[Video] Hands Off Venezuela - the film

An inspiring 13 minute film about the Bolivarian revolution and the activities of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. 

The Venezuelan Revolution has proven itself to be the most progressive social movement in the world today. It is inspiring millions of people all over the world to join together in solidarity with the Venezuelans, and in organising to build the conditions for social change internationally.

Now active in over 40 countries, the Hands Off Venezuela campaign has been at the forefront of this movement. Just in Britain alone, it has the support of over 3 million workers.

Some of the leading members have been interviewed in this inspiring 13min film, which charts the successes of the campaign since it's inception in 2002, including the visit of Chavez to the 5000 strong Hands Off Venezuela meeting in Vienna, Chavez's visit to London, and footage from Venezuela and it's people, who give thanks for the world wide support.

Honorary President of the campaign John McDonnell - Labour MP is also featured, along with Jeremy Corbyn MP, and Alan Woods - Author, & Co-Founder of the campaign.