06 December 2004

The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign was established in December 2002. At that time the Venezuelan reactionary opposition had launched another attempt to overthrow the government of Hugo Chávez and put an end to the Bolivarian revolution. A group of reactionary military officers had gathered in the Altamira Square, in the rich and middle class areas of the East of Caracas and made an appeal for "disobedience". At the same time, on December 3rd, the opposition had called for an "indefinite national strike". In fact this was nothing else but a bosses’ lock out (see Venezuela: Opposition "strike" or bosses lock out?). The highly paid managers and directors of the state owned company PDVSA simultaneously organised the sabotage of the industry with the aim of paralysing the country.

All this was accompanied by a campaign in the Venezuelan and international media of lies and misinformation. The idea was being broadcast that in Venezuela there was an authoritarian "regime" which had become increasingly unpopular and was being opposed by a general strike and a mass movement on the part of a “democratic” opposition.

For this reason, Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, made an appeal to defend the Bolivarian revolution, to oppose US intervention in Venezuela and to ensure that truthful information about what was really happening in Venezuela would reach the trade union and labour movement outside (see HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! An appeal to the international Labour Movement)

The appeal was quickly picked up by Jeremy Dear (general secretary of the British National Union of Journalists) and a number of other important trade union leaders in Britain. The campaign rapidly spread to other countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa (see the signatures page). Now the campaign has supporters in more than 30 countries around the world.

We have tirelessly organised solidarity activities with Venezuela's Bolivarian revolution through public meetings, video screenings, raising the issue within the trade union movement in different countries, organising speaking tours, moving motions in Parliaments, and sending solidarity delegations to Venezuela.

The work of the Campaign has been recognised by president Chávez himself (Chavez backs Hands off Venezuela campaign), and Hands Off Venezuela representatives featured prominently in the 2nd World Gathering in Solidarity with the Revolution in April 2004.

The basic principles of the Campaign are:

  • solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
  • opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela
  • building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela

If you agree with these basic ideas get involved!

See also the HoV Consitution

29 November 2004

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  • Cdes,

    As you may all be aware the situation inVenezuala is becoming more critical with US-backed provocations againstthe Chavez government getting worse. There is a real danger of anothercoup attempt against the Government. The Venezualans are working withthe Cubans to imrove rural health care, have fought off attempts tosabotage the oil industry and set up new independent trade unions, withelements of workers democracy.

    The NUJ passed a resolution at its annual conference backing the tradeunion/working class movement and social reforms. As a result I andothers (including John MCDonnell MP) signed up to a Hands off Venezualastatement.

    What I\'m being asked to do now is co-ordinate a message of support fromtrade union leaders to be sent to new trade unions there:

    "Wewelcome the process being undertaken by the Venezualan people to tacklepoverty, improve health care, encourage industrial democracy andprotect state industries against privatisation.We welcome moves to usethe revenues of the state oil industry to invest in social welfareprogrammes especially amongst the rural poor.

    We condemnthose multinationals and their supporters inside and outside Venezualawho seek to sabotage the reforms being carried out and provoke violenceagainst the workers and especially those attempts by US-fundedorganisations to destabilise the country."

    Jeremy Dear

  • Resolution passed by Transport and General Workers Union, branch 1/888 RTC (road haulage)
    We note the importance of the fight now being put up by workers inVenezuela against the forces of reaction who are seeking tode-stabilise the country.

    We resolve to support the "Hands off Venezuela" Campaign and send thisto Regional and National committees of our Union in order to raisesupport for Venezuela in other branches, Regional and Nationalcommittees in our union.

    Rachael Webb, Secretary, 1/888 Branch T&G

  • "Hugo Chavez, The Communist Party of Britain - Wolverhampton Branch, Salutes you and
    the people of Venezuela."

    Andy Goodall, Wolverhampton Branch Secretary, Communist Party of Britain (CPB)

  • Assomeone who has spent his academic career studying Venezuela I know theextent to which it is actually today\'s Opposition in Venezuela, when inpower, which was responsible for the position in which the country nowfinds itself. This situation did not arise overnight but was a resultof 40 years of incompetence, malevolence, exclusion, violence andcorruption under so-called democratic governments installed andsponsored by the United States. The oil wealth was squandered by thepuntofijista politicians on buying their continued stay in powerinstead of creating a fairer, healthier, more equitable society. I findit amazing that these same people can suddenly claim they want to dothis now after failing to do so for 40 years when they had the chance.What is even more amazing, and quite laughable if it were not soserious, is that the international media and press, and politicians inBritain, actually \'believe\' them.

    Venezuelan history hasbeen misrepresented for many years, not least by the academic communityparticularly in the United States. It is time to put the recordstraight. We must insist on accurate and full reporting of events inVenezuela. After all, what Venezuela is facing today Britain will facein the future.

    Dr. Michael Derham, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies, Northumbria

  • Nice work HoV, you\'re doing some great work in protecting theBolivarian movement. Some day the labour movement in Venezuela willtriumph over the imperialists; until that day we must continue tooppose the capitalist intervention.

    Andy Shaw

  • I have visited Venezuela, and helped some rural communities . Ifeel that the biggest problems in the country are as a result of thehuge inequalities, which so profoundly affect rural communities.The Indian communities, and Creoles struggle to eke an existance, whilethe rich few get richer.

    Penny Green

  • Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan government have the support of both the people of there country and me.

    Christopher Newlove

  • "I hope that one day all American imperialism will be kickedout of South America and countries like Venezuela can continue theirdreams." - Andrew Byrne, North West England

  • Hi, I\'m from the United Kingdom. It is about time the dirty shadowof America and its imperialistic foreign policy was removed from SouthAmerica once and for all! Long live the Revolution!

    Stephen Smith

  • I support the cause of the Venezuelan people which has been so widely misinterpreted and underreported here in the UK.

    Jennifer Haston

  • I\'m concerned that voilent tactics used by Chavez\'s opposition areundermining the democratic process in Venezuela. Chavez has treated hisopposition fairly and guaranteed their human and civil rights after thecoup of 2002. Now it is time for the opposition to act with the samedignity and stop trying to elicit a referendum against the governementwith fraudulant signatures.

    Vicki West

  • To the US government - stop trying to replace Chavez, the people want him as their leader...
    To the people of Venezuela - There are many throughout the world whosee your struggle for independance as one that many more will have tofight as the US tramples over the world - keep up the fight!

    Patrick Newman

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  • I wish you the best and can only hope that your courage andintegrity are sufficient to help you through these troubled times. Yourgovernment and its plans are of course democratic in the true sense ofthe term and the oligarchy is in consequence your enemy. They wish tosee the creation and conservation of \'great\' families and fortuneswhereas you wish to see the creation of a meritocracy where everycitizen has a right to live. They wish to see power and wealthconcentrate into the hands of a congenital elite and their managerialclass whereas you wish to see public resources, public lands and publicairways benefit those who rightfully own them, the public. The UnitedStates obviously does not wish your example of democracy to succeedbecause A) you have oil and B) you set an extremely bad example fortheir public. Of the two you would think the fact that you have oil isthe greater of your sins but American actions in Haiti, Guatemala,Honduras, El Salvador and Cuba shows that the second is what trulymakes you dangerous in their eyes.

    I do not envy youyour position but I do admire your enterprise. We in Canada havemanaged by the smallest of margins to maintain our sovereignty but onlyjust so. The corporatization of our common resources is continuing atan accelerating rate and the next federal election may well see uselect a government that is in full sympathy with the aims of theAmerican elite and willing to cause a fiscal train wreck here in Canadato achieve their ends. So we too will need \'suerte\' to avoid fallingthat final essential bit more than we already have into the clutches ofthe Empire.

    I close by sending you my best wishes. As I am but a humble man workingman, living in an apartment, never having bought a television, stereoor car, I truly cannot afford to send you monetary aid. But I can letyou know that there are Canadians who know of your struggles and arehopeful of seeing succeed one of the first experiments with realdemocracy since Athenian times.


  • Pleaseknow that we of the New Democratic Youth of Alberta (NDYA—roughlyequivalent to Britain’s Labour Party) would like to hereby endorse thecampaign and plan on bringing the problems faced by the Venezuelanworking class and its Bolivarian Revolution to the knowledge of allworking class Canadians.

    We would like to let you all know thatwe stand in solidarity with your campaign, but more importantly, withthe workers of Venezuela as they continue through this truly historicprocess towards a better Venezuela, and, in turn, a better world- aworld without exploitation on part of capitalist bosses and theirpolitical thugs. A socialist world.

    The NDYA Executive on behalf the New Democratic Youth of Alberta.

    Workers of the world, unite!
    ¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!

  • The U.S. imperial apparatus is mobilized and in full swing todestroy the Venezuelan Bolivarian revolution and impose neoliberalhegemony once more over what it so arrogantly condescends to call itsbackyard: the whole of Latin America. Thus, those living in the U.S.\\\'sfront yard, Canada, must mobilize to help in whatever way possibletheir comrades in Venezuela and across the continent. Canadians mustnow mobilize to fight the colonization of everyday life. As Marx said:"Shame is a revolutionary sentiment."

    Daniel Rooke

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  • Non au droit de la force brutale et sauvage des USA sur ledroit international et contre la volonté d\'indépendance des peuples quirefusent de se soumettre à leurs ordres impérialistes et capitalistes.Solidarité avec la révolution vénézuelienne dirigée par le PrésidentHugo Chavez, démocratiquement élu par son peuple pour défendre sespropres intérêts.

    Dr LEY- NGARDIGAL Djimadoum, Secrétaire Général de l\'ACTUS (Action du Tchad pour l\'Unité et le Socialisme)

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  • A todos nuestros amigos y compañeros de lucha en todo el mundonuestro saludo fraternal, con un logo y frase de Simon Bolivar queojala ayude a reflexionar a todos aquellos que permanecen indiferentesante el drama de la humanidad y de nuestros pueblos.- Es necesarioVencer.-Venceremos


    Agustin Contreras

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Dominican Republic

  • Estimados Camaradas de la "Campaña Hands Off de Venezuela"
    Reciban un cordial y combativo saludo socialista revolucionario porparte de todo el Movimiento Juventud Rebelde. Les escribimos parafelicitar y solidarizarnos con la iniciativa vuestra. Poniendo enpractica el incondicional espiritu intercacionalista queremossaludarles y expresarles nuestro modesto y un tanto lejano apoyo yreconocimiento. Desde las calles de la Ciudad de Santo Domingo; SantoDomingo de Guzman. abril 2004

    Movimiento Juventud Rebelde (www.juventud-rebelde.tk)

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  • Salute to you President Hugo Chavez!
    May Venezuela dignity be under Venezuelan people!
    Vietnam can do so can Venezuela!
    May Peace and Strength be upon You all!

    Sutan Djohansyah

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  • The struggle in Venezuela demands the attention of anyone seriously opposed to the scurge of imperialism.
    Robert Doyle
  • Never give up. This revolution is not only venezuela\'s struggle but anyone who believes in true freedom and social justice!!!
    Gareth Richmond

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  • I fully support the democratically elected government ofHugo Chavez and the efforts that are being made in Venezuela to createa more just and equitable society. The U.S. government has no right tointerfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela.
    James Cunningham

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  • We Declare Our Soulful Comitment To The Struggle Of AllVenezuelians Who Are Facing The Brutal, Hypocritical Policies Of US-LedExploitation Of Local And International Monopolies. We Are In FullSolidarity Who Are Fighting To Save The Revolutionary Mood And MovementIn Venzuela.

    Students of Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan<
    People’s Students Federation Bz Universityy Multan
    Students at Government College Multan
    Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
    Unemployed Youth Movement Multan

  • "We are with you in your fight against imperialism" - Hina Zain, Youth for International Socialism, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Move forward till victory" - Yasir Irshad, Youth For International Socialism, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We shall fight we shall win" - Abid, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Your fight is ours" - Ilyas Amin, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Long live revolution!!!!!" - Rang Elahi, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Keep this struggle up!!!" - Sumera, STRUGGLE, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We are with you in your struggle..." - Sadaf Zehra, Pakistan Trade union Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "Move forward till victory" - Shahida Jabeen, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan, Lahore

  • "We shall fight we shall win..." - Abubakr Shabir, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore

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  • A los obreros y obreras de Venezuela


    En esta hora cuándo las uñas rapaces del imperialismo norteamericanocon colaboración de la reacción interior se alargan a la repúblicabolivariana para privatizar la riquezas petroleras del país y sumergiren miseria aún más profunda a las obreros y campesinos de Venezuela,nosotros, los marxistas rusos, expresamos solidaridad con la lucha dela clase obrera de Venezuela contra las fuerzas de reacción.

    Como muestra la experencia exitosa de la revolución rusa del 1917, espossible derrotar los planes de los imperialistas sólo formandoconsejos (Soviets) obreros, la milicia obrera, nacionalizando laindustria y pasandola bajo el control obrero.
    La revolución feliz en Venezuela y la fundación del estado obrero seráun faro para los obreros y los pobres de América Latina y todo el mundo.

    ¡Proletarios de todos los países, unidos!

    Rabochaya Demokratia

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  • Keep up the struggle for freedom from those hypocritical elitistprofiteers! May your people continue to fight for their basic rights toautomony and freedom from tyranny. The American administration and theVenezuelan oligarchs have no right and no basis for denying you allthis. Beware the temptation to slide into a Marxian state system which,like Russian sovietism will in the end tyrannise its own people underthe illusion of solidarity and and the power of the state. Base yourstruggle on freedom but also encourage personal responsibility andaction from the people, for it is their duty and their right to be ableto govern themselves but in a community and indeed a society whichencourages this, that exists to protect it.


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South Africa

  • Dear Comrades, We are proud of Venezuela and Pres.Hugo Chavez.Fraternal greetings from South Africa. Keep strong, be vigilant,prepare and put trust in the Great Spirit. Our thoughts and prayers arewith President Chavez and Venezuela in this time of trial andtribulation against the American Administration and the internalenemies of Venezuela.


    Lawrence Puren

  • Insupport of the universal quest for truth, justice, equality and realparticipatory democracy based on rational-critical-informed thought.

    Clive Kronenberg

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  • Hola,

    Me llamo Marina Labrador Díaz y vivo en un pueblito de la provincia de Tarragona.

    Quiero decir que me solidarizo por completo con su causa, que ya estábien de injerencias yanquis en los lugares en que pueden obtenerbeneficios, que ya está bien de ser los "salvadores del mundo", quedejen a los gobiernos democráticos vivir en paz, que olviden de una vezsu prepotencia y que miren hacia dentro de sus fronteras y hagan eltrabajo que tienen que hacer en su casa, que no es poco...

    Un saludo


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  • Venezuela is going for true socialism, and a socialism that willchange the world. Socialism isn\'t only the answer to poverty and humanrights - it\'s the answer for the environmental crisis, space travel,reasearch and science. A friend once said that if socialism had beenimplemented 500 years ago, we would today be ready to colonize thesolar system - not to exploit and consume, but to explore andunderstand.
    Socialism isn\'t an ideology, it\'s the human spirit. The work ofsocialism has given workers in other countried the right to take a dayoff, their bosses can\'t fire them because they didn\'t like them, socialsecurity - everything!
    I am a Christian and I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. EvenJesus said that society should be one of mind, love and humanity, notoppression, greed and power. God isn\'t on the side of America or therich fat capitalists, He is on the side of people that want to live inpeace, people who truly seek what has been long lost: Utopia.
    But everything has a beginning, and I see one in Venezuela. What we, the people, do today will reflect in all eternity!

    JC Denton

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United States

  • I wholeheartedly support Chavez and the majority of Venezuelans intheir stand for independence and freedome of choice. I oppose theinterference from the US and the WTO with world affairs, as their brandof democracy based on multinationals taking control of world resourcesis destroying our planet.

    Good luck!

    David Bruce, Atlanta Friends Meeting

  • May the Success of this Revolution be an example to all of the Americas


  • For far too long, Imperialists have done whatever they can in orderto prevent democratic processes from happening. Democracy to theImperialists is only democracy for the Bourgeoisie. Any real democracythreatens these selfish interests of theirs. We must support measuresthat are truly democratic, not ones that are for the benefit ofimperialists, of whom make life a living hell for many people. May therevolution triumph over all reaction.

    Zach McCall

  • USA Keep Your Hands Off Venezuela. You\'ve already dessimated Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti in just 3 years!

    Patty Diana

  • I am deeply ashamed of my country and the profound hypocrisy of itspolicy toward Venezuela. We claim to want to spread democracy aroundthe world, but never fail to subvert those governments who refuse to doour bidding. The US role in the attempted overthrow of the Chavezgovernment should never be forgotten, or forgiven. I proudly add myname and voice to this appeal to halt my country\'s imperialistambitions, and remain hopeful that the will of the people will prevail.

    Charles Patterson

  • I am a citizen of the United States of America, not the ImperialStates of America. Any interference from the government of my countryin Venezuela will be deemed by myself and millions of others asEmpire-building by the USA. Fortunately the USA is heavily Hispanic, sothere will be little to no support for such an endeavor.

    Gina Gilbert

  • Let us all stand with our comrades in Venezuela and defend their revolution and their president!!!

    James M Hardwick

  • George W. Bush should recognize many, many Americans favor treatingthe Venezuelan people with respect, honoring their elected choice oftheir President.
    Our country needs to realize a cleaner, more dignified image after thebloodshed and suffering caused in Latin America already by ourextremists\' and war profiteers\' interventions.
    Any move to manipulate or seize control of Venezuelan affairs will be repudiated by Americans of conscience.

    Judi Lynn

  • We must believe that the Bolivarian movement is capable of beingsustained. Act now, before imperialist interferance increases, to senda message that comrades the world over will unite to resist imperialistintervention in Venezuela.

    Jared Ficklin

  • Hands off Venezuela! I extend my solidarity to the workers andfarmers of Venezuela. You have the power to take the power. Viva larevolucion!

    Joseph Kapsner

  • Venezuela under President Chavez is showing the world what a true democracy can – and should – be.

    Jerome A. Carpenter

  • Dear Friends:
    President Hugo Chavez is my President also. Ilove him very much. I also want you all to know that I will neversupport what the U.S. wants to do to Venezuela!
    I am a member of the Socialist Party U.S.A. We will not tolerate anyimperialist aggression carried out against Venezuela by the U.S.

    Down with U.S. Imperialism and aggression!
    Yankee, go home! U.S. hands off Venezuela!

    Revolutionary Greetings,

    Brandon Harris

  • The United States must maintain non-aggressive, diplomaticrelations with Venezuela if it is to consider itself a true proponentof Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty.

    Dan Green

  • I send a message of solidarity from progressive librarians and information workers in the US.

    Mark C Rosenzweig

  • Let Chavez, and the people of Venezuela do what must be done to bring the world a little more peace and equality.

    Ryan Ellis

  • Democracy is a true ideal, not just a tool for the corporations. Best of luck.

    J.D. Northrup

  • It\'s about time that Bush and the Republi-Nazi\'s realize that Socialism is the future, not the past.Hands off the independence of Venezuela! Let them choose their own future, government and direction!

