Successful HOV meeting in Edinburgh University

Fifty people gathered in Edinburgh University to watch "The Revolution will not be Televised" and take part in the debate that followed. This lays the basis for building a strong campaign in Edinburgh. On Thursday, October 27th, more than fifty people gathered in Edinburgh University to watch "The Revolution will not be Televised", that powerful video that has been screened several times here in Edinburgh, but still has the capacity to bring together many people because of the force of events in Revolutionary Venezuela.

The screening was followed by a debate that helped to clarify issues about the current state of affairs in Venezuela and the effects that these events are having on the whole of Latin America.

The meeting was a good mix of workers, university students, as well as school students. Two high schools in Edinburgh were leafleted for the meeting and we also organised various stalls in Edinburgh University. About 30 people signed up for the emailing list of the campaign and the committee that meets on a by-weekly basis is facing increasing tasks.

The meeting was useful to inform people about the Hands Off Venezuela National Conference and build up a decent delegation from the Edinburgh Committee.

We also announced that the coming meetings will be Friday November 18th in the Students’ Association Building, Executive Room on Workers' Co-Management, and also the screening on Wednesday  November 23rd of Venezuela Bolivariana in Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1.

The general mood of the members of HOV here is very good and we believe that we can build a campaign that is going to help in concrete terms the Venezuelan Revolution and the construction of Socialism in the XXI Century.

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