrounding area.

The general mood of the meeting was extremely positive and afterwards everyone present signed up to become a member of the campaign, which Hugo Chavez himself has praised for it’s outstanding work internationally in fighting for solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

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