    Stephanie Donald

  • As an American, I am completely ashamed of my illegal, fascistgovernment that continues to work towards anti-democratic goals ofcorporate wealth and imperialistic war-mongering. We must supportChavez and his programs for Venezuela. I wish he was our President.Viva Chavez!

    Kenneth C Jae

  • I think we can all be inspired by the spirit of the Venezuelanmasses. Their victory over the many obstacles they are faced with fromthe imperialistic world is a call to workers of all countries to devotetheir lives to the revolution.

    Kristin M. A. Parrotta

  • The U.S. needs to stop interferring with Venezuela. Just because weneed your oil and you aren\'t blindly following everything the Bushadministration wants, does not mean the U.S. has the right to interferewith another country!

    Barbara Henderson

  • Stay true to your values of human rights for all members ofVenezuelan society, economic justice for all and a Venezuelan model ofgrassroots democracy for and from the citizens of Venezuela.

    We in America have faltered in our move toward democracy; our leadershave failed to advance democratic ideals, replacing them instead withthe personal ethos of greed and self-interest. The democratic torchmust now be carried by other nations small and large. The U.S.government cannot be trusted.

    Venezuela, strengthen your resolve to create your society as YOU wouldlike it to be.Please understand that there are many of us yankees who support you inyour quest for self-determination free of the influence of Washington,DC.

    This U.S. citizen of the state of Oregon says:Viva Venezuela Libré!

    Ross Randrup

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  • Soy venezolana, periodista en comunicación social y como taldefiendo mi patria a costa de lo que sea, por supuesto siguiendo elejemplo de nuestro libertador Simón Bolívar y otros héroes de estanación incluyendo al actual presidente de Venezuela, comandante HugoChávez Frías, lider indiscutible de este proceso de cambio queafortunadamente vivimos los venezolanos. En tal sentido manifiesto miprotesta ante el mundo por la intromisión del imperialista delincuenteGeorge W. Busch en nuestra soberanía y nuestra política. Fuera deVenezuela Busch. Ocupate de tu país y deja de asesinar a la humanidadporque el más justo está arriba y observa tus crímenes y atrocidadescontra seres inocentes. Fuera, fuera, fuera

  • Me solidarizo completamente, respecto a que los Estados Unidos,Colombia y cualquier otro país, deben sacar sus manos fuera deVenezuela, puers haremos respetar nuestros derechos. Saludo afectuoso yrevolucionario.

    Freddy Soriano Chávez, Caracas, Venezuela

  • I believe in the Revolution develops by Hugo Chávez Frías becauseit has a social sense, this Revolution tries to distribute theVenezuelan’s richness in between all of us. Wealth, health, happinessand good will for women and men on the Earth, they are my betterdesires.

    Pedro Palm, Maracay, Estado Aragua, República Bolivariana de Venezuela
  • Me solidarizo completamente, respecto a que los Estados Unidos,Colombia y cualquier otro país, deben sacar sus manos fuera deVenezuela, puers haremos respetar nuestros derechos. Saludo afectuoso yrevolucionario.

    Freddy Soriano Chávez, Caracas, Venezuela

  • Jose Francisco Guevara Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela,Universidad Del Zulia, HAND OFF VENEZUELA NOW, we are not asking totake your hand off Venezuela, we are demanding that you take your hands off Venezuela!!!

    Francisco Betancourt

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29 November 2004
29 November 2004
29 November 2004

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Wihel Bohrn, Railwayworker FSG-GdE
Christian Lilg, public employee, FSG
Anton Rapf, Pensionist FSG
Silvia Riegler, shopsteward Vienna Harbour FSG
Adnan Beyazit, Railwayworker FSG
Julia Oyrer, Student SJÖ
Sisa Starzengruber, Student, SJÖ
Mayer David, Translator, SJÖ
Lukas Tomaselli, Student, SJÖ
Christoph Wendler, Student
Mario Lindner, FSG-youth Austria Chairmen
Andreas Kolross, Chairmen Socialist Youth Austria
Fabian Laudenbach, Der Funke
Prammer Dominik, Socialist Youth Linz
Brigitta Tomaselli
Assunta Rauch
Anna Tomaselli
Barbara Hueller
Markus Hueller
Daria Hueller
Lukas Hueller
Dominik Wagner
Marco Wagner
Dorothea Nenning
Elmar Nenning
Dario Hueller
Elfriede Hueller
Mähr Christian, Socialist Youth
David Sowka, Vienna
Susanne Sowka, Vienna
Ingrid Fauland, Graz
Veronika Rochhart, Graz
Andrea Gross, Graz
Robert Wurm, ZA Postbus, central shop steward POSTBUS
Sepp Wall-Strasser, OEGB/ATTAC
Stefan Gröber, Socialist Youth Gmunden
Martin Birkner
E. Deingruber, Metal workers' union
Karl Brenning, Metal workers' union
Wernder Schmid, Metal workers' union
Gabi Kuta, Metal workers' union
Leni Wiebach
Barbara Jallisch, AKS
Anna Wittersteller, AKS
Josef Mayerhofer, GÖD
Edgar Wolf, GÖD
Wolfgang Reinbacher
Konstantin Wacker, GPA
P. Hannah
Julian Rössl, School students delegate (at the school level)
Sebastian Lecker, School students delegate (at the school level)
Hannes Hold
Sarol Böck, School students delegate
Anna Kirchsegger, School students delegate (at the school level)
Melina Girardi, School students delegate (at the school level)
Boris Zaborsky, School students delegate (at the school level)
Patricia Borke, School students delegate (at the regional level)
Mara Kolmer, School students delegate (at the regional level)
Darius Röbchefer
Zorica Pgoid, School students delegate (at the school level)
Amina Lehner
Magdalena Rennert
Bernhard Wögerer
Leonhard Nenntenfel, Amnesty International
Claudia Glechner, Vienna
Gerald Demmel
Sophie Kathrin Schaffernicht
Azra Bajrica
Christoph Wiedeschitz, Socialist Youth, Vienna

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Erik De Bruyn, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of Antwerp (ACOD)
Lin Van Rompaey, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of Antwerp (ACOD)
Fabian Defraine, Independent Socialist Councillor in Tubize
André Gonsalis, chairman of the Public Services Union, Veurne branch and Shop Steward of the Teachers' Union (ACOD)
Miguel Rubio, former convenor of the Metal Workers Union of Diamant Boart (CMB-FGTB)
Brecht Desmet, member of the student council, University of Gent
Noshin Malik, student at the Provincial Academy of Limburg
Mischa Van herck, member of the Socialist Party Antwerp and trainer in the Socialist Trade Union, the ABVV
Maarten Vanheuverswyn, editorial board of the Marxist paper Vonk
Roland Vanderbeke, member of the Executive of the Socialist Public Services Union, Oostende (ACOD)
Wim Benda, editorial board of the Marxist paper Vonk
Erik Demeester, activist socialist trade union ABVV
Roland Vanderbeke Executive Member A.C.O.D./ Ostend Branch
Anke Gulix, student activist
Jan van Riet, member Socialist Party Antwerp and Socialist Trade Union
Fenia Van den Brande, student representative
Michel Jacobs, student activist
Issam Benali, student activist
Tatiana Thomas, member of the Catholic Trade Union
José Miguel Moya Beros
Nick Deschacht
Erna Walraeve, ATTAC branch of Ostend
Bram Putteneers, Student
Claire Miroir, member Socialist Party Oostende
Jacques Denecker, Attac
Dries Goedertier
Jan Buelinckx, Attac
The socialist trade union delegation of Total Refinery Antwerp (TotalFinaElf)
Felix Hendriks, member of the Catholic Trade Union and ‘Dam tegen Verrechtsing'
Filip Staes, member editorial board Marxist paper Vonk
Sven Meyntjens, member of BBTK (the socialist trade union of employees in the private sector) and member of the Socialist Party
Michaël Cools, student activist
Stephen Bouquin, founding member Attac Vlaanderen
Thomas Ledent, student activist
Linda Boulanger, Federal Agency for Reception of Asylum Seekers
Jonathan Devuyst
Sofie Billiauw
Arne Baillière, local councillor in Ostend for the Communist Party and the Socialist Party
Frans Vandewalle
Eva Decombel, student activist
Wim Haagdorens, member of the socialist trade union ABVV
Jeroen Soete
Frank Stoffels, chairman of the socialist party branch De Haan
Heike Tress, member of the executive committee of the socialist party branch De Haan
Kris Velter, Humanistisch Verbond
Robin Vandekeybus, Student activist
Ceren Ozer, theatre actress
Paul-Emile Dupret, Groupe de la Gauche Unitaire Européenne
Timon Spiesschaert, student activist from Belgium
Jordi Lesaffer
Rana Sikander, member of the Struggle in Europe and ex-trade unionist
Jimi Ruymen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Sofie Wouters, Belgium, student activist
Bouillon O.
Levaux M.
Meukens M.
Bogaerts E.
Jesse M
Blanmailland L.
Englebert J-C.
Paralta M.
Senoouz Z.
Vermoortele E
Verbist C.
Gillemart, militant FGTB
Kerkhifs J.P. militant APED
Dereau F.
Dupont Fr.
Tigneni A.
Bouslati S.
Warszawski G.
Waegner Pascal
Manel S.
Uyttebroek militant PS
Antenucci militant CMB
Ayada L, Cocob
M'rabet S.
Sabrina T.
Steelandt E.
Vynckier S. Comac PTB
Hertsens S.
Azzouz Chokhmane journaliste RTM (Maroccan journalist living in Belgium)
Mohamed Boudasham, journaliste à Libération (Maroccan journalist living in Belgium)
Patrick Gesnot, member of the socialist trade union ABVV, Antwerp, Belgium
Niels Vandekeybus, Vonk
Franscesco Demejer
Yves Nelen
Tim van Ginderen
Jokke Hennekam, councillor for the Socialist Party (SP.a) in Essen
Kevin Budts, MGEVENT
Gunter Dierckx
Wout Hennekam, MGEVENT
Dries van Hooydonck, Amnesty
Lesly Snolders
Kristof Buermans
Koen van Lancker
An van Lancker
Stefanie Debaets
Marieke Colpaert
Sarah Mechant
Anne PodevijnWagenknecht
Filip Debaets
Francis Jorissen, attac Vlaanderen
Olivier Nijffels, Brussels
Filip Vanderbeeck, Protestants Sociaal Centrum/Open Huis
Koen Lieckens, PSC
Wim De Weerd, PSC/Open Huis
Angele Kerstens, PSC
Pierre Colaes
Patrick Dooms, MPLU
Henri Huybens, PSC
Guido Van Looy, PSC
L. De Coninck, ‘t Pretje
Anne Winter, Research Student, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Isabelle Van Leugenhaeghe
Maria De Schrijver
Leen De Saeppen
Pauwels Karine
Rien De Mulder
Maggie De Caluwé
Nadia Donekawdcke
Frieda Verbist
Franscesca Wuytack
Vanpourte C.
Van Limbergen
Francisco Maldonado
Geert Benoit
Georg Dehouwer
Maria Stockman, Damiaanactie
De Mulder, Casa Chili
Ratiel Enkoven
Ph. Bervoets
An Van Loo
Hilde Lenaerts, Hei Pasoep (solidarity choir)
Jos Gulix, Hei Pasoep (solidarity choir)
Isabel Wagemans, FOS
Marc Coevoet
Kris Van Damme
Piepe Frash
Mathieu Godefroit, ACOD
Janssens Veerle, ACOD Antwerpen
Despriet Willy, Senioren ABVV
Adrien Verlee, ABVV-militant, Masereelfonds, Amnesty, Liga Mensenrechten
Robert G. L. PAULUS
Hakim Djemaa
Dirk Lafaut
Luc Pittoors
Villegas Tania
Tijssens Peter, Blankenberge
Denutte Charlotte, Blankenberge
Reinhart Rost, Antwerpen

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faruk Pasic, Sarajevo

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Odon Porto de Almeida, founder of the Sindicato dos Empregados em Estabelecimentos
Bancários de Garanhuns
Demostenes Felix da Silva, officer
Francisco Pereira, watchmaker
Fabio William Costa Guedes, teacher and sportsman
Francisco de Assis Claudino, author
Paulo Ferreira, teacher
Otto Cavalcanti de Almeida, lawyer
Alder J�lio Ferreira Calado, ciudadano latinoamericano
Gil Silva
Karin Queiroz Silva
Frieda Thiele
Tatjana Dunker
Edivânia Moreira da Silva, militante do PT Bahia Brasil
Fabiana da Cruz Lima, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Jairan Gomes Rios, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Vânia Marta Machado Leite, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Edemir Barbosa dos Santos, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Carlos Neander Nascimento da Silva, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Atanilson Novaes de Moura, Universidade Estadual da Bahia
Herbert Lucena, songster
Wilerson José dos Santos, bank clerk
Marilia Pessoa Cordeiro, student
Carlos Henrique de Andrade, bank clerk
Alexandre José dos Santos, bank clerk
Reginaldo Melo, poet and social educator
Djair Roberto Vasconcelos, professor
Almir Freire de Souza, broadcaster
André Luis Ramos Pompeu, student
Eduardo Teixeira Guerra, industrial
Helder de Figueiredo Cavalcanti, student
Mizael Martins da Silva, politician
Lourinaldo José de Ara�jo, student
Luiz Carlos Lins, psychiatrist
Veridiano Dias Clement, student
Aurelio Fernandes, Diretor da Central Unica dos Trabalhadores do Rio de Janeiro e do
Sindicato dos Profissionais de Educação do Rio de Janeiro
Cristiane Leyendecker, mestranda em ciencia política da UNB - Universidade Nacional de Brasilia
Deuzimar da Costa, Presidente da Federação Municipal de Favelas do Municipio do Rio de Janeiro
Ricardo Hiroshi, estudante
Iacilton Mattos, diretor do Sindicato de Estabelecimento Bancarios do Municipio do Rio de Janeiro
Maria da Conceição, diretora da Federação Nacional dos Sindicatos de Trabalho
em Sa�de, Trabalho, Previdência e Assistência Social
João Claudio Pittilo, desempregado
Edvaldo Barbetto, oposição do Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Energia do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Valeria Leal, sindicalista Sindicato dos Professores da Rede Privada do municipio do Rio de Janeiro
Mario Dias, Médico, ex-vereador do PDT
Alessandra Nogueira, Designer
Alexandre Boudox, estudante
Iara, analista de sistemas, dirigente sindical SINDPD
Anderson Alemão, sindicalista e funcionário p�blico do judiciário
André Brown, cartunista e pedagogo
André Gustavo, Professor
Flávio "Maré", sindicalista Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Processamento de
Dados do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Francineide Salles, Assistente Social
Claudio Lacerda, Professor, sindicalista do Sindicato dos Profissionais de Educação do Rio de Janeiro
Martinelli, Professor, Docente da SUAM e ex-Diretor do Instituto de Educação do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.
Gina Paola, Assistente Social
Isabella, Professora, sindicalista do Sindicato dos Profissionais de Educação do Rio de Janeiro
Miranda Sá, carioca, Jornalista e Editor da Revista PENSE 21
Rossino Dinis, diretor da Federação Municipal de Favelas do Município do Rio de Janeiro e Presidente da Associação de Moradores dos Conjuntos Habitacionais da Cidade Alta, Vista Mar e Porto Velho
Serginho, Advogado, Membro do Conselho da Criança e do Adolescente na Zona Oeste
do municipio do Rio de Janeiro
Winston Sacramento, Pedagogo, sindicalista do Sindicato dos Profissionais de Educação do Rio de Janeiro
Marisa Choguill, University Teacher
Antonio Barbosa S Filho, Taubaté, Sao Paulo
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Members of Parliament:
Tony Benn, ex-Member of the British Parliament for the Labour Party
John McDonnell, Member of Parliament (Labour) for Hayes & Harlington
Alan Simpson, Member of Parliament (Labour) for Nottingham South

Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ
Dave Mitchell, Public & Commercial Services Union (Group Assistant Secretary, Home Office Group)
Amelia Bercusson, student at the University of Cambridge,
Ida Kaisa Lönnqvist, Homerton College, University of Cambridge
Gregory Topalian, Melbourn, Hertfordshire
Matthew McLean, Youth/student officer, Glenrothes CLP
Harriet Robinson, Sixth Form Student, Canterbury, England
Atif Nazar Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign
Neil Wiggins, Manchester, UK
Espe Espigaress, Amicus shop steward, London
Des Heemskerk, Amicus Media and Campaigns officer (personal capacity)
Phil Waker, CWU NEC
Nigel Pearce, NUM NEC
Kris Lawrie, NUJ member
Rob Sewell, Vice-Chair NUJ, Central London Branch
Bjorn Oystein Ovrevik, Newcastle upon Tyne
Kenny Brown, union-GMB (personal capacity) Labour Party (personal capacity)
Harald Lindner, member of the Young Communist League, Birmingham
Mark Hollinrake,chair Tg 6/1045, Rochdale
Steve Brown, Secretary Wansbeck and Morpeth TUC and Alcan GMB.
Ian Woodland, branch sec/shop steward 2/195 branch TGWU
Tam Burke, Prospect Trade Union (workplace representative - personal capacity), Souh West
Edinburgh Labour Party member (personal capacity).
Graham Wilson,TGWU steward, E.Edinburgh CLP
Rick Fricker, Branch Secretary, Nursling Industrial H63, Union of Shop Distribution and Allied Workers
Steve Fricker, Branch Secretary T&GWU 2/621 Southampton Cab Section
Dave Du Communications Officer, Editor of Challenge, Young Communist League
Ramon Samblas, YFIS
Ron Graves, President, Peterborough Trade Union, Peterborough, UK
K. Lüdtke, Wolverhampton, university student
S. Boateng, Wolverhampton, university student
Tariq Hussain, Wolverhampton, university student
John Anthony Banch, Wolverhampton, university student
Jack Tse, Wolverhampton, university student
Sh. Zheng, Wolverhampton, university student
C. Mansell, Wolverhampton, university student
Matt Potts, Wolverhampton, university student
Meena Dhanda, lecturer university of Wolverhampton
Ray McHale, Ellesmere Port, Chair of Ellesmere Port & Neston TUC, Cheshire UNISON Service
Conditions Officer (personal capacity)
Heiko Khoo, Speakers Corner Radio Show
Debbie Chamas
M. Todd, Scunthorpe Labour Party member
Mathew Webster, London
Julian Sharpe, London
Chris Marks, Acton, London
Charlotte Cameron
H. Rashid
Eileen Lockhart
Donald Clark
Stevie Bunch
David Higgins
Craig Napier
Chas. McCall
Simon Cunich
Emilito Habana, Colombia Solidarity Camp
Manja Pico
Maria Lopez, Squarx
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg, Youth Action for Palestine
Jaume Folch
Jordi Margalef
Sinead O'brien
Dave Aarbusa, Schnews
Nadim Mahyoub, Socialist Appeal
Daniel Lauard
Miguel Salgado
Laura Sullivan, Cuba Solidarity Campaign
David Kiran
Dean Willis, Indimedia
Matthew Rosenberg
Nicu Buxton
Robin Hayward
Bridget Reiss
Joe Gill, NUJ
Darren Davidson
Thomas Barnes, UNISON steward personal capacity
Cristina Fontenla
Pam Woods, UNISON
Margarita Morales, Labour left Briefing
A. Rayeln
Niki Polydorou
E. Leal, Latin American Workers Assoc.
George Davigs
Carlos E. Zapata, Partido Comunista de Chile (London)
Paul Mackney, General Secretary of NATFHE
Rachael Webb, Secretary, 1/888 Branch T&G
Amy marie Sisson, Nottingham
Andy Goodall, Wolverhampton Branch Secretary, Communist Party of Britain (CPB)
Peter Ballantine, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Enes Aba, Wolverhampton, university student from Istanbul
Jamie Weir, Wolverhampton, university student
Alison Nichols, Wolverhampton, university student
Terence Timmins, Wolverhampton, university student
Velna Kirkup, Wolverhampton, university teacher from Peru
Dr. Michael Derham, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies, Northumbria
Andrew Byrne, North West England
Terry Wilson, Leeds
Linda Wilson, Leeds
Barbara Humphries (AUT and Ealing Southall CLP)
William Ball, Student living near Ipswich in England
Andy Thomas, PCS, London
M. Daykin, PCS, London
J. Gautrey, PCS, London
M. Jenner, PCS, London
J. Ferrett, PCS, London
Ragesh Khakhria, PCS, London
Mark Taylor, PCS, London
C. McKenzie, PCS, London
Alaistair, Donaghy, PCS, Belfast, N. Ireland
Martin Clement, PCS, Leeds
Trudy Winterburn, PCS, Stavstell
Mark Serwotka, GS, PCS, London
Don Gibson, PCS, Catterick Garrison
Steve Robinson, PCS, Bristol
Frances Lanigan, PCS, York
Ian Fraser, PCS, Glasgow
Nigel Fear, PCS, Bath
Mike Elliot, PCS, London
Jed Lewis, Sussex
A. Dennis, PCS, London
J. Denwood, PCS, Portsmouth
M. Adams, PCS, London
E. Grounsell, PCS, Bristol
T. Clapperton, PCS, Bath
A. Kenyon, PCS, Bristol
L. Knott, PCS, Bath
R. Derrick, MOD PCS, Winchester
N. Moon, UNISON, Sheffield
P. Bedland, GMB, Barnsley
C.E. Hortley, NATFHE, Sheffield
D. Heardwhite, PCS, Brighton
Rob Walsh, member of the Labour Representation Committee, Amicus and Ealing North CLP
Mark Burton, Cuba Solidarity Campaign - Manchester Group, also member AMICUS, and visiting professor, Manchester Metropolitan University
Tim Reeves, Librarian, London
Chris Boyd, United Kingdom
Martin Spafford, London, UK, Secondary school teacher and executive member of CODA International Training and the Women's Self Education Fund - in a personal capacity
Samira Yussuf
Hugh Brown, Amicus Staff Side Rep, Radiotherapy Physics, Nottingham City Hospital, personal capicity
Bill Hennessey, Merseyside, Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Tamasin Cave, London
Oliver Fournier, Cambridge
Adela Parzanese Guerrero
Steven Porter
Christopher Newlove
Penny Green
Andy Shaw
Shafqat Hussain
James Royston
Mary-Laura O'Brien, Scotland
Abubakar Shabbir Malik
Stephen Smith
Lisa Michael
Douglas & Sheila Holmes
Callum Clark, Scotland
Ian Thomas, Amicus Shropshire
Jennifer Haston
Vicki West
Patrick Newman
Chris Lewin
Anthony Wiegold
Lena Mills
Mary Shields
Laurence Winch-Furness
Denis Knowles
Salman Shaheen
Mike Kidd, Ipswich
Ed Rooksby, York University
James Stout, Cheltenham
Graham F Jake Wylie, Southend-on-Sea, RMT
Jack Mylotte, London
Lee Freeman, England, Hull
Steve Ryan, Wrexham, Wales
Lynn Biddle, Cambridge, Mass
Raph Gray, Radlett
Paul Hughes, Kirk Merrington, Spennymoor, County Durham, England
Giles Strachan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Alex Fitch, Wales, Aberystwyth
Edward Jones, Rhyl. NORTH WALES
Don Johnson, Wallasey, England
Charley Allan, London
Paul Rutland, London
Melanie Lacide, London
Sophia Marsden, Aberystwyth
Christopher Helm, Liverpool
Adam Randon, Birmingham
William Steele, Oxfordshire
Maria Tyldesley, United Kingdom, Exeter
Darren Tolliday, England Manchester
Matt Wells, Cambridge
Phil Brand., London
Mark Taylor, England, Birkenhead
Jon Teunon, England, Leatherhead
Joachim Palm, London
Hugh McHenry, Belfast, N. Ireland
Calum Waddell, Edinburgh, Scotland
Laura Inglis, Swindon, England
Stewart Perkins, Wolverhampton NUJ treasurer
Mike Jones, Liverpool
Shahzad Raja
Andrew Stevens, London, England
Michael Calvert, Islington, London
Harry Desmond, Watford

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Alex Grant, Vancouver District Labour Council Youth Committee
Miriam Martin, Co-chair BCYND, Secretary NDYC
Mike Palecek, BCYND Lower Mainland Regional Rep, NDYC Communications Director.
Russ Piffer, NDP Youth
Hannah Classen, Alberta-NDP Youth, Womens' Caucus rep.
Roland Schmidt, NDP Youth
Gabriel Cardenas, NDP Youth
Manuel Flores, Alberta-NDP Youth: Communications Coordinator
Sachia Longo, Alberta-NDP Youth: Secretary/treasurer
Sean Laing, Alberta-NDP Youth: Environmental Caucus rep.
Chris Alton, NDP Youth, NASA
Brent MacVicar, NDP Youth, Shop Steward (in personal capacity), UFCW Locals 175 and 633
Camilo Cahis, NDP Youth
Cora James, NDP Youth
Lorenzo Fiorito, NDP Youth, UNITE-SVTI local 2584
Chris Palecek, BC-NDP Youth: Communications Coordinator
Jim W. Jaszewski
Philippe Le Roux, Montréal (Québec)
Andrew Pendakis
Aaron Doncaster
Marshall Tindall Vegreville, Canada
Sébastien Pouliot, Jeunes NPD, Québec
Michel Essertaize, Charlesbourg Québec
Chad Hellens Communist Party of Canada, Calgary, Alberta
Julian Benson, NDP Youth-Ontario
Maria Paez Victor, Circulo Bolivariano Louis Riel, Toronto, Canada
Edmundo Roa, NDP youth, Ottawa Ontario
Linsie Landa, British Columbia, BC-NYD Treasurer
Sean Burns, Sept-iles Quebec
Stephen Von Sychowski, Vancouver, Young Communist League
Tom Childs for the www.globaljustice.ca collective
John Cramer, Young Communist League of Canada, Manitoba
Jeff Berg
Julian Benson, L'Humanite, Toronto
Alanna Thain, Montreal
Dr. Edwin E. Daniel, Univ. Alberta, Edmonton
Aaron Levin, Fightback, Alberta
Evan Collier, Vancouver
Chris Mansbridge, Vancouver
Gordon Trolland, Vancouver
Fadaian Minority
Emilio Ekuba Surrey, Vancouver, Community in Solidarity With Cuba
Ali Izadi Kharraz, Vancouver, CUPE 15
Shannon Bundak, Vancouver, Vancouver Community in Solidarity With Cuba
Garry Leons, Vancouver
Vera Kunz, Port Coquitlam
Holly Johnson, Vancouver, VRR
Derek Robinson, Vancouver, NNVSNU
Lora McElhiney, Vancouver, Joint Effort
Arlene van Zyl, Coquitlam
Laura Nunez, Vancouver
Bob Coghlaw, Burnaby
Irene Gray, Vancouver
Roberto Villainedian, Vancouver
Carlos, Vancouver
Shanna McFarland, Vancouver
Alan O'Day, Vancouver
Kevin Ray, Vancouver, Communist Party of Canada
Fred Muzin Burnaby, HEU
Paul Coulter, Vancouver, CAW
Joadium Boge, Chilliwack
S. Clark, Burnaby
Andres Valle, Burnaby
Aaron Mercredia, Vancouver, MAWO
Carlos Sandoval, Vancouver
Gilone Pavy, Vancouver, Communist Party of Canada
Emiliano Velasco, Vancouver, GFAPPM
Erika Del Carhen Fuchs, Vancouver
David Ginn, Vancouver
Isidaq, Vancouver
F. Diaz, Vancouver
Roberto Gamboa, Vancouver
William Lim, Vancouver
Sharon Hager, Vancouver, amigos de cuba
Bub Atwell, Vancouver
Riaz Beha, Burnaby
Hannah Dodd, Mission
Deron Dale, Mission
David Christopher, North Vancouver
Evelin Chitones, Vancouver
Camilo Riaz, Vancouver
Aaron Williamson, Vancouver
Erik Planle, Surrey
Michelle D., Surrey, NDP
Matt Post, Vancouver
John Yano, Vancouver
Tara Sawatsky, Vancouver
Sarah Cumy
Chris Polland, Langley
Harold Lavender, Vancouver
Steve Houle, Vancouver
Christina Gray, Vancouver
Marion Gottschlay, Vancouver
James Miller, Vancouver, MAWO
Rebeca Gutierrez, New West
Renee Hope
Tim Meayher, Vancouver, HUMAN
Dan Butter, Vancouver, HUMAN
Gord Spankie, Vancouver
Steve Makenzie, Victoria, Communities Solidarity Coalition
Dan Henry, Vancouver
Charles Boylan, Vancouver, CPC (ML)
Amanda Klang, Vancouver
Brennon Luchsinger, Vancouver, MAWO
Julia Negrea, Vancouver
Mike Monn, North Vancouver
Rob Christy, North Vancouver
Reba Christy, North Vancouver
Paul Coutter, Vancouver
Rebaca, Vancouver
Grant Banbri, Vancouver
Erin Pope, North Vancouver
Tim Louis, Vancouver
Tamara Hansen, Burnaby
Jean-Roch Villemaire, Gatineau, Québec
Deborah Watson, Liberal Party of Canada, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
C.J. Hawkins Richmond, BC
Megan Hamill Vancouver, BC
Enrique C. Vancouver, BC
Anil Narine Burnaby, BC
Peter Russell Vancouver, BC Wood Worker
Aso Cederholm Vancouver,BC
Justin Connell Vancouver, BC
John Payne Vancouver, BC
Brett Paik Regina, SK
Shannon Lazzarotto Delta, BC
Justin D. Vancouver, BC
Bruce McKiel New Westminister, BC
Allister Southwell Vancouver, BC
Vanessa Kelly Langley, BC
T. Bissourette Vancouver, BC
Drina A. Read Vancouver, BC BC Green Party
Aaron Bassani Burnaby, BC
Allan Drabble Vancouver, BC Dusk2Dawn
Bert Herfred Vancouver, BC
J. White Vancouver, BC
David Vancouver, BC
Lindsey Shaw Vancouver, BC
Layla Gaib Vancouver, BC Horse Chronicles
Tara Voss Coquitlam, BC Horse Chronicles
Ryan Chan Vancouver, BC
Megan Aller Regina, SK
Steven Hancock Calgary, AB
Shawna Vancouver, BC
Ni Shuplatzer Vancouver, BC
Helen Schikkerling Vancouver, BC
Mike MacKinnon Vancouver, BC
Rod Vandale Vancouver, BC
James Russel Vancouver, BC
Neil A. Calgary, AB
Greg Feder Vancouver, BC
Ellen Atkin Vancouver, BC infowars.com
Saeed Tas Coquitlam, BC
Craig Campbell Vancouver, BC
B. Duhamel Summerland, BC New Democratic Party
Sophie LeBlanc Vancouver, BC New Democratic Party
Paul Morrison Vancouver, BC
Garvin Cross Vancouver, BC
Maz A. Vancouver, BC New Democratic Party
Russ Scholtz Vancouver, BC
G. Cormier Vancouver, BC
Phil Hardacre Vancouver, BC
Boyd Rendell Vancouver, BC
Michelle A. Surrey, BC BC Young New Democrats
Nadia Tenorio Vancouver, BC
Dave Paw Vancouver, BC
Kirsty Allen Vancouver, BC
Rob Demorst Surrey, BC Boilermakers
Keith Edwards Vancouver, BC
Jim W. Vancouver, BC
Sean Orr Vancouver, BC Green Party
Elwin Xie Vancouver, BC
Jim W. Jaszewski, Ontario
Mark Gerard, Native Canadian, Toronto, ON
Michelle Assay Eshghpour, Poor musician and actress, Toronto, ON
Zoya Irmi, Toronto, ON
Gord West, Digital Praxis, Toronto, ON
Amina Farrah, Toronto, ON
Tim Morris, Toronto, ON
Sia, Toronto, ON
Luis Vallodores, P.S. Chile, Toronto, ON
Brian Hopkins, MCPJ, Oakville, ON
D. Hertz, Toronto, ON
J. Richmond, Etobicoke NDP, Toronto, ON
Pompeyo Saavelli, CWL, Toronto, ON
Anita Block, Jewish Women to End the Occupation, Toronto, ON
Pavel Rankin, Coalition Against War and Racism, Toronto, ON
Gus Constantinou, Toronto, ON
Jen Hassum, NDP @ University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Maria Rodriguez, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Melany Bleue, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Elena Lau, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
Jen Quito, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Sandra Pareja, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Victoria Mata, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Umesh Sharma, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Barb W.
Jason Cleghorn, Surrey, BC BC NDP
Shea Dewar, Victoria, BC BC NDP
Ben Martin Summerland, BC BC NDP
Andrea Davidson, White Rock, BC BC NDP
Patricia Hunds, North Delta, BC BC NDP
Allyson Roussy, Prince George, BC BC NDP
Garrett Coster, Kamloops, BC BC NDP
Jeff Bolingbroke, Victoria, BC BC NDP
Paul Browning, Vancouver, BC BC NDP
Mackenzie Orcherton, Victoria, BC BC NDP
Luke Hudgins, Victoria, BC BC NDP
Kory Yamashita, Vancouver, BC BC NDP, Canadian Auto Workers
Katie Sardinha, Summerland, BC BC NDP
Jason Phillip, interior of BC BC NDP
Adam Friesen, Victoria, BC BC NDP
Dan Sutherland, Communist Party of Canada, Young Communist League of Canada
Justin Beach
Keith Wyatt
Matt Grant
Justin Kruk
Judith Brisson
Mayra Dionne, NPD
Robert Jasmin, président de ATTAC-Québec
Tina Legris
Adam Johnston, Manitoba Young New Democrats
Carlos Level
Véronique Lapointe
Normand Lebel
Anik Laverdiere
Sarah Potvin-Willett
Alexandra Malabar
Cailey Campbell
Georgia Stebbings, Kitchener
Idil Mussa, Toronto
Cam Hanna, Mitchell, Ontario
James M. Czank, Edmonton
Marie Belliveau, St. Catharines, ON
Tao Dokis Organ, Toronto
Lesley Mercurio, Toronto
Joey Hartman, Burnaby, BC
Julio Tejada, Hamilton, Ontario
Matt Krieger, Vancouver
Patrick Breen, Vancouver
Al Vance, Estevan
Jennifer Levy, Vancouver
Adam Fulsom, Prescott Ontario
Cathy & Mike D'Allaire, South River, Ontario
Dimitry Petrozza, Montreal

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Dr LEY- NGARDIGAL Djimadoum, Secrétaire Général de l'ACTUS (Action du Tchad pour l'Unité et le Socialisme)

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Angel Parra, Left-Wing Musician (www.angelparradechile.scd.cl)

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Rafael Bohorquez, Asamblea Popular, Floridablanca
Agustin Contreras, Barranquilla, Colombia
Alfonso Morales
Jacobo Ibarra
Jonathan Fortich, Bogotá D.C.

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More signatures are located at the Danish Hands off Venezuela site

Allan Kierulff, general secretary, SiD-Roskilde (Trade Union of the unskilled working men in Roskilde,
the second largest Trade Union)
Frederik Ohsten, member of the Danish Union of Journalists
Jeppe Krommes-Ravnsmed, the Danish "Socialistic Stand"
Teis K. Amundsen, Socialistisk Standpunkt, Copenhagen
Thomas R. Schaffalitzky, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Rune Møller Stahl, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Nina Agerskov, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Aslak Frej Ransby, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Roar Gaardsøe, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Suzy Brown, Socialist Youth Front, Aarhus
Jeppe Druedahl, vice-president of the student council at Amtsgymnasiet in Roskilde
Jonas Foldager, member of the student council at Amtsgymnasiet in Roskilde
Silas Møller Boesen, member of the student council at Amtsgymnasiet in Roskilde
Jon Berkert Holtet, Socialist Youth Front Roskilde
Jacob Steune Jørgensen, Socialist Youth Front Roskilde
Thor Vestergaard, Socialist Youth Front Roskilde
Andreas Bülow, Socialist Youth Front Roskilde
Lasse Bertelsen, member of the international comitee of the painters union, Copenhagen
Kirstine Krommes-Ravnsmed
Nikolaj Wolthers Andersen
Klaus Münster, Socialistisk Standpunkt, Hobro
Barbara Diklev Marie Fredriksen, member of the leadership of Socialist Youth Front
Kim Andersen
Ulrik Hansen, Denmark, Odense
Emil Christensen Cronjäger, Rødbyvej
Martin Hansen, Socialist Youth Front, Odense, Denmark
Alexander Tejsner, Saltoft Pedersen, Denmark Socialist Youth Front, Næstved
Winnie Eldrup, Copenhagen
Ingwer Jensen, Copenhagen
John Raunholt
Mikkel Larsen, Næstved
Niklas Zenius Jespersen

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Dominican Republic

Movimiento Juventud Rebelde (www.juventud-rebelde.tk)
H. Galván, Movimiento Juventud Rebelde (www.juventud-rebelde.tk)
Leif Marmolejo

