A new edition of the Hands Off Venezuela newsletter has been produced in relation to the developing crisis between the two sister countries, Colombia and Venezuela.

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Caracas, July 24, 2010 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced this Saturday US plans to attack his country and overthrow his government. During a ceremony celebrating the 227th birthday of Independence hero Simon Bolivar, Chavez read from a secret memo he had been sent from an unnamed source inside the United States.

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The struggle against inflation, corruption, and destabilization in Venezuela’s economy continued this week. Workers from nationalized companies marched to protest hoarding and price speculation and call for worker-run management, while national investigators arrested the former president of the state-run food company PDVAL for alleged involvement in the diversion of food from the market.

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Supporters of HoV have launched a new Argentinian website in Spanish: http://mfvargentina.blogspot.com

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