The Governments of Argentina and Venezuela subscribed on Thursday 14 instruments of cooperation in energetic and alimentary matters, thus contributing to the union of Latin American peoples.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, received his Argentinean counterpart, Cristina Fernandez, in the Ayacucho Hall, at Miraflores Palace. The meeting was also attended by the ministerial cabinets of both countries. During the meeting several contracts, agreements, letters of intention memorandums and a joint declaration of bilateral cooperation were signed.

The instruments of cooperation subscribed on Thursday by Argentina and Venezuela are the following:

- Framework Agreement for the constitution of the joint venture PDVSA-Enarsa: this alliance between a subsidiary of PDVSA and Energia Argentina will facilitate the extraction and improvement of extra heavy crude oil in the Ayacucho Block (Orinoco Oil Belt).
- Contract for the supply of fuel oil between PDVSA and Enarsa: the supply of 10,000 million barrels of fuel each year, to be used in the generation of electricity in Argentina.
- Purchase Agreement between PDVSA and Tecnologia Avansa en Transporte: the objective is the acquisition of 60 to 100 buses and the exchange of related technologies.
- Letter of intention between PDVSA Agricola and Granja Tres Arroyos: the objective is formulating and developing an integral and sustainable agricultural project in Venezuela.
- Memorandum of understanding between PDVAL and Coto Cicsa: this project intends to supply foodstuffs, logistics, computer systems and household goods.
- Memoradum of understanding between PDVAL and Exo Logistics: the aim is to transfer technical knowledge and to design a logistic network that can be applied to the commercialization of products in Venezuelan territory, through PDVAL, PDValito and Hiper PDVAL.
- Agreement for logistic operations between the Autonomous Institute Agrarian Corporation of Venezuela (CVA) and the Argentinean Chamber of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (Cafma).
- Commercial Agreement between CVA and the company Madero Trading, for the supply of agroindustrial plants by means of turn key operations, and the supply of vehicles and other road equipment.
- Agreement for the realization of an Argentinean agricultural machinery exhibition in Venezuela, to be undertaken by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (Inta), Cafma and CVA.
- Commercial Agreement for the supply of agricultural machinery made in Argentina to the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Land, during the period 2008-2009.
- Addendum 11 to the Integral Contract of Cooperation between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Argentina.
- Agreement of cooperation with regards to alimentary sovereignty and security: this agreement aims to incorporate Argentinean cooperation to the process of consolidation of alimentary sovereignty and security in Venezuela, through the design and development of programs of scientific, technologic and financial cooperation.
- Agreement for the implementation of the Treaty on energetic security between both nations.
- Joint declaration between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Argentina.


(Translation for Portal ALBA by Damaris Garzón)


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