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El Salvador

Wilson Taylor Fernandez

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David Hadjeb, Sec.Gén. de la CSD CGT Services Publics.
Georges Labica, Professeur émérite des Universités (philosophie)
Stephen Bouquin, membre SNES-SUP, maître de conférences Université Picardie Jules Verne
Claude Demoustier, adjoint au maire de Tourcoing, Conseiller communautaire Lille métropole, PCF
Michèle Thévenin
Claude Roussie Professeur (retraité)
Jacqueline Roussie Professeur (retraitée)
Hensens Hanka, Bureau SNTRS-CGT-IRD
Hubert Prévaud, CGT Airbus, Toulouse.
Denis Molès
Jérôme Métellus, MJC, PCF, Paris 18e
Joseph Virassamy, président d'ATTAC Martinique
Jean Jacques Beguine, Sec. du Syndicat du Personnel de la Production et du Transport d'Electricité Centre (FNME CGT)
Pascal Grébaut, Secrétaire Général SNTRS-CGT-IRD
Boris Plazzi, Syndicaliste dans la Métallurgie PCF Saint Priest (Rhône)
Georges Bossis, LPMC (UMR6622), Université de Nice
Pascal Brula, Ingénieur, militant associatif et anti-capitaliste, Lyon.
Cyril Vézien, Toulouse
Eric Valade, Secrétaire syndical UFICT, CGT
Greg Oxley, PCF Paris 10e
Jacques Chardon, UL CGT Hôpital Saint Louis
Fabrice Inglès, militant du PCF et MJCF, Paris.
Michel Labbé, militant syndical C.G.T. Travailleur de l'état préretraité à Toulouse
Genevieve Beignon, militante syndicale CGT, secrétaire, privée d'emploi
Bernard Perret, Secrétaire régional du syndicat Solidaires-Douanes, Marseille
Xavier Malbreil
Fabrice Bourgeois, Comptable du Trésor public à Bagnac sur Célé (46), bureau du
collectif "Cadres A" du SNT-CGT
Jean louis Blaquier, Toulouse enseignant
Annie Lacroix-Riz, professeur d'histoire contemporaine, université Paris 7.
Maurice Hugonin, ATTAC Marmande, Lot-et-Garonne.
Aude Capron, MJCF Paris, étudiante, résidant actuellement à Caracas, Venezuela.
Maxime Vivas, écrivain, référent littéraire d'Attac France
Jean-Claude Soyer, attaché Chef de service, Ville de Reims, Sécrétaire de l'UFICT-CGT Reims.
Richez Albert, Inspecteur d'Académie honoraire, membre du CA national d'ATTAC
Richez Colette, Professeur retraitée, membre d'ATTAC
Delio Menen, Syndicaliste CGT AIR FRANCE Toulouse
Sylvie Guduk, Pôle de la Renaissance Communiste en France, SNUIPP.
M. Bataillon Dominique, Professeur de philosophie, Epernay
Luc Brossard, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
Jean Maité, Alternative Libertaire
Pierre Thivend, conseiller en formation continue, membre du Conseil de Développement du Grand Lyon
Christian Blicq, Militant syndicaliste, politique et mutualiste
Pascal Cauchard, Technicien, Toulouse.
Mélanie Félix, Assistante Maternelle, Toulouse.
Jean-Claude PERON, Enseignant (SNUipp-FSU)
Georges Audras, ingénieur, membre Attac 68 Laurent Lanyou, Figeac, France
Piere Broué, France, historian
Jean-MarcDomart, CGT-Taxis
Christian Meloni, délégué du personnel CGT, Airbus-France, Toulouse
Cambefort Christophe, JC toulouse, CGT métallurgie
Laurent Rebière FERC-CGT
Annie Arroyo, Association France-Cuba, Comité de Bordeaux
Chérif Boudelal, Président du Collectif « Paix Comme Palestine »
Khalil Horri
Philippe Michel, association "une toile contre un mur"
Ginette Hess Skandrani, journaliste indépendante, Paris
Alberto Zambrano, DS Montpellier
Yannick Zambrano, enseignante IUP Montpellier
Guillaume ZAmbrano, Etudiant en droit, Montpellier
Kenize Mourad, journaliste et écrivain
André Larnaud, Instituteur, Ardèche, SNUIPP-FSU
Andre Meyer, membre du secretariat de l'Association ""Forum pour un autre monde"
Ouardia Yahiaoui, poete
Laurence Raudin, Tarbes
Julie Driancourt
Daniele Bosveuil, Lyon
Marie-France Fovet, pour le Comité France-Cuba Pas-de-Calais
Jean-Pierre Garnier, Sociologue CNRS Institut Parisen de recherche sur l'Aménagement, l'urbanisme et la Société
Claude Roussie, Professeur (retraité) militant PCF, Monein
Pierre Pillot, CGT Chômeurs
Charles Grellois, lycéen
Jean-Baptiste Vincensini, étudiant, PCF
Pierre Montangerand - CFDT Toulouse
René Ballaguy, Val d'Oise
Gilles Régnier
C. Douat, membre d'ATTAC
Serge Jaeggy, secrétaire des cheminots CGT de Colmar
Sylvette Rougier , infirmière, syndicaliste CGT, militante associative
Laurence Ferrier, 30290 Laudun, France
Amandine Corbière, étudiante à la faculté de pharmacie de Montpellier
Rafika Kaddour, responsable associatif, France
Olivier Mollaz, militant LCR, Clermont-Ferrand
Serge Vonck
Limonier Kevin, lycéen à Toulon
Franck MONASSE, professeur des ecoles
Wismine NICOLAS, documentaliste
Ruth Le Gall, documentaliste, Paris
Zapopan Jalisco, étudiant, sociologie et antropologie
Samuel Pinto, Reims
A. Mayet Ferc-Sup CGT, Toulouse
André De Andrade, Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France, journal Le Manifeste
Jean Christophe Gimel, Chercheur CNRS, Université du Maine, France
Monique Fontan, Paris, France
Daniel Pepino, CGT Livre
Nicolas Masson, CGT Livre
Vandin Eric, CGT Livre
Ildemaro MEJICANO RODRIGUEZ, Etudiant en Science Politique, Montpellier
Jean Louis Schoonheere
Béatrice Dupuy
Xavier Van Welden, Nice
Tangi Vuillemin
Christophe Girard, Paris
Kevin Barbier, Valence

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Click here for more signatures from Germany.
Members of Parliament:
Lothar Bisky (PDS chairman, member of Brandenburg state parliament)
Sahra Wagenknecht (PDS Executive member) on behalf of Venezuela Avanza, German
solidarity campaign, www.venezuela-avanza.de
Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, SPD, MdL (member of state parliament in Hessen)
Petra Fuhrmann, SPD, FriedrichsdorfMdL (member of state parliament in Hessen)
Marco Pighetti, chairman of Wiesbaden SPD and member of the state parliament (Landtag) in Hessen

Eva Bulling-Schröter, Landessprecherin PDS Bayern, Ex-MdB (Spokesperson PDS Bavaria, former MP)
Andrea Noll, Reutlingen
Hans-Gerd Öfinger, editor of Der Funke, deputy chair, ver.di (German service sector and publc sector union)
in the Wiesbaden district
Christoph Mürdter, editor of Der Funke, union activist (ver.di) and PDS member
Torsten Tullius, Thomas Gamstätter, Andreas Eichinger, Martina Regenstein, supporters of Der Funke in Mainz (Germany)
Sonja Schellenbach, nurse and student activist, Wiesbaden
Corinna Dammann, Der Funke editorial board, Wiesbaden
Maria Clara Roque-Öfinger, shop steward, German Railways
Roland Schmitt, shop steward and postman, Wiesbaden
Joachim John, executive member of ver.di (German service sector and publc sector union) in the Wiesbaden district
Joachim and Dorothea Doehring, SPD members, Wiesbaden
Jürgen Hinzer, Frankfurt (fulltime union organiser)
Timothi Maywood, Köln
Tony Kofort, teachers' union activist, Weener (Lower Saxony)
Werner Eggers, DFG/VK Leer, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Matthias Spekker, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Ursula Stevens-Kimpel, Anti-Kriegs-Aktion Ostfriesland (anti war activist)
Jens David, Biberach
Axel Matzky-Eilers, Darmstadt, SPD member and member of the Teachers' Union (GEW)
Gewerkschaft verdi, Ortsverein Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Angelo Valleriani, researcher, Berlin
Johannes Breitner, Nürnberg, chairman of SPD branch Nürnberg-Kornburg
Mehmet Sarialtin, Mainz
Antonio Palermo, Student, Mainz
Uli Franke, Darmstadt, Germany, verdi delegate in Frankfurt district
Fabian Lindner, Student, Mainz, Germany
Marius Zimmerschitt, Gau-Odernheim, Germany
Sven Dyroff, Sozialforum Wiesbaden
José Duran, Taxista, Wiesbaden
Magdalena Liska, Leonding
Christopher Shum, Student, Mainz
Hans-Otto Saatkamp, GEW, Weener
Kurt Buck, German-Dutch-Workgroup 8th May, Papenburg
Rainer Klee
André Scheer, Hamburg, author of the new book "Kampf um Venezuela" (Struggle for Venezuela) and Editor of "Red Globe"
Peter, Peissig
Monika Leisling, Berlin
Ralph Bruchhäuser, Wiesbaden
Jokamas Pyledis, Wiesbaden
Heinz Pielert, Wiesbaden
Florian Pielert, Wiesbaden
Julia Monossowa, Bad Kreuznach, PDS member
Helmut Peiler, Wiesbaden, anti war actvisit
Hendrik Zwerger, DFG-VK Mainz
Imbke Behnken, Wiesbaden
Andrea Endlicher, Taunusstein
M. Forzek Aydeniz, Worms
Ernst Eicher, Alsheim
Abu Sehmuz, Worms
Gudrun Fey-Weidner, Wiesbaden
Klaus Weidner, Wiesbaden, member of building workers' union IG BAU
Dieter Eupel, Wiesbaden
Eva Bührer, Wiesbaden
Petra Ziegler, Wiesbaden
Hille Kohl, Mainz
Dr. Konstanze Wettner, Mainz
R. Basman, Niedernhausen
Volk, Worms
Erdogan Seyfettin, worker, Mainz
Demirtas Haydar, worker, Mainz
Andreas Barth, Wiesbaden
Rosa Lina Lauinger, Mainz
R. Teichmann, Wiesbaden
Egon Lauinger, Mainz
Rosa Carolina Öfinger, Laura Zäh, Lea Zäh, school students, Wiesbaden
Stephan Baatz, Wiesbaden
Gerhard Strauch, lawyer, Wiesbaden
Christine Schlößler, Frankfurt
Nurdin, Frankfurt
Marcus Gottesleben, Darmstadt
Daniel Strauch, Wiesbaden
Gunter Hippler, Egelsbach
Biman Marc Tollien, Frankfurt
Heike Knauth, doctor, Bad Homburg
Christa Hakkani, Frankfurt
Floarea Brechtl, Offenbach, Vorsitzende Lohnsteuerberatungskreis
Nelissa Dorghin, Frankfurt
A Schuster, Wiesbaden
Rainer Theb, Taunusstein
Klothilde Hinz, Guldental
Manfred Bräuer Mülheim/Ruhr
Inge Meyrer, Wiesbaden
Sigrid Steinbauer, Michelstadt
Antifa Düren, Kira Lenzen, Jülich
Nicole Ressel, Wiesbaden
Zadran, Wiesbaden
Heinz-Jürgen Krug, Rüsselsheim, attac and IG Metall activist
Hans Ripper, anti war activist, Mainz
Peter Fischer, Mainz
Jutta Weißmann, anti war activist, Wiesbaden
Florian Schüttler, Alzey
Hugo Merinorocha, Madrid (de viaje en Alemania)
Ursula Thomas, ver.di union member, Wiesbaden
Jan Weissbrodt, Worms
Thorsten Schröder, Wiesbaden
Jürgen Geissler, SPD member, Wiesbaden
Thomas Erler, Mainz
Elmar Hillesheim, Kettig (bei Koblenz), 1. Vors. Naturfreunde Kettig
Martin, Voortman, Wiesbaden
Alfred, Wiesbaden
Wilhelm Bührer, Ver.di activist, Wiesbaden
Josef Weckmann, Wiesbaden
Ruth Weidler, Kaiserslautern
Barbara S., Wiesbaden
Jan Lehmann, Mainz
Saben A., Eltville
Jennifer Baum, Mainz
Anna Lorch, Heidelberg
Isikli, Wiesbaden
Simon Rosegarden, Wiesbaden
Saida Ressel, Wiesbaden
Thomameier, Wiesbaden
Jürgen Kopf, Offenbach
Heinz-Peter Klotz, ver.di union acitivist, Post Office, Wiesbaden
Christa Schmitthenner-Hundertmark, IG Metall activist (former union full timer), Niedernhausen
Peter-Andreas Rocke, Wiesbaden
Kristian Kaiser, Eltville
Patrick List, Hahnheim
Daniel Gauthier, Wiesbaden
Christoph Krauss, Wiesbaden
Sabine Piontek, Mainz
Steffen Bücher, anti war activist, Mainz
Hüseyin Üc, Wiesbaden
Siegfried Stiebich, retired union full timer, IG BAU (building workers), Wiesbaden
Kevon Faroughi, PDS, ver.di member, Frankfurt
Erik Schuch, Wiesbaden
Albrecht Erath, Wiesbaden
Murat Cakir, Kassel, former federal president of Immigrants' Consultative Council, Kassel
Telat Kaya, Söhrewald
Yilmaz Hakon, Kassel
Sonja Diebold, Bad Vilbel
Rainer Schart, Frankfurt
Tobias Weissert, Frankfurt
Lehn, Frankfurt
Marion Vey, Bühl (Baden)
Heidi Vey, Offenbach
Erkan Imdat, Frankfurt
Hans-Werner Krauss, workers' representative in the chemical industry, Frankfurt
Karl-Richard Worez, Frankfurt
Heinz-Günter Lang, convener of German union broad left, Alsbach-Hähnlein
Lena Hooge, Wiesbaden
G. Hooge, Frankfurt
M. Ackermann, Frankfurt
Ernst Schwarz, shop steward, IG Metall, Frankfurt
Ahmad Saeed, taxi driver, Friedberg
Pablo Graubner, Bensheim
Fabian Engler, Frankfurt
Mona Weber, Wetzlar, PDS Jugend Hessen
Björn Boland, Mörfelden-Walldorf, PDS Jugend Hessen
Martin Krieger. Gemünden, PDS Jugend Hessen
Ruben Straub, Frankfurt, PDS Jugend Hessen
Jens Walther, Karben, PDS Jugend Hessen
Aletta Beck, PDS Jugend Hessen
Eva Bulling-Schröter, Landessprecherin PDS Bayern, Ex-MdB (Spokesperson PDS Bavaria, former MP)
Konstantin Löbbert, Dortmund
Simone Pighetti, Wiesbaden
Veit Wilhelmy, secretary, IG BAU (building and agricultural workers` union), Wiesbaden-Limburg district
Simon Rottloff, Bundesjugendvorsitzender IG BAU (national youth chairman, building and agricultural workers' union)
Dr. Jürgen Richter, Arbeiterwohlfahrt
Hannelore Richter, secretary, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Wiesbaden
Dr. Michael Sunnus, fulltimer at the IG Metall headquarters
Peter Kühnel, IG BAU Wiesbaden-Limburg
Dennis Borowsky, Jusos Wiesbaden
Bärbel Schwarz-Köppl, SprecherInnenrat PDS Marburg-Biedenkopf
Andrea Weimer, nurse, ver.di member, Wiesbaden
Angela Schneider, chair, SPD Wiesbaden Westend branch
Markus Brücher, Wiesbaden
Nadien Ruf, Jusos, Wiesbaden
Luise Bayer, Wiesbaden
Rainer Göbel, Wiesbaden
Sophie Wegener-Stahlschmidt, teachers' union activist, Wiesbaden
Adilia Guerreiro, IG Metall activist, Wiesbaden
Daniel Honsack, executive member, SPD Wiesbaden
Maria Francisca Marques, Wiesbaden
Horst Gobrecht, fulltime organiser, NGG (food workers`union)
Ursula Zehfuss, activist in the anti war movement
Helmut Peiler, Linke Liste Wiesbaden
P. Yarnold, Wiesbaden
Alexander Slotty, deputy chair of Wiesbaden Jusos and SPD Nordenstadt branch
P. Wüst, Wiesbaden
Peter Silbereisen, lifeguard and ver.di member, Wiesbaden Dilaver und Nevris Dogan, Wiesbaden
Alex Wittler
LeerClara Höttermann
Lingen Holger Gerdes, Ostrhauderfehn, ver.di
Johanna Adickes, Emden, Deutsch-Niederl. Initiative 8. Mai
Erwin Schulz, Berlin, Widerstandskämpfer "Moorsoldat, KZAschendorfer-Moor"
Karl-Heinz Krüger, Leer, AKA Ostfriesland
Sonja Ryll, Emden, GEW
Dr R. Schürmann, Burscheid
Hasso Rosenthal, Weener, GEWC. Rometsch, Bösel
H. H. Rometsch, Bösel
Lara Muchall, Leer
Jörg Coura, Driedorf (Hessen), Zupfinstrumentenmachermeister
Iris Bullerdiek, Oberhausen
Niema Movassat, NRW, Oberhausen, Germany, Member of the PDS-NRW executive (Landesvorstandsmitglied PDS-NRW)
Django Schins, Aachen
Michael Baliko, Wiesbaden
Changuiz, Köln
Hans Peter Arenz, Friedensinitiative Sülz/Klettenberg, Köln
Johanna Lissek, Köln
Eduard Mader, Köln
Helga Hamacher, Köln
Hans-Peter Keul, Vorsitzender DFV-Ortsverband Köln
Ignacio Campos, Köln
Barbara Hentschel, Köln
Inge Häuser, Köln
Siegfried Evers, Gelsenkirchen
Martin Großkopf, Troisdorf
Elke Piepereit, Troisdorf
Saral Sarkar, Köln
Hubert Schönthaler, Köln
Arudji Veloz, Köln
Peter Paulus, Köln
Karl C. Fischer, Köln
Michel Goupil, Köln
Helene Bockelmann, Papenburg
Felix Ihle,
Jena, Germany, Member of Solid-socialistic youth organisation
Andreas Fonferek, SPD-Mitglied, Stellvertretender Kreisvorsitzender der Jusos Bodenseekreis
Dieter Dehm, PDS, Landesvorsitzender Niedersachsen
Stefan Kullmann, [`solid], Frankfurt
Elisabeth Schneider, PDS, Frankfurt
Angelo Casanelli, PRC, Oberursel (Germany)
Giuseppe Zambon, PRC, Germany
Michael Gläser, parteiloser Abgeordneter für die PDS in der Stadtverordnetenversammlung Altlandsberg, stellvertretender Fraktionsvorsitzender, Vorsitzender von ['solid] - Altlandsberg, Altlandsberg
Heike Gläser, PDS, Altlandsberg
Wilfried Gläser, PDS, Altlandsberg
Katja Gläser, ['solid], Altlandsberg
Marcel Gläser, Altlandsberg
Sebastian Witt,Altlandsberg
Sebastian Hartlieb ['solid], Altlandsberg
Pascal Krüger, ['solid], Altlandsberg
Horst Schmitthenner, former executive member, IG Metall
Kurt Trautmann, ver.di, Rentner, Frankfurt
Falk Sonntag, Frankfurt
Paul Studt, Dietzenbach
Almut Jürries, Kassel
Christopher Brast, PDS, Hachenburg
Maxim Budnikow
Peter Mannherz-Moss
Sophie Mannherz
Astrid Fischer, PDS, Frankfurt
Giovanni Vernacotola, Giessen
Karsten Wittler, Idstein
Guido Matthieu, Wiesbaden,
Matthias Kuhlemann, Idstein
Peter Telmeth, solid-Mitglied, Taunusstein
Robert Schneider, Attac, Cologne
Boris Loheide, Attac, Cologne
Leandros Fischer, Cologne
Geremia Carrara, PDS & Der Funke, Cologne
Horst Münnich, Cologne
Nicole Haake, DKP, Hamburg
Johannes Drescher, Gummersbach
Werner Günther, Attac, Cologne
Ana Kemlein, Cologne
Nina Graeff, Cologne
Anna Dal Molin, Cologne
Susanne Richter, queergestellt, Cologne
M. Ostrowski, Cologne
Antonio Lara, Cologne
Miguel Gonzalez, Cologne
Arzu Mutlu, Cologne
Klaus Dräger, Cologne
Alex Christov, Student, Cologne
Hilke Montag, Wahlbündnis gegen Sozialraub, Cologne
O. Aslan, Bexerstedt
Fazli Demir, Cologne
Hossein Phaghani, PDS, Cologne
Tobias Wolf, Cologne
Markus Müller, Leverkusen
Elif Sat
J. Appelhans, Cologne
Raphaela Häuser, Cologne
Markus Struben, Cologne
Adrian Huppartz, Bornheim
Christoph Manjura, SPD, Wiesbaden
Andrea Springer, ver.di, Wiesbaden,
Maria Linn, Wiesbaden
H.J. Tröscher, SPD, Wiesbaden
Rebecca Wilhelm, Wiesbaden
Heinz Huth, Wiesbaden
Marion Dear, Wiesbaden
Renate Kürschner, Wiesbaden
W. Rudbach, Wiesbaden
Annemarie Betz, Wiesbaden
Thorben Geyer, Jusos, Rüsselsheim
Julia Egert, Wiesbaden
Erich Gröschl,. SPD, Wiesbaden
Ruth-Marion Rübner, SPD, Klein-Gerau
Lisa Gaß, Wiesbaden
B. Jakobian, Wiesbaden
Gerhard Benz, Wiesbaden
Christian Müller, Wiesbaden
Gisela Pighetti, Wiesbaden
Ch. Link, Wiesbaden
Sebastian Schäfer, SPD, Wiesbaden
Schaub, SPD, Baunatal
Sigi Adam, SPD, Wiesbaden
Marianne Weg, SPD, regional executive member, Wiesbaden
Helmut Arnold, SPD, Wiesbaden
Meripa Konaka, city councillor, SPD, Wiesbaden
Bruno Müller, Rosbach
Fedor Ruhose, SPD, Wiesbaden
Portz, Wiesbaden
Scheidling, Wiesbaden
Sebastian Hauck, Mühlheim/Main
Natalie Hilgendorff, Braunschweig, Brunswick
Christoph Krämer, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Germany, Helmstedt
B. Schogler, IPPNW Germany, Helmstedt
Helmut Lohrer, IPPNW Germany, Villingen
Gisela Penteker, IPPNW Germany, Geversdorf
Dr. Renate Schunck, IPPNW Germany, Tacherting
Dr. Manfred Lotze, IPPNW Germany, Hamburg
Patrice Prescha, Student, Hanover
Tom Dinkelaker, Francfort, Germany, Solid
Yildiz Köhenesti, Francfort, Germany, PDS
Engin Erkiner, PDS
Kristian Heitkamp, Francfort, Germany, WASG, LR
Stephan Schlangen, Wiesbaden, Germany, WASG
N. Aslan, Francfort, Germany
G. Aslan, Francfort, Germany, ADHK
Jakob Wagner, Langen, Germany
Matthias Freiling, Francfort, Germany, GEW
A. Bronskowski, Langen, Germany
M. Keller
Rico Hassler, Köln
Christian Montero
Ryan de Maal
Frederik Heil
Vanessa Nikolidakis
Marc Steinbecher, Berlin
Fernando Ugarte
Wolf R. Ensleit, Hannover
Adam Kane, Hamburg
Frederik Baumgardt, Bad Zwesten
Alexander Wuttke, Dortmund
Ewart Reder
Jan Moeller, Kiel
Nina Muszynska, Wangen
Tim Carlitscheck, Haltern am See
Frank Schiller, Dresden
Tilo Sänger, Berlin
Steffen Lörtzing, Die Linke, Berlin
Christoph Hey, Berlin
Heinz Adami,
Philipp Kohler, Frankfurt
David Dell, Grünstadt
Gero Müller, GEW, Bad Vilbel
Sebastian Walter, Riegelsberg
Ekkehard Sieker, TV-Journalist, Rhineland-Palatinate
Hans-Peter Koehn, BRD Potsdam


