Venezuela motion to British Labour Party Conference

After the successful motion at the TUC congress, a motion supporting Venezuela has been moved to the Labour Party Conferece.

 We appeal to all local constituency and trade union delegates to vote for this resolution to be prioratised. If you want more information please get in touch with Hands Off Venezuela in Britain (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

This is the text of the resolution moved by Islington South CLP:

 “Conference congratulates the Venezuelan Government on its utilisation of the country's wealth and resources for reforms to benefit working people, the poor and the landless.

Conference notes the results of the referendum last August in Venezuela that gave President Hugo Chávez an overwhelming victory and a strengthened democratic mandate.

Conference further notes that these results confirm that there is overwhelming support among working people and the poor for the social programme of the Chávez Government in relation to education, literacy, job training, healthcare, land reform and subsidised food.

However, Conference views with alarm the recent bellicose statements being made by the US Administration and its supporters within the far-right in the US, Colombia and the oligarchy in Venezuela which pose a real threat to these reforms. Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of President Chávez is an unacceptable incitement to political violence.

Conference deplores the attempts of the United States Administration to intervene in the internal life of Venezuela and calls on the government to support Venezuela’s right to self-determination.”