[Media Watch] Letter to the Guardian

Letter to the Guardian, on their "Ken’s oil for brooms deal" article.

With your third front-page article on Chávez’s Venezuela in two weeks, I welcome the increased interest in a country which has historically been ignored in the mainstream media. 

Yet, as we approach the December 3rd presidential elections, we must be very cautious to see through the scaremongering and hostilities mounting against the revolutionary movement (Ken’s oil for brooms deal, Sep 13th). 

Chávez has an overwhelming domestic popularity, and on his recent visit to the Middle East received a warm welcome, with thousands turning out to greet him in Damascus.  The possible oil deal with London is just one example of his commitment to international poverty. 

Only four years ago did a US backed coup d’état take place in Caracas.  What we say and do on the other side of the world has a great impact on events elsewhere.  We must stop criticising real progress, and be cautious that history does not repeat itself. 

Sam Halvorsen

Hands Off Venezuela

[If you see lies or disinformation in the media about the Bolivarian revolution, please let us know so that we can put the record straight]