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Alexandra Gruzudi, Student, Kos
Pavlos Papadopoulos, Student, Salonika
Panagiotis Kolovos - Athens school student, secretary of the "Comittee in Defence of State Education"
Ilias Kyroussis - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Niki Skinioti - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Alexandros Gkougoussis - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Giannis Kavvakas - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Perros Ninos - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Ioniald Sena - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Florian Dahi - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Katerina Papadimitropoulou - school student, member of the editorial board of the paper "Student Unity"
Nikos Sapranidis - University student - member of PASOK YOUTH
Orestis Doulos - University student - member of PASOK YOUTH
Kanelopoulou Christina - Member of PASOK Youth Athens Committee
Karagianopoulos Stamatis - Member of B 4 district Committee of PASOK Youth
Panagiotis Lafazanis, Member of the Greek Parliament and Member of the Political Secretariat of the party Synaspismos
?asos Theodoridis, Lawyer, Member of the department for human rights of the Synaspismos party
Christoforos Papadopoulos, Member of the Political Secretariat of the Synaspismos party
Stelios Dafnis, Member of the Central Committee of Athens Trade Council
Tsitonis Takis, Member of Executive committee of Archaeological Sites Workers Union
Ikonomou Konstantinos, Member of Executive committee of Archaeological Sites Workers Union
Delniotis Ioanis, Member of Executive committee of Archaeological Sites Workers Union
Dimarogonas Dimos, Member of Executive committee of Greek Federation of Union of Ministry of Culture Workers
Fotopoulos Nikos, Member of the National Executive committee of Technical Electrical Workers Union
Tasios Thomas, Member of the National Executive committee of Telecommunication Workers Union
Nikakis Dimitris, Member of the Executive committee of Shopworkers Union
Nikolaou Martha, Member of the Executive committee of Shop - workers union
Milonas Elias, Olympic Catering unionist
Thanos George, Olympic Airways unionist
Kounougeri Giota, PA.SO.K Youth member
Skourli Angela, PA.SO.K Youth member
Karigianis Leonidas, PA.SO.K member
Gougousis Spiros, PA.SO.K member
Karaiskos Thodoros, PA.SO.K member
Bouras Kostas, PA.SO.K member
Pontifix George, Athens
PAPASPYROU SPYROS president of ADEDI (Greek T.U.C for Public Workers)
PAPANTONIOU KOSTAS vice president of ADEDI (Greek T.U.C for Public Workers)
SOULELES CRISTOS member of the E.E of ADEDI(Greek T.U.C)
KOUTSOUBELIS STAVROS president of Health Workers Federation
DALLA SOTIRIA member of the E.C of Health Workers Federation
ALEXOPOULOS DIMITRIOS member of E.C of Health Workers Federation
BARKONIKOS CRISTOS president of Ambulance Workers Union
BRATSOS PANAGIOTIS member of the E.C of Ambulance Workers Union
NIKOS MANESIOTIS journalist, member of the C.C of Journalist's Union
THOMAS FILLIPOS finance secretary of GE.S.E.E (Greek T.U.C)
MOUTAFIS VAGELIS vice general secretary of GE.S.E.E (Greek T.U.C)
PATESTOS MANOLIS president of Olympic Air Ways Workers Federation
KARISTIANOS GIORGOS general secretary of Water Workers Union
STATHIS ANESTIS member of the C.C of GE.S.E.E (Greek T.U.C)
KOUKOS STAVROS president of the National Bank Workers Union
TRIFTIATIS CRISTOS vice secretary of Piraeus Trade Council
HIONI DIMITRA president of the Comers Ministry Workers Union
SIRAKOS APOSTOLIS member of the E.E OF Comers Ministry Workers Union
DIMITROPOULOS GIORGOS member of the E.E OF Comers Ministry Workers Union
SIOMOS GIANIS member of the E.E OF Comers Ministry Workers Union
STAMOGIANOPOULOS VASSILIS general secretary of PASOK organisation of the workers in Comers Ministry
FRAGIADAKI MARIA ex member of C.C OF GE.S.E.E (Greek T.U.C) and candidate for European M.P with SINASPISMOS
SPEKOULEA METAXIA president of the Federation of Privet Employees
KALIVIS ALEKOS vice president of GE.S.E.E (Greek T.U.C)
LEMOS STEFANOS vice president of the Research Institute of Greek T.U.C
SMIRNIOTIS HARIS member of C.C of EKA (Athens Trade Council)
SKAFOS GIANIS member of C.C of EKA (Athens Trade Council)
GAVRILIS GIORGOS vice president of the Piraeus Trade Council
HARALAMBIDOU DESPINA vice president of the Thessaloniki Trade Council
ANESTOS KOSTAS vice president of the Telecommunication Workers Federation
VASSILOPOULOS THANOS secretary of the Federation of Privet Employees
PEPES ZOIS fund organiser of the Bank Workers Federation
KALOMIRIS GRIGORIS president of National Teacher's Union
DERNIOTIS GIANNIS member of the E.C of Archaeological Places Workers Union
ANTONIOU NIKOS member of the C.C of Culture Ministri Workers Union of Northern Greece.
NIKEA Municipal Workers Union
NIKOLAIDIS NIKOS member of the E.C of Nikea Municipal Workers Union
KOUTSATHANASSIS THANASSIS member of the E.C of Nikea Municipal Workers Union
THOMAIDIS KOSTAS member of the E.C of Nikea Municipal Workers Union
Agrotikos FM 106,6 Radio Station - The first station for environmental and human in Greece
Pinios Blues Radio - Music and political Live broadcast
Xristos Karabinas, student at the University of Tei Larisas
Amanda Asaf - student
Christos Petropoulos - journalist - sociologist
Ilias Charalampous
Nikolaos Aroitis - student of chemistry in Patras
Marianna Said - student
Christina Kanaki - student
Sam. Chamou - immigrant from Kurdistan
Charalampos Skarvelis - building worker
Christina Noussa
Gimelle Le Porte - teacher
Kostas Plevris - student
Panagiotis Vassilakis - bank employee
Giorgos Meimeteas - student
Theodoros Papadopoulos - student
Vassilis Paparis - worker
Phillipos Giannopoulos - worker
Stella Pozidou - student
I. Tsiga - hairdresser
Th. Kostopoulos - student
Chara Tzouma - student
Tziovani Rama - student
Thanassis Issaris - student
Thalia Petinatou - private employee
Sokratis Seferiadis - architect
Nikos Theotokas - student
Andres Lindhurst - (Denmark)
Anastasia Houndoumadi - teacher
Dimitris Plotas - student
Angelliki Taki
Phani Dimitrakopoulou - journalist
Irini Pantaleon - student
Theofilos Dermantis
Konstantinos Todoulos
Evangelia Evangelou - private employee
Nikos Mitropoulos - accountant
Ali Hasem - worker
Michalis Nikolidakis - student
Alexandros Michalesku - student
Tassia Stathakarou - nurse, member of the union committee at the «YGEIA» Hospital
Christos Pavlakis
Nikolaos Kousoulakis - building worker
Evi Teli - lawyer
Fotis Tzitzas - student
Orestis Stamopoulos - student
Dimitris Giorgas - student
Giannis Aronis
Evi Garelli - student
Andreas Papathanassiou - student
Amalia Satrakallou - private employee
Dimos Aravanis - private employee
P. Chronopoulos - musician
G. Ploumpidis - student
Ch. Buddein - plumber
Kriton Orfanos - psychologist
Athina Antonopoulou - student
Dora Zandelli - student
Christos Pilalis : Member of General Council of Administration of Greek Public Employees? Unions (ADEDY)
Vasilis Toukas, student
Sopiadou Lina, Thessaloniki
Σωτηρ?α Λα?ν?, Ελλ?δα
Saloufatou Stavy - Member of the general council of the National Confederation of the workers (GSEE - Greek TUC)
Souleles Christos - Member of the executive committee of the National Confederation of the Public sector workers (ADEDY)
Kalomoiris Grigoris - President of the Federation of the public education teachers - (OLME)
Papazoglou Antonis - Member of the Executive Committee of the National Federation of the workers at the Social Health Service (POEDYN)
Christos Pilalis - Unionist of the the Federation of School teachers
Patestos Manolis - President of the general council of the National Federation of "Olympik Airways" Unions (OSPA)
Toumanidis Pavlos - Member of the general council of the National Federation of "Olympik Airways" Unions (OSPA)
Papadeas Christos - Member of the general council of the National Federation of the foreign airlines workers (OPAM)
Bekiaris Kostas - Member of the general council of the union of the workers at the administration of "Olympik airways" (ESAE)
Papadimitriou Yannis - President of the Union of employers of "Olympik Catering" (SEOK)
Poumiotis Kostas- Vice president at the union of employers of "Olympik Catering" (SEOK)
Davettas Zois - General secretary of the union of employers at "Olympik Catering" (SEOK)
Rapsaniotis Stergios - Member of the general council of the union of employers at "Olympik Catering" (SEOK)
Samaras Nikolaos - Secretary of the council of the Union of National Roads Service (TEO)

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The Walter Rodney Youth Movement, Georgetown, Guyana

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Iris Munguia, Cosibah

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Rohan Prabhu
Adarsh Kumar
Reshma Pritam Singh, New Delhi
Anish Pavitran
Ambika, Hyderabad
C.T. Suresh Kumar, Chennai
K.S.Rao, Hyderabad
Pranab Jyoti Ghosh, Kolkata

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Meistra Budiasa, Moestopo University
Sutan Djohansyah

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M. Razi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League
Sara Ghazi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League
Amin Kazemi, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League
Roza Javaan, Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Youth
Behrouz Safari
Rouzbeh naghizadeh
Taher Mohammadpour Shirazy
Mehdi Moayyed Mohseni (Head of Students Society of Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz - Iran)

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Lisa Bradley, Castleisland, Co. Kerry
Evelyn Gallagher
Patrick Martin, Dublin, Ireland
Tomás Gorman, Irish republican Socialist Party
Robert Doyle
Gareth Richmond
Daniel Fleeton
Christophe O'Brien
Breandán � Corráin, (Corcaigh,�ire)
Colm Cahill, Dublin

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Members of Parliament:
Giuseppe di Lello - PRC, Member of the European Parliament
Federico Martino - ex PRC Sicilian Regional Councillor
Fausto Bertinotti, General Secretary of the Italian Communist Party PRC, Euro MP and secretary of the recently founded Party of the European Left

Gianni Rinaldini, National secretary of the metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil

