A complaint to Channel 4: stop cheer-leading the coup plotters!

To whom it may concern at Channel 4. On Monday, 4 February your international editor, Lindsey Hilsum reported from Caracas and mentioned the huge march for Guaido. At the same time, another march of equal size was taking place for Maduro. Hilsum ignored it. Her whole report was biased and one-sided. Back in the studio, Jon Snow interviewed a Guaido supporter and showed respect and patience. He then interviewed Chris Williamson MP, who defended the Venezuelan government. Snow was very rude and kept interrupting the MP.

Where has the balanced unbiased reporting of Channel 4 News gone? It is all anti-Maduro, anti-Chavez, anti-Bolivarian Revolution. The same happened on Tuesday [5 February] with an uninterrupted interview with Guaido. No mention of where Maduro stood, the US sanctions, the internal economic sabotage by large corporations. Channel 4 news has joined the BBC as a cheerleader for the coup plotters in Venezuela. Why? Finally, are you expecting a war in Venezuela as Hilsum is usually a war reporter?

Chris Williamson interview

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