Berlin in support of Bolivarian revolution and Maduro

This Saturday 16, march 2013, the German capital became a centre of the international solidarity with the Latin American emancipation processes specially with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.



In front to the Brandenburg Gate, in the heart of Berlin there was a rally in defence of the Venezuelan democratic system and against the international media manipulation.

Venezuelans and political activists living in Germany, their German friends and followers, gathered in the square, which is also in front of the U.S. Embassy, to show solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the new President Nicolas Maduro. Their motto was: "For the construction of Bolivar's dream and the consolidation of our participatory, protagonist and popular democracy and for the revolutionary project of Commander Chavez, all with Nicolas Maduro!"

Chavez we swear we’ll vote for Maduro, the revolution will be continue!!!

Report from FBR Peumayén