Claudio Bellotti, national executive committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Alessandro Giardiello, national political committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Jacopo Renda
Elisabetta Rossi
Dario Salvetti, national coordinating committee, Giovani Comunisti -Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Paolo Brini, central committee Fiom Cgil
Orlando Maviglia, regional committee Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
Davide Bacchelli, provincial committee Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Giampiero Montanari, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil
Ivan Serra, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Domenico Minadeo, chemical shopsteward, Filcea Cgil Imola
Nunzio Vurchio, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Massimo Cavallotti, services shopsteward Filmcams Cgil Milano
Samira Giulitti, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Sara Cimarelli, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Laura Parozzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Antonio Forlano, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Pino Marazzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Laura Bassanetti, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Silvia Ruggieri call center shopsteward Nidil Cgil Roma
Stefano Pol, national committee, Nidil Cgil
Paolo Grassi, provincial committee, Nidil Cgil, Milano
Andrea Davolo, provincial committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Giorgio Apostolou, Parma
Laura Bergamini, Parma
Giovanni Apostolou, Parma
Federico Toscani, Committe in Defence of Public School, Parma (Italy)
Ilaria Lolini, Parma
Kagerer Johannes, custumer service alfa romeo, Milan
Giovanni Savino, provincial coordinating committee Giovani Comunisti Caserta Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Aversa/Committee in Defence of Public Education, Aversa
Michele Cirinesi, PRC, (Monzuno-Bologna),
Mauro vanetti, coordinatore provinciale Giovani Comunisti, Pavia
Fulvio Grimaldi, Rome Committee of the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista
Massimiliano Ay, Bellinzona (Svizzera)
Chiaranda Giorgio, Ferrara
Giannantonio Currò, provincial committee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Messina
Antonio Erpice (Comitato Politico Federale Prc, Caserta)
Giuseppe Letizia (Comitato Politico Federale Prc, Caserta)
Gino Petracco (Coordinamento Giovani Comunisti, Caserta)
Giovanni Savino (Coordinamento Giovani Comunisti, Caserta)
Davide Boerio (Coordinamento Giovani Comunisti, Caserta)
Antonio Dell'Aquila (Consigliere Comunale Prc di Caserta)
Francesco Rozza (Segretario del Circolo Prc di Caserta)
Giosue Bove (Segretario di Federazione del Prc di Caserta)
Imma D'Amico (Coordinatrice Dei Giovani Comunisti di Caserta)
Mauro Foglia (Responsabile Regionale Scuola dei Giovani Comunisti)
Giovanni Capobianco (Responsabile Organizzazione Prc della Federazione di Caserta)
Gabriele Vedova (Segretario del Circolo del Prc di Aversa)
Luigi Grassia (Segreteria Provinciale Prc di Caserta)
Fausto Sorini (National Executive Commitee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista)
Letizia Lindi (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Yassir Goretz (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Giuseppe D'alesio (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Gianluca Serafini (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Giulio Calella (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Luigi Sciotto (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Francesco Maringiò (National Coordinating Commitee, Giovani Comunisti)
Giorgio Russo (Agrigento Provincial Coordinator, Giovani Comunisti
Giuseppe Accardo (Trapani Provincial Coordinator, Giovani Comunisti
Antonio Rapisarda (Pesaro Provincial Coordinator, Giovani Comunisti)
Checchino Antonini, journalist, Liberazione (PRC daily newspaper)
Pier Paolo Novari, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Marco Trapassi, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Vincenzo Malmassari, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Carlotta Cattani, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista; Parma
Rosa Maria Pizzarotti, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Stefano Quaglia, Provincial Comittee, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista, Parma
Ferdinando de Marco, Provincial Coordinating Comittee Giovani Comunisti, Parma
Pietro Previtera, Provincial Coordinating Comittee Giovani Comunisti, Parma
Renzo Travanut (former chairman, Friuli -Venezia Giulia Regional Assembly)
Luciano Tedeschi (Comitato Politico Federale PRC di Udine)
Kristian Franzil (Consigliere Regionale PRC)
Stefano Verzegnassi (Comitato Politico Federale PRC di Udine)
Paolo Cicuttin (Comitato Politico Federale PRC di Udine)
Vanda Deodorico (Comitato Politico Federale PRC di Udine)
Mauro Dorigo (Comitato Politico Federale PRC di Udine)
Patrick Del Negro (Coordinatore Provinciale Giovani Comunisti di Udine)
Marco Vicario (Coordinamento Provinciale Giovani Comunisti di Udine)
Giusy Guarino (Coordinamento Provinciale Giovani Comunisti di Udine)
Carmelo Seracusa (Coordinamento provinciale Giovani Comunisti di Udine )
Matteo Molinaro (Collegio di garanzia PRC della Federazione di Udine)
Elisa Virgili (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Anna Somma (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Stefano Dorigo (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Irene Bossi (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Vincenzo Riccio (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Vlatko Rossit (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Matteo Fachini (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Allan Cudicio (Comitato in difesa della Scuola Pubblica di Udine)
Stefano Rupil
Simone Petris
Dario Persello
Alessandro Dal Bello
Thomas Pigani
Isabella Fabro
Elisa Comino
Natascia Spizzo
Dario Dal Pozzo
Monica Brondani
Michele Franz
Mauro Pitocco
Monica Faccio
Giovanni Lunghi
Agata Gridel
Corinna Martinuzzi
Tiziana Bin
Valentina Lucardi
Nicola Dritti
Mariarosa Girardello
Claudia Guzzon
Marta Iseppi
Diego Pissocaro
Margarete Arca
Mara Masarotti
Michela Pascolo
Elisa Cattarinussi
Camilla Giannetti
Giulia Cosmaro
Franco Zentilin
Franca Stella
Luca Domenicali
Marina Bianchi
Gabriele Ragogna
Brunello Alfarè
Gaia Calligaris
Stefano Zucchini
Alberto Ronchira
Alberto Gottardo
Pistro Pisano
Luciano Marcolini
Francesca Saher
Mario Cainero
Francesca Tessaro
Aularo Piani
Lavinia Piani
Giovanni Piani
Ornella Malisani
Paolo Cattaruzza
Beniamino Marin
Antonella Lestani
Francesca Morandi
Francesco Polesello
Andrea Sandra
Ornella Basci
Stefano Moratto
Andrea Damiani
Roberto Tomat
Barbara Simeon
Giovanni Colautti
Andrea Moretti
Lucia Comuzzi
Rosa Savani
Nerina Pavan
Laura Manzon
Laura Sauretto
Annalia Bortolotti
Giorgio Cecotti
Paolo Zussiono
Sara Mutarelli
Gigi Patruno
Federica Vincenti
Bruna Damo
Ivana Moro
Ramon Persello
Alessio Velliscig
Tefah Said
Giordano Gandoli
Lionella Majao
Roberto Vidale
Martina Vidale
Ernesto Vidale
Fabio Beuzer (Ass Italo-argentina Vientos del sur)
Antonio Peratoner (Rete Radiè Resh - Udine Social Forum)
Francesco Cavallo
Saul Serravalle
Enrico Chiussi
Livio Menon
Carlo Pellegrini
Ariero Modotto
Emiliano Giareghi
Gianni Sabbadini
Tiziana Donda
Donato Toffoli
Carlo Puppo
Annalisa Comuzzi (Donne in nero)
Adele Codarino
Gabriele Durì
Giacomo Colosi
Andre Nichele
Lorenzo Baldo
Cinzia Gargiulo
Elisabetta Romanelli
Annalisa Lamonarca
Barbara Bernardis
Irina Bezzi, Giovani Comunisti Pavia
Doris Zurlay Gonzalez Pacheco
Carolina Gonzalez Pacheco
Dilia Gonzalez Calla
Luisa Marina Gonzalez Pacheco
Luis Alberto Gonzalez Quintero
Leonardo Javier Gonzalez Quintero
Oreste Badiale, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Paola Levisolo, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Nicola Bellani, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Angelo Ceccato, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Maurizio Reoletti, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Alberto Monni, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Oscar Rizzini, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Stefano Sfregola, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Fabrizio Melis, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Maurice Cadeo, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Angelo Gagliardi, metal workers shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Marco Invernizzi, Milano
Eleonora Brianzoli, Milano
Alberto Ventura, Milano
Beniamino Lucchetti, Milano
Rita Spann, Milano
Simone Severello, Milano
Paolo De Piazza, Milano
Michele Crescenzo, Milano
Incola Loguercio, Milano
Silvia Taurisano, Milano
G. Franco Buccheri, Milano
Antonella Pace, Milano
Eliseo Cianci, Milano
Giancarla Angelina, Milano
Beatrice Luna, Milano
Giusi Tavilla, Milano
Laura Banfi, Milano
Lucia Megomi, Milano
Maurizio Logiudre, Varese
Luca Berto, Milano
Giacoma Catalano, Milano
Massimo Pizzi, Milano
Loredana Scopece, Milano
Paola Bollecchio, Milano
Salvo Terranova
Marco Zermo
Diana Gillio
Luciana Maniaci
Roberto Curci, Siena
Cinzia Corsini, Capalbio
Paola Ferroni
Leandro Bragliani
Simona Traverso
Caterina Cecchini
Patrizia Bernardini
Carmela De Lucia,segreteria federazione PRC, Caserta
Giampaolo Mosca, coordinamento provinciale GC CE
Francesco Vicino, circolo del PRC di Maddaloni (CE)
Pasquale Cristiano, segretario del circolo PRC di Lusciano (CE)
Francesco Dell'Ovo, segretario del circolo PRC di Sparanise (CE)
Armando Scarano, circolo del PRC di Aversa (CE)
Antonio Casolaro, Sincobas Caserta
Annabella Petrillo, CGIL - FILT Napoli
Ernesto Rascato, coordinatore territoriale RDB CUB, Aversa (CE)
Donato Guida, Delegato FIOM-GGIL Ecobat Marcianise (CE)
Franco Coppola, Delegato FIOM-GCIL Ixfin Marcianise (CE)
Alfredo Malafronte, Delegato FIOM-GCIL Ixfin Marcianise (CE)
Ignazio Pagano Delegato FIOM-CGIL Ixfin Marcianise (CE)
Carmine Malinconico candidato del PRC alle elezioni europee
Claudio Di Pietro segreetario del circolo PRC di San Felice a Cancello (CE)
Marina Zaccaria presidente del collegio provinciale di garanzia del PRC di Caserta
Pasquale Panico
Vincenzo Salvatore
Giuseppe Sparaco
Irma Halili
Perla Ozuna
Rosina Topo
Pasquale Tizzano
Vittorio Errico
Angela Cinquegrana
Danilo Riccio
Giuseppe Margiotta
Sara Grosso
Giuseppina Margiotta
Nicola Trombetta
Elpidio Arena
Pasquale Ferrante
Carmine Belardo
Roberto Contardi, secretary of the Brianza metal workers Union Fiom Cgil
Silvano Corno, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Simone Pulici, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Dario Passarella, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Andrea Saccani, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Antonio Maffi, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Jiagme Badara, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Emilio Bordsoto, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Eugenio Rossi, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Mauro Colombo, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Marina Villa, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Adriano Napolitano, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Giovanni Lobue, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Enzo Suppa, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Antonio Gava, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Paolo Mancini, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Walter Baldi, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Andrea Gepperì, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Raffaele De Leva, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Massimo Beacco, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Nicola Ala, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Giuseppe Ira, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Cristian Cacioppo, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Salvatore Moro, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Luca Capra, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Maria Morreale, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Alberto Volliali, metal worker shopsteward Fiom Cgil Brianza
Nicola Nicolosi
Giacomo De Lorentis, Segreteria SLC-CGIL Pavia
Vittorio Lazzaroni, Comitato Direttivo Provinciale SPI-CGIL Pavia
Franco Vanzati, Segreteria CGIL Pavia
Angioletta Le Monice, CGIL Pavia
Anselmo Brambilla, Responsabile internazionale Fiom-Cgil Lombardia
Bruno Alberghini, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Lina Bonfigliolo, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Federica Lazzarini, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Francesco Ballerini, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Gilberto Bonadei, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Paola Vezzoli, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Adriano Colombo, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Giampietro Camatta, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Maybe Cisse, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Fabio Fasani, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Cristina Beduschi, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Roberta Girona, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Tanino Vitellaro, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Vittorio Mazzoleni, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Fausto Alberghetti, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Marco Pezzotti, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Fabio Mangiafico, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Claudia Caretta, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Franco Virdis, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Emanuele Geronimo, delegate to the Lombardy Regional Conference of Fiom-Cgil
Marco Dal Toso, regional political committee PRC, Milano
Maria Sciancato, segreteria Fiom-Cgil, Milano
Ciro Biondi
Paola Giaculli, PRC, Italia
Angelo Alberti, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Giuseppe Lograno, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Franco Barbi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Riccardo De Gennaro, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Davide Brunelli, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Carola Laurenti, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Aldo Cardini, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Renzo Celanti, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Antonio Farrugia, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Livia Conti, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Francesco Tuccino, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Simone Ferrucci, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Davide Masoaro, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Manrico Pedroni, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Corrado Lenzi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Massimo Lami, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Alfredo Morana, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Sophia Livingstone, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Gerardo Manfredi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Luigi Longobardo, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Cinzia Dondi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Alessandro Boccaceio, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Alessandra Lang, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Isabella Calabrese, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Daniele Pellegrini, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Andrea Turco, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Giuseppe Picconi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Fabio Bondioli, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Daniele Caboni, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Luciano De Majo, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Stefano Pallottino, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Giusy Calò, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Ilaria Pancrazi, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Dario Corso, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Enrico Stagni, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Andrea Gozza, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Bianca Bebbia, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Nunzio Franceschini, delegate to the National Congress of the Metalworkers Union Fiom-Cgil
Dino Barberini, ROMA ITALIA
Lucio Anastasi
Valentina Castello
Lo Nero Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe, Cerda
Lanfranco Tinarelli, Rome
Pietro Pace, Italy Coord. Giovani Comunisti Pavia

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Githii Mweru, Nairobi

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James Cunningham

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Raida Hatoum, Al-Yasari Magazine
Wael Saeed
N.G. Najjar, El-Koora
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Tania Walisch Attac Luxembourg
Marie-Claire TONELOTTO-HUMBERT, Attac-Luxembourg
Biewers Mirko, Luxembourg
HEYAR Fred, Luxembourg, déi Lénk/la Gauche
Claude Ballini, Luxemburg

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Jamal Elsaket, Sebha

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Rosalba Ramos, Asamblea Nacional de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores, ANTT
Luis Enrique Barrios, Comité de Trabajadores en Defensa de los Sindicatos, Cotdesi
Angel Chong, Comité por las Juventudes Socialistas del PRD, CJJSSPRD
Ubaldo Oropeza, Comité de Estudiantes en Defensa de la Educación P�blica, Cedep
Norma Edith Ramírez, Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores del Colegio de Bachilleres
Adán Mejia, Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas, SME
Angel Ilich Cardosa, Comité de Redacción del Periódico Obrero El Militante
Ra�l Larios, Frente Nacional de Resistencia Contra la Privatización de la Industria Eléctrica, FNRCPIE
Amauri Solis, Consejero Estatal del PRD, Chiapas
Carlo del Angel, Congreso Juvenil PRD, Delegado por Hidalgo
Victor Hugo Remirez, Congreso Juvenil PRD Delegado por el Estado de México
Jonathan López, Movimiento de Bases Insurgentes del PRD, MOBI PRD
Juan Manuel, Red de Solidaridad y Colaboración Laboral
Rubén Ribera, Comité de Lucha de la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, CLESIME-IPN
Sergio Rojas, Comité de Estudiantes en Defensa de la Educación P�blica, Cedep. Escuela Nacional de Estudios Profesionales, Actlan
Kenneth Bell, Mexico City, A British resident in Mexico who supports freedom for all in Latin-America
Maria del Consuelo Mariles Alonso, Estudiante, Mexico, Y estoy encontra de la intervención imperialista
Brisbane Ovilla Martinez, Distrito Federal, México
Miguel Solis

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Mohamed Nacerddine, Morocco
Alami Wahid, militants marxistes au Maroc

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Tenzin Kunchok, Tibet

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Appie Kootstra, Secretary Green-Left Party, Winschoten
Z. Tiemann, party whip NCPN, Reiderland
Wemke Ketting-Jager, German-Dutch Workgroup 8th May,
Delzijl Trijnie Kootstra-Buiter, German-Dutch Workgroup 8th May, Winschoten
Stichting Bolivariaanse Identiteit (Fundacion Identidad Bolivariana), www.identidadbolivariana.org
Hans Heres, Drieborg, Wethouder (Bürgermeister/mayor), Gemeente Reiderland (NCPN)
Albert Schwertmann, Finsterwolde, raadslid (councillor) Gemeente Reiderland (NCPN)
Fennie Stavast, Groningen, Nederlands-Duits-Werkgroep 8 mai
Hans Robertus, Zuurdijk
Irene Robertus, Zuurdijk, raadslid (councillor), Groenlinks
G. J. Wes, Enschede, "Nooit meer"
R. Ijspeerd, Hengelo, "Nooit meer"
Eltjo Kootstra, Oude Pekela, raadslid Groenlinks (councillor)
Ede Kleima, Stadskanaal
Reimder Hoekzema, Groningen
Danny Hoekzema-Buist, Lid Provinziale Staten Groningen, Groenlinks (member of state parliament)
Wiebren Siestra, Groningen
Dylan Paauwe, Student
Eelco Blees, Amsterdam
Zowi Milanovi, Alkmaar
Menke Muller, Groningen

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Adegbile Isiaka, Campaign for Workers' Alternative
Goke Akinrogunde, Lagos
Falilat Iyetunde, Lagos

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Jørund Letnes, SV
Bodvar Ertevåg, SU
Martin A. Dyb, SU
Astrid Lydsmo, SU/HK
Kenneth Brodal, SU
Guro Grimstad, SU
Kari Anne Moe, SV
Øysten Hem Nielsen, SU
Håkon Jacobsen, SU
Linn M. Brodal, SU
Espen S. Ledaal, SV
Kari Langseth, SU
Ingvild Nygård, SU
Karin Evensen Aas, SU
Solveig Bergstrøm, SU
Håkon Smeplass, SU
Lars G.N. Hagen, SU
Christian Jansen
Morten Barreth
Kristoffer Roheim Justad, Asker
Vegard Aamodt, Oslo

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Members of the National Assembly:
Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad, Member of the parliament, President Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign
Zulfiqar Ali Gondal, Member of the parliament
Mohammad Pervaiz Malik, Member of the parliament
Khalid Sohail memon, Member of the parliament
Qurban Ali shah, Member of the parliament
Mohammad Anwar Bhutto, Member of the parliament
Shahid Hussein Bhutto, Member of the parliament
Imtiaz Safdar Waraich, Member of the parliament
Pir Syed Fazal Ali shah, Member of the parliament
N.M Yusaf Talpur, Member of the parliament
Syed Nayyar Hussein Bukhari, Member of the parliament
Dr. Fehmeeda Mirza, Member of the parliament
Sherry Rehman, Member of the parliament
Fozia Habib, Member of the parliament
Mehreen Anwar raja, Member of the parliament
Rukhsana Bangish, Member of the parliament
Shagufta Jumani, Member of the parliament
Samina Khalid Gurki, Member of the parliament
Mrs. Shakeela Rashid, Member of the parliament
Hizbullah Bhugeo, Member of the parliament
Shamshad Sattar, Member of the parliament
Ruqaiya Khanam Somro, Member of the parliament
Yasmeen Rehman, Member of the parliament
Zamurad Khan, Member of the parliament
Rana Asif Tauseef, Member of the parliament
Rana Mehmood ul Hassan
Ch Abid Sher Ali, Member of the parliament
Haji Mohammad Fazal Kareem, Member of the parliament
Khursheed Ahmad shah, Member of the parliament
Tehmeena Doltana, Member of the parliament
Abdul Rauf Maingal, Member of the parliament
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Member of the parliament
Nafisa Munawar Raja, Member of the parliament
Pir Aftab Ahmad shah Jeelani, Member of the parliament
Mir Aijaz Jakhrani, Member of the parliament
G. Murtaza Sati, Member of the parliament
Dr Azra Fazal, Member of the parliament
Mrs. Beelum Hasnain, Member of the parliament
Mrs. Khalida Mohsin Quraishi, Member of the parliament
Liaqat Ali Dogar, Member of the parliament
Tasneem Ahmad Quraishi, Member of the parliament
Ramesh Lal, Member of the parliament
Qamar uz Zaman Kaira, Member of the parliament
Aitazaz Ehsan, Member of the parliament
Fozia Wahab, Member of the parliament
Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Member of the parliament
Imran Khan, Member of the parliament
Khawaja Saad Rafeeq, Member of the parliament
Sanaullah Baloch, Senator/ Member of the parliament
Mohammad Aslam Bulaidi, Senator/ Member of the parliament

