HOV Launched in Texas

Hands Off Venezuela has been launched in Texas!  All it takes is a handful of people to start a local HOV group.  It all begins with a few film showings, discussions, and an ever-broadening local and national network of people and organizations committed to opposing U.S. intervention, spreading awareness, and building solidarity between Venezuelan and U.S. working people.  Join HOV today and set up a local group in your town!

Statement by Leigh Saavedra, founder of Texas HOV:

One of the many disturbing things about our having lost our mainstream media is watching what they are doing to Hugo Chavez, democratically elected president of Venezuela (with no questionable paperless trails, etc. as in our own election).  A small group of us is forming a Texas HOV ("Hands Off Venezuela") support group.  Our sole purpose will be to oppose U.S. intervention in Venezuela's hegemony, an intervention that grows parallel with oil needs, Venezuela having the fifth largest oil reservesin the world.  Our group will do this by meeting periodically to see films -- many are coming out of the things happening in South America -- and educate first ourselves and then others.

Most of you will probably agree that had the majority of our people known the true facts about Iraq, they would never have stood behind an invasion.  With Iran now in the crosshairs, it's more important than ever that we stop what most of us can see only as the PNAC's intended imperialistic wars.  It is vital that WE learn the facts, of course, but also that we make
sure the disinformation wars are not influencing our families and friends.

Thus, it is not at ALL too early to learn about Venezuela. 

Contrary to what Donald Rumsfeld and his boss would like us to fear (fear being their main method of controlling us), Venezuela is NO THREAT to the U.S.  I can almost personally promise you that hordes of Venezuelans are not going to head across the Gulf to take over Florida.  The idea of seeing Chavez and his people as dangerous to us is about as idiotic as what they tried to make us fear earlier -- that Iraq was going to invade the U.S.  Further, it is NOT unAmerican to support Venezuelan and Bolivian sovereignty, to feel happiness at their slow successes in alleviating the great poverty that has resulted from doing things in a way that put all their wealth into the hands of a few.  The people of South America
do NOT want to continue to live that way, and such desire is NO THREAT to the United States, beyond the possibility that some of us may say, "Why can't WE have national health coverage?"

If you are from Texas, preferably near Austin, and would like to join our solidarity group (we are one of hundreds around the world but the only one in Texas - so far), please let me know by writing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will meet periodically, primarily to watch films, and we hope to see our group grow.  If you live in a large city and wonder if there is a Venezuelan support group in your city, I recommend:


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