Hands Off Venezuela expresses solidarity with president Chavez

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign would like to wish President Hugo Chávez a speedy recovery in his battle with cancer.

We also condemn the attempts by mainstream media and the Venezuelan opposition to capitalize on the situation in an attempt to achieve what they have repeatedly failed to achieve in 14 years of sabotage, coups, lies and misinformation.The President is vitally important to the Bolivarian revolution and we look forward to welcoming him back soon. The oligarchy and imperialism know this and they hope to see him go so that they can defeat the revolution.

The recent presidential election result showed that President Chávez and the socialist project he represents enjoy widespread support among the Venezuelan people. We will continue to defend the gains of the Bolivarian revolution, organise solidarity with it and oppose any imperialist intervention against the democratically expressed view of the people of Venezuela.

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