Abid Ali, member Labour union, Pak P W D
Malik Imran Tajjamal, Vice President , PTCL Employees union CBA
Chaudry Rasheed Ahmad Gujjar, Vice President, Nation union of postal employees, postal services
Shahid Rauf, secretary, Hydro union water and power development authority
Asif, Coordinator, hydro union water and power development authority
Sheikh Iqbal, General Secretary,Photo journalist Union
Mohammad Waheed Aslam, general secretary, water and power development authority
Mohammad anwar Bhatti, general secretary, PTCL Employees union cba
Farooq Mohmmad Lala, Senior vice president, National Banik Employees union
Mohammad Fiaz, vice president (provincial), National Bank Employees Union
MOhammad Saleem Chaudry, Regional Chairman Lahore, ptcl employees union
Malik Mohammad Akbar, secretary, hydo electric union water and power development authority
Mohammad Amin Bhatti, Peeco union Lahore, President people's labour Beauru Lahore
Mohammad Qadeer Khan, secretary general, Railway employees union
Ghulam Meeran, ex presient, Itafaq foundry , workers union
CH Shabbir, Local government
Mohammad Arshad, general secrretary, Rikshaw Taxi union , pakistan
Kosar Zaman Khan, president, Bhatta Mazdoor Union
Rana Abad, press secretary, Nation organization of postal employees
Nasir Aman Sindhu, President, Pearl continental hotel union, Lahore
Malik Sher Ahamd Awan, President Peoples Labour Bearu Punjab,
Malik Ehtasham ul Hassan, President Muslim Commercail Bank workers and officers Association Pakistan
Dr. Abdullah Qureshy, a member of Youth For International Socialism, Multan Bureau
Nazar, Regional Secretary Class Struggle, Balochistan
Hameed Khan, Regional Organiser Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Mardan, Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Aabid, Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Ali, Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Nisar, City Organiser Youth for International Socialism, Quetta City
Shakeela, Member Class Struggle Quetta City
Naveed, Member Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Balochistan
Afaaq, Organiser Youth for international Socialism Balochistan Region
Zafar Ullah, member YFIS Islamabad
Aslam Ansaari
Javed Iqbal
Mujahid Pasha
Iqbal Shad
Tariq Chaudhary
Nadeem Hyder
Ishfaaq Raajput
Ishaq, Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign, Multan
Ilyas Khan, advocate
Safdar Abas Khakhi
Aasif Kareem, advocate
Rana Khalid Hasan, advocate, Pakistan People's Party, Multan
Dr Arslan
Dr Shakaib
Dr Irfan
Dr Qadoos
Farooq Bhatti
Nadeem Pasha
Adnan, Youth for International Socialism, Multan
Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Youth for International Socialism, Lahore, member Jamu Kashmir National Student Fedration
Arras Ali Organizer Youth For International Socialism, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan
Yasir Khliq Secretary Youth For International Socialism, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan
Zahid Balooch Member National Executive Committee, Youth For International Socialism, Pakistan
Adil Khan Ex. Secretary General Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation
Ali Akbar, divisional joint secratary Pakistan Telecom Employees Union of PTCL, Pakistan
Imtiaz Tahir, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, Kot Adu, South Punjab, Pakistan
Waseem Abbas, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Mazhar Abbas, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Javed Iqbal, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Ahmad Ammas, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Usman Ghani, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Ramzan Bhabha, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Mohamad Asghar, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Farhan Rashid, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Fahim Raza, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Aasif Khan, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Riaz Arshad, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Haidar Ali Zaidi, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Fasiha Khanum, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Aminah Khan, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Shazia Riaz, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Afshaan Riaz, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Tanzeela Qiasar, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Rifat Sultana, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Sadaf, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Saba Malik, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Aneesa Bano, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Fareeda, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Aaisha, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Zahida Batool, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Zubeda, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Humaira, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Zehra, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Shugaftaqaisar, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Shahida Sukhera, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Rabea Naoreen, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Hina Naaz, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Zeenat Jahaan, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Sajida Bibi, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Reehana Husain, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Naghmana Bashir, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Tehmina, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Asma Kausar, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Perveen Khan, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Khaizraan, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Seema, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Dur-E-Shahwaar, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Arshad, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Aslam, Student, Bahaudin Zikrya University Multan
Mian Sajid, Chairman, People's Students Federation Bz Universityy Multan
Malik Saeed, President, People's Students Federation Bz Universityy Multan
Qadir Manzoor Lund, General Secretary People's Students Federation Bz Universityy Multan
Akhlaq Ahmad, Students At Government College Multan
Qazi Ahsan, Students At Government College Multan
Aslam Khan, Students At Government College Multan
Jalaat Khanazhar, Students At Government College Multan
Rasool, Students At Government College Multan
Talib Husain, Students At Government College Multan
Zeeshan, Students At Government College Multan
Sohail Ahmad, Students At Government College Multan
Beenish Jahaan, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Sumera Zahoor, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Arshiya Mehmood, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Jamila, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Saba, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Sehrish, Students Of Government Girls Degree College Multan
Hamza, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Majid Zahoor, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Khizar, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Waseem Khan, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Azam Yaar Khan, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Mohamad Zahid, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Mohammad Asghar, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Ali Sultan, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Umar Sarfraz, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Mohammad Saleem, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Ch Arif, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Zeeshan Ali, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Rauf Tabusum, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Farooq Ahmad, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Naseer Ahmad, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Ghulam Mustafa, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Rizwan Asghar, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Sajid Ali, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Kashif Malik, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Usman Salfi, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Adnan Asghar, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Mohammad Abdullah, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Fakhar Jahaan, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Yousuf Raza, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Yousuf Khawaja, Unemployed Youth Movement Multan
Muazzam Khalil, Editor of the Weekly Independent
Hina Zain, Pakistan, Lahore, Youth for International Socialism
Yasir Irshad, Pakistan, Lahore, Youth For International Socialism
Abid, Pakistan, Lahore, STRUGGLE
Ilyas Amin, Pakistan, Lahore, STRUGGLE
Rang Elahi, Pakistan, Lahore, STRUGGLE
Sumera, Pakistan, Lahore, STRUGGLE
Sadaf Zehra, Pakistan Trade unoin Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore
Shahida Jabeen, Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan Peoples Party
Abubakr Shabir, Pakistan Trade Unoin Defence Campaign, Pakistan, Lahore
Ali AKbar
M. Adeel Hassan
Dr. Harish Kumar, Hyderabad
Dr. Beenish Shoro, Hyderabad
Zia Syed, Gujrat
All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU), Pakistan (Gujrat)

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Waldo Callo Villa, CUSCO
Luz Virginia Rojas- Sec. Gral. Centro de Est. de Sociología-Universidad San Marcos
Víctor Aguirre Aroni-Centro de Est. de Historia-Universidad San Marcos
Ra�l Wienner-Coordinador Campaña frente al ALCA
Lin Torres-Red de Jóvenes de DD.HH
Wilder Sánchez-Sec. Colegiado de la Confederación de Campesinos del Per�
Washington Mendoza-Sec. Gral. de la Confederación de Campesinos del Per�
Hugo Blanco-presidente honorario de la CCP
Daniel Mathews-docente de la Universidad San Marcos
Juan José Gorriti-Sec. Gral. de la Central Gral. de Trabajadores del Per�
Nilver López-Sec. Gral. del Sindicato Unitario de Trabajadores de la Educación del Per�
Ra�l Palomares Cuadros-Sindicato de Trabajadores del Servicio de Salud del Per�
Daniel Torres Chamorro-Sindicato de Trabajadores de Salud del Hospital Loayza
Victor Pedreros Aguirre - Responsable Politico, Partido de los Trabajadores, Per�
Jesus Calvas Olaya, Secretario General, Partido de los Trabajadores, Per�
Roger Cordova Peña, Coordinador Regional, Partido de los Trabajadores, Per�
Antenor Sihuay Vilchez, Coordinador Sindical, Partido de los Trabajadores, Per�

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Laorence Castillo, Quezon City
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Robert Kluczkiewicz
Rossitza Bialek, philologue, Paris, France
Przemyslaw Sieradzan, student, Warsaw, Poland
Marcin Utracki, student, Warsaw, Poland
Robert Baran, high school student, Crackov, Poland
Cezary Sadowski, worker, Warsaw, Poland
Waldemar Chamala, worker, co-editor of lewica.pl
Milos Zecevic, student
Grzegorz Stoigniew Nowak, Leader of the Polish Socialist Party in Belchatow (Poland), Member of the National Board of the Polish Socialist Party
Kacper Pluta, Poland
Bojan Stanislawski, student from Warsaw, journalist, left activist, Warsaw, Poland
Emil Stanislawski, high-school student from Warsaw, Poland
Elena Veleva, pensioned border-policeman from Sofia, Bulgaria
Szymon Martys, student of political science, editor of lewica.pl - Polish left i-net service
Daniel Drozdzal, high-school student from Bytom, Poland
Stefan Zgliczynski, Ksiazka i Prasa publishing house chef, Lewa Noga editor, journalist
Piotr Grudka, student, Warsaw, Poland
Grzegorz Jokiel, student from Warsaw, Poland
Maciej Szumski, librarian, Warsaw, cooperative activist
Anna Korybut-Daszkiewicz, worker, Warsaw, Poland
Wojciech Figiel, student from Warsaw, left-wing activist
Stanislaw Nowakowski, chef editor of "Nowy Tygodnik Popularny" - polish trade-union-magazine
Katarzyna Szumlewicz, teacher, Warsaw, Poland
Marek Krakowski, worker, Warsaw, Poland
Ewa Justyna, student, Warsaw, Poland
Stanislawa Przybylska
Daniel Dekanski
Marcin Wojcik, high-school student, Leczna, Poland
Tomek Powyszynski, student from Laziska Gorne
Wojciech Balon, student of history, Katowice, Poland
Jan Wojciechowski , student/worker, Poznan-Poland
Patryk Nowicki , student , Poznan-Poland
Michal Antkowiak , student/worker , Poznan-Poland
Michal Mielke - worker , Poznan-Poland

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Dionísio Lança, Set�bal

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Rabochaya Demokratia (Workers' Democracy)

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Stuart Miller, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
G.L. Ramsay, Edinburgh, UK
Thaissa Luna Domingos, Glasgow
Daniel Steven McCafferty, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland
Donnie Nicolson, National Convenor, Scottish Socialist Youth
Steven Craig, Edinburgh, Scottish Socialist Youth
Gordon Clubb
Rikki Reid
Duncan Light
Ian Burnett
Chris Rutherford
Charlotte Jones, Edinburgh
Catriona Fraser, Edinburgh
Ian Johnston, Glasgow

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Komunistièna Partija Slovenija (Communist Party of Slovenia)
Luka Pregelj, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Janez Steble, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Nejc Marcen, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Iztok Mikulan, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle
Andrej Kern, Naprej! - Slovenian Marxist Circle

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South Africa

Lawrence Puren
Ayanda Madyibi
Zivia Desai Keiper
Clive Kronenberg

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Ver tambien: http://www.manosfueradevenezuela.org
Nombres de personas adheridas a la campaña de El Militante en defensa de la revolución venezolana

MªAntonia Rubio Verde, Comité de Solidaridad con América Latina de Gijón, Gijón-Asturias-Estado Español
Alba Montalbán Bau
Marina Labrador Díaz
Pedro Ortiz Sánchez, Barcelona
Manolo Franco, Madrid
Xes�s Ramón GONZ�LEZ BO�N, Relaciones Internacionales CIG - Confederación Intersindical Galega, Vigo (Galicia)

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Martin Lööf, student at the university of Gothenburg
Solmaz Beik, Art Student Gothenburg
Martin Oscarsson, Gothenburg, Shop Steward, Teachers' union
Gunnar Thorell
Christer Bengtsson, Social Democratic Youth of Sweden, member of the food workers union
Henrik Wolgast, member of the Socialdemocratic party and Socialdemocratic youth of Falun
Kerstin Alfredsson, member of the Socialdemocratic Party, Stockholm, Sweden
Jonathan Clyne, Stockholm, Editor Swedish Marxist Journal Socialisten
Anders Bernland, student at the University of Lund, Socialdemocratic youth of Sweden
Alvaro Tramón
Emil Kieri, Luleå, Sweden
Ulla Johansson, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Pelle Nilsson, Social Democratic Youth of Sweden, member of the Transport workers Union
Petri Mikkonen
JC Denton
Hannah Jamie Bodvar
Martin Ståhl
Inta Rivas, Stockholm
Joel Karlsson
Amit Sandhor, Sundsvall
Robert Sköld, Sweden, Linköping

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Dany Blindenbacher, Basel
Pierre Vetsch, Geneva
Carmen Vetsch, Geneva, Comité Bolivariano de Suiza
Comité Bolivariano de Suiza
José Briceño
Ana María López
Kurt y Ligia Vogt
Massimiliano Ay, Sindacato Indipendente degli Studenti e Apprendisti (SISA)
Sindacato Indipendente degli Studenti e Apprendisti (SISA)
Greg Chapler

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Chourabi Sofiène, étudiant, membre de RAID, Attac Tunisie

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Nevzat Evrim Önal, student
Can Dilmen, Turkey

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Elena Chevtchenko, Rotterdam, the Netherlands & Kiev, Ukraine

