New documentary on Venezuela!

inside_the_revolution_cover-thumb.jpgInside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela is a new documentary by Alborada films. Watch the trailer here and order your own copy!

inside_the_revolution_cover.jpgFebruary 2009 marked 10 years since Hugo Chavez took office, following a landslide election victory, and launched his revolution to bring radical change to Venezuela. While wildly popular with many in the country, Chavez's policies and his strongly-worded criticisms of the U.S. government have also made him powerful enemies, both at home and abroad, especially in the media.

Filmed in Caracas in November 2008, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Chavez's controversial presidency, this feature-length documentary takes a journey into the heart of Venezuela's revolution to listen to the voices of the people driving the process forward.

"This is a rare film about Venezuela, a country in extraordinary transition. Watch this film because it is honest and fair and respectful of those who want to be told the truth about an epic attempt, flaws and all, to claim back the humanity of ordinary people."
- JOHN PILGER (Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker)

  • Widescreen 16:9
  • Running time: 65 mins
  • Language: Spanish/English with English subtitles

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