The Hungarian - Venezulean Solidarity Association held a demonstration in front of the US Embassy at Budapes against the coup in Honduaras (report in English and in Spanish)

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Statement from Vocouver based organisations condemning the coup and demanding actions from the Canadian government

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Report on the Second Latin American Meeting of Worker-Recovered Factories:  "Our solidarity is permanent"The Second Latin American Meeting of Worker-Recovered Factories took place on June 25-27. Over two hundred workers gathered at the National Library in Caracas to discuss perspectives for the occupied factories movement internationally.

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Statement of HOV Sweden against the coup in Honduras.

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Not only in the streets of Honduras, all over the world people have staged rallies in solidarity with the struggle of the Honduras people. Here in Montreal, two solidarity rallies have been organized by Latin America solidarity groups whereby Hands Off Venezuela/Société Bolivarian du Quebéc supported and joined.

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