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United States

Yosef Mikhah, Workers International League, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Jerry Wilson 820 First st Scotland, SD 57059 United States of America
Cort Greene CNA-ND,American Federation of State, County and Municpal Employees Local 2699
Osvaldo Camilo - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Shane Jones, Providence, Rhode Island, Workers International League
John Peterson, Fargo, ND - Workers International League, Editor Marxist Journal Socialist Appeal
Holly Tornay, Workers International League
Kurt Penca, Workers International League
Josh Shelton, Workers International League Providence, Rhodes Island
Chris Borges, Workers International League
Mia Veltri, Youth for International Socialism, Findlay, Ohio
Chris Ensle, WIL
Alexander Malina, Social Nerve Magazine
Robert T., Boston MA, Laborers local 223 (USA)
Ben Morse, electrical union(IBEW) local #99, RI
Matt Brochotz
S. Rounds
Liz Seed
Mark Blicharz
Deb Ihant
Heffery L. Rubin
Caden E. of New Paltz
Eric Braudy
Lauren A.
Jessica Glickman of New Paltz
Abeulla Alhouri of New Paltz
Clare Johnson
Alex Sears
James Bradwell
Eric Hoover
Kristen Hoover
Paul Kerins
Bob Brown, Asheville, NC, USA
Justine Johnson
Durf Humpfries
John Gallagher
Margaret Conte
Kristina Jorge
Vincent F. Luti
Alicia Jasiekiewicz
Marc Farirelli
Tory Camp, New Jersey, Workers International League
Ryan Kristopovich, New Jersey, Workers International League
Mark Rahman, New Jersey, Workers International League, UFCW 1262
Toby Shepherd
Michael Scrichto
Ian Nichols, Edmond, OK
Mark Luciano, Co-organizer, Communist Party USA, Rhode Island District
Beatriz Maria Pestana, Professional Artist/Printmaker - Venezuelan-American Citizen
Walter Ducharme
Jeff Cowem
Hari Chathrattie
Michael Ortega
Tersoi Rodriquez
Andrew Kahn, New York City, New York
Paul Donovan, Connecticut
Dawn Gable, Bolivarian Circle International-Cyber Solidarity
Nancy Abbey-- for the Santa Cruz Cuba Study Group
Beatriz Pestana
Aaron Petcoff, Workers International League
Sarah Nelson-Steinberg, student at New College of Florida Mark Deimel, student Phoebe Stein, student at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Dr. D. K. Cinquemani, SafeEart h Alliance, Largo, FL
Daniel Shertzer,Esq Lancaster, PA
Sean Nortz
Francisco Ariet, Workers International League, Miami, Florida
Karl Belin, Workers International League, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Marisa Aguayo, Los Angeles, CA
Derek Marin, Hartford, CT, Trinity College
Erik Schnabel, San Francisco, CA
James Uhlir, Workers International League, Fargo, ND
Annie Venesky, New York City, New York
Gloria Rahman, Supporter of the Workers International League, New Jersey
Rixio Barrios, Cincinnati, OH, Because the freedom of the world starts in Venezueala
Juan Perez, Working Families Party
John Kirkland, Solidarity
Stephen Hill, Houston, Texas
Cynthia Paredes, Conciercia Libre, Los Angeles, California
Kema Acevedo, Conciercia Libre, Los Angeles, California
Ingrid Castaneda, Conciercia Libre, Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Alamillo, MEChA de UCLA, Los Angeles, California
Andy Ramirez, MEChA de UCLA, Los Angeles, California
Arturo Matlin, Brooklyn, New York
Elder Zamora, Global Resistance Network, Walnut, California
Angela Silva, Global Resistance Network, Walnut, California
Francisco Silva, Global Resistance Network, Walnut, California
Mauricio Umana, Los Angeles, California
Carol Chan, Los Angeles, California
Justin Hung, CAPSA, Los Angeles, California
Erin Cho, CAPSA, Los Angeles, California
Ling San Louie, CAPSA, Los Angeles, California
Jean Teng, CAPSA, Los Angeles, California
Michael Li, CAPSA, Los Angeles, California
Leah Kahn, Los Angeles, California
Bill Neal, ISO, Los Angeles, California
Randy Childs, ISO, Los Angeles, California
Cromel, ISO, Los Angeles, California
Roberto Sal, Los Angeles, California
Buck Gong, California
Wonil Kim, Riverside, California
Carlos Arevalo, IDEPCA, Los Angeles, California
Magron Poyes, CHIRLA, Los Angeles, California
Paul Lee, KIWA, Los Angeles, California
Candide Cusaos, California
Victor Phipps, ACLU, Rialto, California
Lenin Carrillo, MEChA, Los Angeles, California
Felix Soto, MEChA, La Puente, California
Julie Nedetacasta, Shepma, Los Angeles, California
George Zanglla, Shepma, Los Angeles, California
Sol Nunez, Shepma, Los Angeles, California
Refugio Ramirez, MEChA, San Diego, California
Cynthia Carrillo, MEChA, San Diego, California
Jose Gonzalez, MEChA, San Diego, California
Jessica Perez A., MEChA, La Jolla, California
Meillio Nguyen, MEChA, La Jolla, California
Daisy Rodriguez, MEChA, La Jolla, California
Joel M. Uhorez, MEChA, Anaheim, California
Guadalupe Castillo, MEChA, La Jolla, California
Meade Goodman, Independent, Los Angeles, California
Jeaquin Flores, Los Angeles, California
Troy Flores, Olson, MEChA, Whittier, California
Raqua Flores, Olson, Whittier, California
Glenn Kirkindall, United Food and Commerical Workers Union Local #555, Portland, Oregon
Eric Berg- Jobs with Justice, Portland, Oregon
Laurea Mannen, teacher, Forest Grove Educators Association-NEA, Forest Grove, Oregon
Jim Couing, Internationl Longshoremen Workers Union Local #5, Portland, Oregon
Marrilyn Mitcham, Sandy, Oregon
Tim Dittmer, Portland, Oregon
Martha Bushnell, Boulder, CO, LASC
Dr. Joan Joesting
Catherine Stanton
Sally Cook
Ron Sisso
Nancy Joseph
Eddiebee Torrar
Yvette Alger
Jamie Civitello
William Raatz
Spence Guerin
Willie T. Burton Jr.
Marlene Santoyo, Philadelphia NOW
Hal Albert Smith, Danville, PA USA
Edgar Fernando, New York
Dan Teran, New Jersey
Jordan Galler, New Jersey
Jackie Du, New Jersey
Joseph Beidle, San Clemente, CA
Bob Montgomery, Boston, MA, AFSCME, Local 3092
Ricky F. Paige USA Hamburg PA Socialist Party USA
Glenn Burleigh, CPUSA, St. Louis, MO
Joe Wetteroth, St. Louis, MO
Stephen Inman, St. Louis, MO
Tony Pecinavsky, CPUSA, St. Louis, MO
Mark Sarich, St. Louis, MO
Mike Riley, St. Louis, MO
Tim Rakel, DIS/FCA, St. Louis, MO
Sreeja Smith, St. Louis, MO
Troy Howard, DIS/FCA, St. Louis, MO
April Whitworth, Chicago, IL
Daniel Salmo, St. Louis, MO
Anne J. Childers, St. Louis, MO
Anne S. Thul, St. Louis, MO
Josh Lucker, WIL, Brighton, IL
Eric M. Stockmann, St. Louis, MO
Jason Toon, St. Louis, MO
Jonathan Varner, St. Louis, MO
Jocanda Luisa Baldó, Flagstaff, AZ
Rick Arvanites, Lynchburg, VA
David Mc Lanahan, Seattle, WA
Cindy Domingo, Seattle, WA
Cecelia Moriarity, SWP- Seattle, WA
James Rae, Peace Chorus, Seattle, WA
Takigh Smith, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, NY, NY
Marcia Bennison, Seattle, WA
Judy Zeh, Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee
Tom Warner, Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee
Monica Zepeda, Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee
Roberto Maestas, El Centro de la Razza, Seattle, WA
Carman Meranla, El Centro de la Razza, Seattle, WA
Joe Fennimore, New Jersey
William B. Lipscomb, Jr., North Carolina
Alistair Wilson, Kensington, CA
Francisco L. Acevedo, Civilian Guerrilla Liberation Movement, Hartford, CT
Cécile Couraud, Portland, OR
Terrie Miranda, Portland, OR
James Nielson, Portland, OR
Glen Owen, Portland, OR
Key Warren, Portland, OR
Nicole Hill, Portland, OR
Mike Davis, Portland, OR
Heidi Moore, Portland, OR
Bronnie, Tennessee
Jared Paul, Providence, RI
Dylan Going, Providence, RI
Ben Coleman, Providence, RI
John Mineka, Bronx, NY
Sandy Rivero, New York, NY
Milly Rivero, New York, NY
Carlos Duran, Tallahassee, FL
David Bruce, Atlanta Friends Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Andrew K. Moore, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Christian Duque, Gainesville, FL
Walter E. Davis, Ph.D., Kent State University, Kent, OH
Gail Keen, Springfield, OH
Marcelino Sepulveda
Los Angeles Bolivarian Circle "Ezequiel Zamora"
Page Getz, KPFK/IAC, Los Angeles, CA
Ray Armendariz, IAC, Los Angeles, CA
Bill Foote, Los Angeles, CA
James Kurha, N.I.O.N., Los Angeles, CA
Greta Bevadides, KPFK, Buena Park, CA
Alan Bedian, Revolution US, Los Angeles, CA
Peggy Dilley, Los Angeles, CA
Claudia Gomez, Los Angeles, CA
Glenda Frederick, Los Angeles, CA
Melony Kellig, Los Angeles, CA
Francisco Mayorga, "La Unica", Los Angeles, CA
Carlos Escorcia, F.S.L.N., Los Angeles, CA
Sergio Lopez, F.S.L.N., Los Angeles, CA
Jorge Moreno, F.S.L.N., Los Angeles, CA
Michael Corral, Unica, Los Angeles, CA
Billy Lecois, Los Angeles, CA
Edward Gomez, Los Angeles, CA
JC De Luna, Panorama, CA
Tia Korrina Canlas, Santa Monica, CA
Raquel Cisnevos, Van Nuys, CA
Eugene Mehling, Venice, CA
Mark Percious, San Bernardino, CA
Michael Lindley, Los Angeles, CA
Henry Fabber, Van Nuys, CA
Jose Hintabo, Pasadena, CA
Rocio Cabrera, UTLA, Pasadena, CA
Ursula Ulloa, Long Beach, CA
Jackie Delb, Soultry, Long Beach, CA
Cynthia Delb, Soultry, Long Beach, CA
Peter Delfs, VFP, Big Bear City, CA
Jamie Ledón, Whittier, CA
J. Bess, CA
Inkarri Glorts, San Deigo, CA
Gum Ho Han, Los Angeles, CA
Shere Bruin, Los Angeles, CA
John Cannon, A.N.S.W.E.R., Los Angeles, CA
Mike Portil, San Diego, CA
Rhadika Mostaga, San Diego, CA
Shalimar Anderson, San Diego, CA
Tamra Gilbertson, TNI, San Francisco, CA
G. Heinz
International Socialist Organization (U.S.)
Manos Athitakis, Chicago, IL
Hiali R. Nahual-Quiñonez, SoulChango Productions, New York, NY
Tyler Stringfellow, Seattle, Washington, Electrician
Manuel Chavez-Marquez, San Francisco, CA
Carlos Arvelo, Hartford, Connecticut
Civilian Guerrilla Liberation Movement
Lisa Fourmyle, Long Beach, CA
Daneesha Mitchell, West Fargo, ND
Earl Kennedy, Moorhead, MN
Jeremy Grabinger, Moorhead, MN
Ken Parsons, Hartford, VT
Roberto J Mercado, Social Impact Photography, New York, NY
Chris Desjardins, Minneapolis
Andy Lucker
Ryan Raymond
Lee Randall, Fargo, ND
Daniel Joseph Schexnaydre, Baton Rouge, LA
Matthew J. Sahagian, Bellingham, MA
Tim Bennett, Oklahoma City, OK
Reese Wilson, Oklahoma City, OK
Daniel Tippin, Oklahoma City, OK
Laura Zeavin, Oklahoma City, OK
Emily Speed, Oklahoma City, OK
Kelly Kerr, Oklahoma City, OK
Ana Daglio- Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nettle Luna- Providence, R.I.
Jon Quccin- Service Employees International Union; Eugene. Oregon
Yesenia Barragan- Brown University; Providence, R.I.
Charles W Goodele- International Action Center; Lexington, Mass.
Pat Widner- Providence,R.I.
Tammy Kincaid- Greenville, Va.
Elainia K. Shazu- Attleboro,Mass.
Ann L. Frazier- Mid-Hudson National Peace Campaign; Woodstock, N.Y.
Joe and Andrea Hatrak- Johnston, R.I.
Martha Mc Culloch- Ganginer, NY.
Simon Riley- South Kingston High School; Wakefield, R.I.
Sandra Parisi- New Paltz, NY.
Hollee Freeman- Sojourner House; Providence, R.I.
Shamr Al- Rashid- New Lebanon, NY
Steph Knowles- South Kingston High School; Wakefield, R.I.
James Griffin- Screen Actors Guild; Detroit, Mi.
William Eden- South Kingston High School; Wakefield, R.I.
Mark Clinton- International Socialist Organization; Northhampton,Mass.
Petra Kershaw- Providence, R.I.
Shane MacDonald- Socialist Alternative; Oberlin, Ohio
Chris Szlatenyi- South Kingston High School; Wakefield, R.I.
Andres Pertiema- Silver Spring, MD.
Caryl Williams- South Kingston High School; Pealcdala, R.I.
Marcus Johnson- Nader for President; Indpls, Indiana
Donna Williams- Sojourner House; Providence, R.I.
Ashley Carvso- Knoxville, Tenn.
Cheryl Moreale- Sojournor House; Providence, R.I.
Bruce Milies- Seattle, Washington
Hannah Resseger- Act Now to Stop Racism and War; Cranston, R.I.
Jerry Jevtis- International Action Center; New York City, NY
Dale Mello- New Bedford, Mass.
Hana Ashussen- Centerville, Virginia
Mark Luciano- Communist Party (USA); Providence , R.I.
Gary Hoffman- San Francisco, California
Juli Smith- South Kingston High School; Wakefield, R.I.
Sarah Cousins- Richmond, Virginia
Ruth Heidventiona- Santa Teresa; Providence, R.I.
Mark Manglalett- Richmond, Virginia
Josie Bera- Santa Teresa; Providence, R.I.
Greg Smith, Manassas, Virginia
Patrick Hannery- Progressive Labor Party; Worcestor, Mass.
Antonio Vasquez- educator; Providence, Mass.
Melanie Curtin, Hawaii
Nick Marcy St.Louis, MO.
Greg Stinson St. Louis, MO.
Matt Marcy St. Louis, MO.
Stephany Corwin Collinsville, IL.
Sara Hill Godfrey, IL.
Matt Beilsmith Brighton, IL.
Eric Zurheide Brighton, IL.
David Down Brighton, IL.
Tyler Bicknese St.Louis, MO.
Matt Brady Jerseyville, IL.
Robert Schroeder Jerseyville, IL.
Jason Dougherty Jerseyville, IL.
Lauren Woolfe Grafton, IL.
Nikhil Kothegal, Amnesty International, St.Louis, MO.
Becky Katz, Amensty International, St.Louis, MO.
Chris Butler, Amnesty International, St.Louis, MO.
Andy Gricevich, The Prince Myshkins, Madison, WI.
Tim Krakel St.Louis, MO.
David May, WIL ATU #788, St.Louis, MO.
Adelle May St.Louis, MO.
Jon Schneider Florissant, MO.
Shane Burson, student New England Institute of Technology, Warwick, RI
Erik Burke
Bassa Habil; Everett, Mass.
Nathan Levi; Boston, Mass.
Bill Cunningham; Cambridge, Mass.
Annie Bulter; Cambridge, Mass.
Aimee Smith; Green-Rainbow Party, Cambridge, Mass.
Sohaib Yasser; Attleboro, Mass.
Violit Smith; Cranston, R.I.
Louie Reya; NY, NY
John Allocca; Dorchester, Mass.
Emely Ortiz; Roslendale, Mas.
Grant Howe; Jamaica Plain, NY.
Stephine Hedgecoke; Cherokee Longuo Circle
Courtney Svegroff; Jamaica Palin, NY.
David Rose
M. Skehan; Roslindale, Mass.
Carol Davies; Haverhill, Mass.
Tibby Brooks; NY Free Mumia Coalition
Craig Simpson; Somerville, Mass.
Jimmy Haller; 911truth.org
Justine Popicelli; International Action Center, Flushing , NY.
Cathie Bell; International Action Center, NY, NY.
Mike Eikenfeldt; Palestine Action, NY, NY.
Tom Cable; NH-ADAPT, Henniken, N.H.
Janice Hawly; Amenia, NY.
Tim Bearse; Providence, R.I.
Dave Cargill; Episcopal Gathering, Providence , R.I.
Marjorie Beach; Episcopal Gathering, Providence, R.I.
Joan Shapiro; Bemington House, NY,NY.
John Melody; Plymouth, Mass.
Chris Potter; Northkingstown, R.I.
Valerie Winslow, LPSG, Worcester, Mass.
Arturo Perez; Brooklyn, NY.
Cora Fran; NY, NY.
Gerald Sevits; Interenational Action Center, NY,NY.
Andrea Corvollis; Providence, R.I.
Peter Gottschalk; Old Lyme, CT.
Betsey Bearse; Tiverton, R.I.
Timothy Bearse; Tiverton, R.I.
Shelly Harter; Northkingstown, R.I.
Amy Potter; Nothkingstown, R.I.
Keisha Smith; Roxbury,Mass.
Kevin Denvive; Norwood, Mass.
Jeremy Wein; Winthrop, Mass.
Ricahrd Kossany; NY, NY.
Tim Herald; Kennebunke, Maine
Suhaye Ramirez; Jamacia Plain, NY
Megan Claiborne
Jack W. Quatman
Zach McCall
Scott Carroll Alton, Il.
Matt Sullivan Alton, Il.
Jesse Sanes St. Louis, Mo.
Erin Bicknese St. Louis, Mo.
Z Chambers
Dan Fernandez St.Louis, MO.
Jose Lopez Hazelwood, MO.
Don Fitz St.Louis, MO
John Powell
Patty Diana
Judi Lynn
Stevo Martinez
James M Hardwick
Joshua Adam Schiff
R. Stockwell
Gina Gilbert
Charles Patterson
Victoria Folker
Barbara King
Simon Agmann
Jared Ficklin
Liam Breunle
Joseph Kapsner
Stephanie Donald
J.D. Northrup
Ryan Ellis
Samuel S. Query
Monica Mercedes Perez Jimenez
Mark C Rosenzweig
Dan Green
Brandon Harris
Jerome A. Carpenter
Joseph Ares-Berziga
Mike Cannon, Workers International League, Nashville, TN
Kristin M. A. Parrotta, Workers International League, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Senad Beha
David Flores
Jessica Verdi
Daniel Rooke
Claudia De la Cruz
Jon Lynch
Bryn Gay
Ross Randrup
Barbara Henderson
Lisa Rivera
Teal Mahan
Lindsey White - Santa Cruz, CA
Kerry Donohue - Santa Cruz, CA
Ian Boyd - La Selva, CA
Kurt Isbe - Laguna Niguel, CA
Patricia Poston - Marina, CA
Dr. Sebastian Alberto - FRSD - San Diego, CA
Orlando Acevedo - Circulo Bolivariano Emiliano Zapata - Los Angeles, CA
Alma Acevedo - Circulo Bolivariano Emiliano Zapata - San Diego, CA
James Connor
Brooks Hester
Gregory Stricherz
Tyler Cosgrove
Jenine Smolarek
Sergey Sergio Muravsky
David Janowick
Eric Bailey, FreeCulture.org
Specner Wigmore
Ethan Jones
Daniel Heintz, Fargo, ND, Workers International League
Erik Andersen
Saranya Bala
Andrés José Torres
Dennis O'Bryan
James F. Szachta
Jonathan McGovern
Jason Gazda
James Hansen, Fargo, ND
Claire Uridis, University of Minnesota Student, Minneapolis, MN
Snoti Friday, Bursnville, MN
Dani Skindelien, Minneapolis WFSY LOC, Minneapolis, MN
Vanna Chan, SAFTE, Minneapolis, MN
Mark Luciano, CPUSA, Providence, RI
Zoilo Avila - MEChA de CSUMB - Marina, CA
Edmundo Cardenas - SDS-SAC - Santa Ana, CA
Jasmin Lopez - MEChA SFSU - Menlo Park, CA
Alberto Perez - MEChA CSUN - Northridge, CA
Adolfo Sanchez - MEChA CSUN - Northridge, CA
Omar Franco - MEChA CSUN - Sacramento, CA
Alisandra Vasquez - MEChA CSUN - Northridge, CA
Martin Madden - Pacifica, CA
Donovan Kennedy - Pacifica, CA
Sinead Grodde - Pacifica, CA
Claudio Barrientos
Elliott Richard Berry, Tucson, Arizona
Ben Gollnick
Zack, Dallas Texas
Chris Boutilier, Syracuse, NY
Jesse Ramirez, North Hollwood
Lady Lou Idos, Los Angeles, CA
Patricia Hval, Westerly
Christopher Mealey, HoneyBrook
William Timmins, Boston, Massachusetts
Dafineh, Alexandria
Jessica Coates, Raleigh North Carolina
Dana Garrett
Frank Morison, Washington D.C.
Randy Wagenheim, New York
Dr Stephen Mcdaniels, Austin
Matt Davis, Wichita
Bjorn Gustavsson, Newport news
Josh Durham, Nashville, Tennessee
Emmett E Cortez, Seminole FL
Shane C. Brinton (National Council, Young Communist League, USA), Arcata
Brendan Booth, Pittsburgh, PA
Tabitha Baer, Bloomington, IN
William J. Lasswell, Tuscola, Illinois
Richard P Friedrich, Little Falls, NY, USA
Richard Taylor, Cape Girardeau, MO
Darren W. Lyle, Boston, Massachusetts
Bonnie Davis, Fayetteville, AR
John Platt
Danielle Weber, San Mateo
Cati de los Rios, Cambridge, MA
Paul Whitcomb, Stoneham, Massachusetts
Carmen Lamontagne, USA 212 Epsom NH
Melanie Schikore, Arlington Heights, IL
Shawn Koester, Rancho Cucamonga
Mike McDonald, Salt Lake City
Halimah Duncan
Stewart Minor, America, Mineral Wells, Texas
Jeff Majewski, Martinsburg, WV
Peter C. Cook, New Orleans, LA
Sana Zaidi, Pasadena, CA
Travis Weaver, Jersey Shore PA
Noel Moscovich, Portland, OR
Paola Fonseca, Jersey City, New Jersey
Jeffrey Sveiven, Port Hueneme, CA
Terrance Dunlap, Jefferson City
Daniel Cortes, Concord California
Oscar Flores
Jonathan Keys, Fort Smith, Arkansas
Jay Bostrom, Missoula, Montana
Tyler Phillips, California, Modesto
Meghan Zimmerman
Leesa McVay, Elkview WV
Christopher Barnes, Roseville, MN
Edward Mercado, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sarah Kramer, Columbus, Indiana
Marcia Wells, Princeton, NJ
Colin Blair, New York, NY
Doug Rees, Editor and Publisher, Beatitude Press, Berkeley, CA
Babulal Makadia, Old bridge, NJ
Brett Lubinski, Buffalo

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Gabriel Artigue Carro
Marcelo Dela Hanty, employee of the goverment of Uruguay in the Secretary of Health

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Eva Golinger, Esq., Lawyer, Founder, www.venezuelafoia.info
Richard Castro, Caracas, servicio autonomo de la propiedad intelectual
Robert Rosales, Caracas
Freddy Soriano Chávez, Caracas, Venezuela
Félix Dias Porta, Valera, Edo. Trujillo, Venezuela
Said Rengifo, Student, Caracas
Eduardo Moronta, participante del Equipo de Información Política (EQUIPO), Maracay, Venezuela
Pedro Palm, Maracay, IntelCom Cooperative Association, Estado Aragua, Rep�blica
Bolivariana de Venezuela
Rodrigo A. Quijada V, Caracas
Myriam Giménez, Caracas
Jesus Eduardo Rivas Santiago, MVR, Merida
Gustavo Adolfo Urdaneta
Ulises Pèrez Alvarez
Teresa Salazar, Mérida, Universidad de los Andes
Adriana Ponte
Neida Atencio
Esteban Salvador
Alberta de Togores, Margarita Island
Daniel Benavides, Student, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Jose Francisco Guevara Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela, Universidad Del Zulia
Luis E. Loichet Valera
Louis E. Loichet Letievant
Edeli Mata, Anzoategui, Venezuela
Paul de Martini - Los Salias - Edo. Miranda - Venezuela
Francisco Betancourt
29 November 2004

See the appeal in in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch.

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An appeal of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign against the increasing interference of US imperialism in Venezuela in the run up to the decision of the National Electoral Council on the signatrues collected by the opposition to call a presidential recall referendum. Please circulate and sign this statement.

We would like to express our deep concern at the interference of the United States in the internal democratic affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. We are extremely worried by recent statements of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Peter DeShazo, in which he stated that there were “too many technicalities” in the process of verification of the signatures that the opposition has collected in an attempt to force a presidential recall referendum.

He also declared that for the United States the opinion of the Organisation of American States and Carter Centre observers was as important as the final decision of the National Electoral Council. This is quite clearly an unwarranted interference in the democratic process in Venezuela and an attempt to put pressure on the NEC to take a decision to validate the opposition signatures, regardless of whether they are actually valid or not.

Furthermore, the Venezuelan government has denounced the fact that the opposition organisation, which coordinated the collection of the signatures, SUMATE, has received funding from the US National Endowment for Democracy.

We are also worried about the situation of journalist Ernesto Villegas. A court case has been opened against Villegas who is being accused of having published the transcript of a phone conversation between two leading oppositionists in which they admitted they had not collected the necessary number of signatures. The recording of the conversation was already in the public domain and one of the persons involved has accepted its veracity. The judicial proceedings against Villegas are an attempt to silence those who make public what everybody knows: that the opposition never collected the necessary number of signatures to force a recall referendum.

The United States government has no moral standing to give the Venezuelan government and people lessons in democracy, particularly after the support of the US administration for the short-lived and undemocratic Pedro Carmona government, which was installed in Venezuela as a result of a coup in April 11, 2002.

We express our defence of the revolutionary process in Venezuela, where the people have shown repeatedly, in 7 electoral contests, their support for the Bolivarian project promoted by president Chavez, and demand that the government of the United States of America stops interfering in Venezuela.

Anyone who wishes to add their signature to this appeal can do so by clicking here.

See the List of Signatures

25 November 2004
24 November 2004

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If you are in Britain or London please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

24 November 2004

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