International solidarity campaign: a success

The international solidarity campaign organised by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples coinciding with the National Assembly elections in Venezuela was a resounding success. More than 30 events were organised in 20 different countries, and nearly 1500 people from 65 different countries signed the solidarity appeal.

Amongst those signing the appeal were British trade union leaders representing more than 5 million workers, showing the enormous appeal the Bolivarian revolution has amongst trade union activists around the world, particularly at a time of crisis of capitalism. In Greece, leading figures of the left, including the president and the spokesperson for the Syriza parliamentary group, as well as one of the PASOK MPs who was expelled from the party for opposing the austerity measures of the government. Signatures came in from all over the world, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, from Mauritania to Iraq, from Argentina to Canada, from Japan to Finland, showing the enormous breadth of support the Venezuelan revolution enjoys.

The campaign was also endorsed officially by the Venezuelan Trade Union UNETE at a meeting with more than 200 workers' leaders discussing workers' control. The motion to support the Hands Off Venezuela campaign was moved by a delegate from the Gotcha workers, a group of female textile workers who have occupied their factory and are trying to run it under workers' control.

full page article on Ultimas Noticias

The campaign had a big impact in Venezuela itself where it was featured in news reports in the main newspapers and TV stations. A full page article detailing the activities of the campaign and thanking it for its international solidarity appeared in Ultimas Noticias on Saturday 25. The campaign was also covered in Correo del Orinoco. Representatives of the campaign also appeared on VTV and ViveTV stations to explain the reasons why they organised the international days of action. Radio stations RNV and YVKE, news agencies AVN and Adital, amongst many others, covered the activities of the campaign in the different countries. in El Salvador, the main daily left wing newspaper, CoLatino, also covered the campaign

The Ministry of Peoples' Power for Foreign Affairs also covered the different activities of the campaign in a special section of its website.

We would like to thank all those who work hard in so many different countries to make this campaign possible. There is no doubt that the opposition will feel encouraged by the election results to step up its campaign of destabilisation. It is now more important than ever that workers around the world stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and support the revolution.

International Solidarity Map

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