Letter from Iran about the Human Rights Watch rport

Hello dear brothers and sisters

I just read the article about the Human Rights Watch report on Venezuela. The word “Human Rights” has been one of the main pretexts used by imperialism to attack the independent government that do not comply with their demands.

Bush and US government are the most dangerous and vicious war criminals. They have many secret dungeons all over the world, and just a few of them are known by the public such as Guantanamo bay. They have violated the sovereignty of countries like Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan for more profits.

I am writing to condemn these kind of US-backed propaganda against Bolivarian Revolution. These attacks indicate the growing influence of Bolivarian Revolution and president Hugo Chavez not only in Venezuela, but also in the whole region and even in all the undeveloped countries. This growing influence has terrified the US government.

Long live Bolivarian revolution

Long live president Hugo Chavez

Long live peoples struggle against the imperialism

Saeb KarimiTehran,


12 October 2008

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